The ‘Red River’ of Penang


We have heard of the Dead Sea and the Yellow River. Not to be left out, Penang now has a Red River or is it a red ditch – could be a potential tourist attraction?

red river in Penang

This was the scene near the Maybank in Tanjung Bungah.

What is causing the change in colour? Is this part of the price of rapid development?

Thanks to the concerned Penangite who sent it in.

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17 Oct 2014 10.09pm

Blood flowing in the river? Bloodshed from environmental crimes? Raping of rainforest hills, blasting of ancient boulders, dislodging of shady trees, dynamite blowing of orang bunians & datuk kongs, disorientation of endangered animals, heating up of cool forest air, muddying of pristine rivers & brooks, stealing of water-retention sands & rocks from Nature, levelling of emerald hills & silencing of crying + dying flora & fauna. Penang Mother Nature (consisting of all the Nature creations of God) is bleeding profusely. Now, where is the court of justice for Nature while the criminals reap profits? It looks like environmental crime pays… Read more »

Sathis Kumar
17 Oct 2014 2.54pm

I will.. btw did you notice that another hill in Tanjung Bunga is being destroyed by the developer. Taka a look :
location : Behind Alila Horizon

Sathis Kumar
17 Oct 2014 5.28pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

I’m not sure Anil. Here is the wider view of the hill.

Sathis Kumar
17 Oct 2014 11.18am

oh my god, i’m staying in this apartment. when did this happened anil?

18 Oct 2014 3.50pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

Up river there’s a PBA plant and also a few cottage industries.