Another ‘tourist attraction’: The White River of Penang

Photograph: A concerned resident of Tanjung Bungah

Another inexplicable phenomenon: Sungai Kelian in Tanjung Bungah suddenly turned white – not the usual Muddy Brown that follows rainfall (there is a construction site further inland). Now this could be promoted as an ideal site for white water rafting.

Or imagine frolicking in the foam…

A couple of years ago, we had a Red River in Tanjung Bungah.

Visitors to Tanjung Bungah can marvel at this amazing kaleidescope of colours in the rivers and streams there.

Bayan Lepas is not to be outdone, though. The Penang Kini Facebook page has put up photos of what it says is a waterfall in Bayan Lepas – once used for recreation – that has turned muddy.

Check out the awful photos here – and the unhappy comments below the photos.

One such photo is reproduced below:

Photograph: Penang Kini Facebook page
Photograph: Penang Kini Facebook page

All is not lost. This could be turned into a Jurassic Park, complete with robotic dinosaurs splashing around, for the discerning tourist.

These are some of the unintended but predictable effects of the development model the state is allowing where the environmental costs are borne by the people of Penang while profits are privatised. 

Meanwhile, the Penang Island Local Plan remains Missing In Action (approved by the city council in 2008 but never put up for public display or gazetted).

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DAP will not investigate houses-for-bribes case Political bin-chui is more important than Transparency of CAT? Then anybody who is not a DAP member but commit such briberies are not cause for alarm? Relatives of any DAP politician who are not from DAP membership but commit briberies are not worth investigating? No, DAP is Clean Beyond Any Doubt. When one hears a clapping, can one hand do it? The next time when corruption cases are in the open, pls don’t ask for investigations, not even those whose relatives are suspected. UBAH? Siapa Yang Perlu Di UBAH Sebenarnya? Transparency is already… Read more »

Calvin Sankaran

Shall we make a police report on the mysterious case of missing CAT?


You are welcome to make our day. Why you need our permission? 59 years of BN indoctrination.

Calvin Sankaran

Perhaps the Tokong regime can write to UNESCO to approve the new wonder as a new modern heritage of Penang now that we are about to lose the heritage status for Georgetown.


You should co author with anil as you think it is a world wonder. China has thousands of similar longkang. But a handful of waterfalls. One in Luping, has 9 waterfalls in straight flow.

David Loman

A new heritage symbol in George Town is United Buddy Bear, which symbolises world tolerance, peace and harmony will be on display for two months at Esplanade from Aug 31 until Oct 30.

This Germany-founded art bears promote a united world and symbolises the future vision of world peace by standing ‘hand-in-hand’ representing its country’s citizens from different culture and background, and not for political systems.


UBAH probably means that rivers in Penang change from normal colour to berwarna-warni.



Any word on what caused it to turn white?

Andy Soong

Anil should conduct a investigative reporting to find out the root cause and th culprits.


Penang’s first ‘white water’ rafting river?
Maybe before one goes to Sedim River (Kedah) for white-water rafting adventure, tis the river to train & x-perience the trills of zig-zagging on water?
One caution: whatever makes it so white & foamy? may cause skin ailment or respiratory dysfunction.
DOE, what is happening here?

David Loman

Anil is now the tourist ambassador of Penang?


Anil may gather readers feedback to eventually shortlist 7 Wonders of Modern Penang?


Looks like Penang Consumer now lagging Penang Forumers in highlighting social health matters?

By the way, we readers hope Anil can alert us upon the arrival of UNESCO assessment team to SiaBoey with regards to “The Letter”. This time Anil, Khoo Salma should be on left right of DrLim Mah Hui to engage in constructive closure of this dragging matter.


The final moment in Penang history captured in a future wax-museum in Sia Boey?


Maybe UNESCO think what a petty matter that is politicalised. Pg forum wrote to UNESCO and UNESCO already replied back to pg forum? Pg forum received it and put under lock as secret like SRS report?