Torture and the depths of human depravity


After so many millennia of human existence, you would think people would have become more enlightened.

Not as much as we would like to think. As this documentary ‘Torturing Democracy’ clearly shows, the depth of depravity that those in power can sink to needs to be seen to be believed.

Here you can see former US president George Bush pretending as if torture was the work of a few bad apples, after it had been exposed for the world to see in Abu Ghraib. In reality, however, torture had already been sanctioned at the highest levels.

Look how slimy government lawyers resort to weasel words and legal technicalities to give the green light to torture.

Note that at least some of the techniques — but not, as far as we know, the water torture, at least not in recent decades — documented in this programme have also been used in Malaysia on ISA and other detainees. From the testimony of ex-ISA detainees, we know that these techniques include hooding, sleep deprivation, exposure to blasts of cold air, standing for long hours, mental torture and humiliation.

And all for the same reason i.e. national security in the face of what is defined as “an implacable enemy”.

Then there are all those other suspects who have died in custody.  In today’s news, for instance, the family of yet another victim is calling for an inquest – which has not received as much publicity as the calls for an inquiry into Beng Hock’s death).

It’s time to outlaw all forms of torture!

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30 Jul 2009 8.51am


possible but not likely though. focus on the fall- the angle of the body – the minimum blood splatter – the no one heard anything, it may be more towards that the body was placed on the ground after he is dead.

29 Jul 2009 6.29pm

Talking about torture, there’s one thing that came to my mind. Why are Teoh Beng Hock’s pants torn (as shown in the pictures of the crime scene)? Could’ve he been held upside-down dandling from the window of MACC office… when his pants gave way??

29 Jul 2009 3.02pm

Anil, don’t look so far lah. In Malaysia, a subtle form of torture exist. Don’t look at physical torture. The fact that the cost of living is so high and ridiculuos deprives many children and babies nutrition they rightfully deserve. For example, (one of many examples), because of the mega conjob of cars being super expensive in Malaysia, a chunk of disposable income goes to paying car loans. Parents have thus less income to buy thier children good food and vitamins. This in itself is a form of torture. And this torture is exatly the same as physical torture. Look… Read more »