10MP: What about 40% emissions cut pledge?


This morning, the frontpage of the newspaper was all about Najib’s unveiling of the Tenth Malaysia Plan – but what about that all-important emissions cut pledge in Copenhagen?

Let’s see now – 52 “high-impact projects” including:

  • seven highway projects (think lucrative toll concessions and the promotion of private vehicle ownership),
  • massive property development all over the place,
  • coal-fired plants (including the controversial one in Sabah?), and
  • two aluminium smelters (to justify all those unnecessary dams?).

My question now, is how does all this jive with Najib’s announcement in Copenhagen last December that Malaysia had agreed to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40 per cent by the year 2020 (compared to 2005 levels), subject to assistance from developed countries.

With all these “high-impact projects”, will adoption of green technology alone be enough to secure the 40 per cent target by 2020?

Shouldn’t the 40 per cent pledge be one of the central planks of the New Economic Model and the Tenth Malaysia Plan? I haven’t heard any emphasis on emissions cuts, have you?

We seem to think our economic policies will have no impact on climate change, which we blissfully believe will not affect us.

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12 Jun 2010 8.38pm

In CNET, K A Cheah said:- R&D are necessities but those technologies that have been tested & proven must also be encouraged and implemented like the HHO Generator Devices that should be installed & used in all Vehicles to spur reduction and curb in the emission of Greenhouse Gases by giving a tax incentive on the cost of installation of one such device in each of the existing petrol and diesel engines’ vehicles that will not be easily replaceable with electric or hybrid vehicles as yet. Renewable Energy Hybrid vehicles’ solutions to mitigate global warming, without any need for picking… Read more »

Bankrupkan Negara
Bankrupkan Negara
12 Jun 2010 2.14pm

“…how does all this jive with Najib’s announcement in Copenhagen…”

Ministry of Green Technology jives with nuclear. Announcing that Bakun Dam is cancelled at the Rio Summit jives with restarting it a couple of years later.

Tony P
12 Jun 2010 12.37am

Eh Gerakan K,

If you don’t understand the language, don’t simply put words in people’s mouth here la.

Tony P

11 Jun 2010 11.14pm

40% reduction of 2005s emmision level by 2020? I wonder how Najib come up with the 40% figure. Even if we stopped selling cars from tomorrow, that figure can never be achieved by 2020. And you dont have to be a rocket scientist to know that.

11 Jun 2010 10.51pm

hi Gerakan k, i thought you said you will not be here for a week, taking your family to Genting?

any luck up there?

i didnt watch the programme, and honestly, i didnt read the 10MP. So, cant comment la.

i am waiting for the one by Pakatan govt, very soon you know and O said you are migrating to Singapore, is that true?

I remember reading Yang’s comment saying that you are a Muslim convert, is that true?

Have a nice weekend to you and all !!!

Salam and Reformasi !!!

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
12 Jun 2010 12.36am
Reply to  kee

Will go to Genting at today morning. Enjoy some football matches there and only at midnight I will go to casino (Anil, is this a legal word ???).

Yes, I have a plan for Singapore in worst case scenario. By the way I’m not muslim. Sorrylah, no hints for Yang. I know Yang is so desperate looking for answer.

Kee, it was a rare day that DAP had praised the UMNO President. I think DAP also feeled that BN has changed for good.

11 Jun 2010 9.05pm

“10MP: What about 40% emissions cut pledge?”

Sorry, you’ll have to wait till the country is bankrupt in 2019! Lol!

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
11 Jun 2010 3.17pm

Yesterday a special program by NTV7 regarding to 10MP, one of the guess panels ie Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua from DAP has praised our 1Malaysia PM’s effort in the plan that * serve * all the communities very well. No one has left behind under 10MP.

I expect that after this many rocket hardcore supporters will label him as mole or potential frog.

Yang & Kee, do you all support Tony Pua’s view ???