RMAF school: Tussle over federal-local powers


An RMAF school building under construction in Tanjung Bunga, Penang, has been the site of another tussle between federal and local authorities.

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This time, according to a source, federal officials allegedly refused to heed Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) requirements for the project, located along Jalan Geh Chong Keat, until last month.

The construction of the Sekolah Iktisas Tentera Udara (Situ) was carried out without the approvals of the MPPP, said the source.

After receiving complaints from neighbouring residents over piling work, the MPPP issued warning letters and then a notice to demolish the structure.

After months of inaction, the Defence Ministry finally agreed to stop construction and abide by MPPP requirements. The building is now already completed and awaiting its OC.

“Clearly this shows how the (local authority) is being disregarded,'” said a source familiar with the problem. He said there are three other cases of similar tussles over jurisdiction: at the Botanic Garden, in Balik Pulau and in Permatang Pauh.

An MPPP councillor explained that under the Town and Country Planning Act, the local authority needs to be consulted about federal projects. And under the Local Government Act, the council is given authority to approve or reject plans.

”I am sure there are other cases of federal projects going ahead without MPPP permission or approval,” the councillor said, citing the case of an ongoing school project in the Dato Keramat area. “But in the case of schools, we have no heart to adopt a hard line (that would unduly delay the projects).”

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Plain Truth

Pearl, Glad you brought up the Kampung Buah Pala issue because it shows just what a political eunuch Koh Tsu Koon is. It is long overdue for that (political) eunuch to stop playing mum and dumb and explain why he sold off the Kampung Buah Pala state land at the scandalously low price of RM 10 psf. He was, after all, the Chief Minister, ultimately responsible for land matters in the state. We all know in our hearts that if KTK is still the CM, the Indian residents would (probably) have been packed off to the streets by now instead… Read more »


It was a tragedy for Penang being a great state shining with potentials during the 60’s and 70’s. Well, KTK got his CM post for the 18 degressive years of Penang, which happened in the era of M… But it was a CM forced down the throat of Penangites, distasteful it had been. There was no PR nor any other strong, viable opposition to dare bring about CHANGE in Penang. Rakyat were more concerned about bread and butter and peace among races. So, the suffer in silence went on to KTK’s advantage, who in a responsible leadership neither cared nor… Read more »

Plain Truth


You are right. Penang people will make the call just as they made the call on 308 when they kicked out the political eunuch Koh Tsu Koon.

As for LGE, well, at least he is an honest man with the best interest of Penang in his heart which is more than can be said of the eunuchs who sold Penang out.

Take a drive to Tanjung Bungah especially when it rains and see for yourself the destruction wrought by the previous administration.

…..and don’t forget, we Penangites are still paying for the quarry scandal.


…On the Kampung Buah Pala matter Lim Guan Eng is not telling us the (whole story).

On the Botanical Garden matter Lim Guan Eng again is not telling us the (whole story)….


Pearl, So LGE did not tell the whole story but he did his best to negotiate a 600,000 double story house for the resident. As for the Botanical garden, how can he tell the whole story when UMNO & BN goons did not tell off the whole story. Are you simply stupid or what. Have you been telling the truth in this blog. Have Najib, UMNO and the weakling been tell the whole stories of all the scandals and corruptible activities done by their cronies. Have they been telling the truth of how (certain people allegedly) subject the judiciary to… Read more »


I was just wondering….
So many issues in Pg regarding Federal funded projects under this SDO. The latest being his disrespect of the CM’c chair. And to top it off,his boss the Chief Secretary says he has done no wrong.
Can we, as a citizen of Penang, set up a public opinion poll on his job performance and if the results shows him not serving the rakyat’s interest, send a strong protest pettition to his boss that we dont want him serving us.If yes, can you pls help organize this?


Something must be done (organised).

We pay taxes not for these Fed idiots to mess up with our safety and environment and Penang’s heritage.

As a fine example: How would you like if an outsider comes into your pleasant home and mess up everything?


How would I like if an outsider comes into my pleasant home and mess up everything?

Lim Guan Eng is an outsider. He came to Penang and now Penang is a mess.

Koh Tsu Koon may be a (political) eunuch but at least the Botanical Garden remained a botanical garden, with no arch.

Lim Guan Eng took over and then what? Concrete poured all over. Trees are cut down. Botanical Garden becomes a concrete mess.

It is a mess.

No thanks to that outsider, Lim Guan Eng.


Pearly Girl, you are either a dumb political commentator or a tool of BeeN… So much has been discussed, explained and rationalised about federal and state jurisdiction and Fed fiascos, yet dumbos like Pearl, Gerakan K and the likes still insist on state incompetencies in handling federal … hitting the Pearl of the Orient. We Penangites have been waiting for the right CM to guide, lead and protect Penangites’ rights, welfare and proper state development for 18 years after the stepping down of Lim Chong Eu. We elected LGE as the right candidate for that important role. He may not… Read more »


Other than name calling what other tricks you machais have?

If you think you are so smart ~by calling me a fool you must be smart, right?~ why then you become Mr. Tin Kosong’s machai?

Blind leading the blinds. That is what DAP is all about.


… Machais don’t employ treats or tricks, neither ‘you help me, I help you’ propensity. What Machais care about is an honest, responsible and progressive (not leeching degressive) Gomen for the Rakyat, by the Rakyat.

The worst thing that a Machai spites is being.. with no human conscience, money-greed, dog eat dog mentality, corrupt propensity and Devil knows what.

Machais are ordinary mortals, not the self aggrandized ‘Kelas’ but Kosong in the head type of species.


Gerakan K & Pearl,

I presume both of u are UMNO … polishers.What promises awaiting u from your nincompoop hero – Datukship or Senatorship? when they take over Penang again. FAT HOPE THAT THEY WILL!!!!RAKYAT are now smarter. They can differentiate propaganda and truth. Only idiots like u are blind to that!!


One is a wannabe UMNO, thats for sure


Presume all you want and that won’t take away the fact that Lim Guan Eng is a total failure. He has failed to put Penang forward. He has failed to take good care of Penang. He has failed to guard Penang’s interests. What happened in the Botanical Garden and other Federal funded projects that are being or have already finished construction all around Penang are concrete evidence of Lim Guan Eng’s ineptness in carry out the duty of the Chief Minister of Penang. He (and/or his machais) could have stop those projects but they failed to do that. Instead they… Read more »


hello, the trishaw rider could be a lot smarter than some of these ***


Anil, you are right. This is a free country. On second thoughts we should allow these two infantile fellas ( pearl and gerakan k ) to display their stupidity for the whole world to witness. I think my trishaw rider friend has more grey matter than them, seriously.


Not only trishaw riders, the Ah Peks, Ah Chims, Ah Toks and Ah Neh Neh are better thinkers and morally upright on these troublesome state-federal issues. Just go to Speakers’ Square and you will see what I mean. These old timers have suffered in silence for the sake of unity and peace but BN was (and is still) too arrogant and haughty to work with true compassion for these old timers. That was the last straw during 308. The current of CHANGE is still sweeping at all level of society and race, so don’t think you (BN) are still smart… Read more »


“Not only trishaw riders, the Ah Peks, Ah Chims, Ah Toks and Ah Neh Neh are better thinkers” Typical classism diatribe. Ironically it comes out from DAP machai’s mouth, and DAP supposed to be “socialist minded”. … They say they are socialists while classism diatribe coming out of their machai’s mouth. They say they are clean but they want to (use) 50 million dollars of Penang taxpayers’ money to build their white ~PICC~ elephant. They say they are for the people but they never do anything for the people of Penang. All we are left with is a complete mess.… Read more »


Wake up everyone.

The state leadership is already overwhelmed having to stand strong against a corruptive … Putra Jaya. We also have civil servants who are subservient to Putra Jaya because their job prospects depend on how inactive they are in performing their duty against federal agencies.

Failure to taken action against Federal agencies who flouted the law is the responsibility of MPPP government officers.

It is not the responsibility of MPPP councilors who are basically the legislators of the municipality.


Gerakan K and Pearl, you two fellas are so infantile. Why do you both keep on supporting acts that are wrong ? Don’t you have anything better to do ? Irrespective if the government is DAP or BN, if they (RMAF) breach the law, they have to be accountable, nothing less. Don’t ask why the MPPP or the DAP government did not act earlier to stop the work on site. Instead we should ask how come RMAF is so stupid not to know the law and proceed with construction without approval. Even a Form 5 student know this is wrong.… Read more »

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi Anil,

I do agree that infantile comments and rantings by Gerakan K, Pearl and other UMNO/Gerakan/… machais should be allowed here and elsewhere to allow the people to judge. They think they’re doing their political masters a ‘big’ favour, but it is rather a case of more of UMNO/Gerakan/ … shooting their own foot through their machais!


yes, like besi. But, i do find his comments at haris.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi Anil and everyone,

There is this possibility of ‘reverse psychology’, but even though may be true of some of these infantile comments, there is still the need to rebut such thinking and comments!


tan, I suspect it all the while and I fully agree with you.

It is like the Snake of Eden, that sets the trap, makes you agree and at the unsuspecting moment strikes from the back.
In the course of discourse, he or she will agree with you on some points to get emphathies, yet ‘snake’ the argument in reverse to score some irrelevent points. Sometimes with threats, lol.

We know (such people) in our midst.


Name calling again, machai? I can do the same too but I won’t. You can go on deny the fact that Lim Guan Eng has failed miserably on his job. You can go on accusing others who point out Lim Guan Eng’s failure as “infantile” or whatever words you want to use. It’s your right, and as long as the blog owner, Mr. Anil allows it, you go on and call me names, I do not mind. The Penang people can see with their own eyes what is happening. We can see how Lim Guan Eng prefers to kay poh… Read more »


Pearl is not alone – I have spoken to so many EX-Gerakan ADUNs. They are all equally dumb parrots. They are fed a few lines by their masters, and they continue to mumble and spew out nonsensical noises that have no relation to the topic of discussion.
Pearl just continues to prove the point. Pearl will respond to this with some nonsensical cacophony…


Deny it all you want, machai.

Deny it to your own peril.

Your master, Lim Guan Eng, is sleeping on the job.

Your master, DAP, is selling out Penang, for peanuts.

Your master, Lim Guan Eng, is just as bad as Koh Tsu Koon.

You can go on deny every single thing but the fact is Lim Guan Eng is not carrying out his duty as the Chief Minister of Penang.


Possibly off-topic, does anybody know if the MCA ever kicked off their Internet Crusade for Truth? How is it going?


tan, tanjong bungah

Hi Pearl and everyone, If you’ve read today’s Star newspapers (and mind you this is a BN-friendly and BN-controlled paper), you’d know that the SDO was informed on numerous occasions about the SITU project having proceeded without MPPP approval, but the SDO just conveniently ignored all warnings, so much so that the MPPP and the State Exco concerned had to directly refer the matter to the Minister of Defence!! The Star even stated dates of when stop-work orders were issued, but these were (allegedly) completely disregarded by the Federal Agency and the Federal SDO. This a blatant violation of local… Read more »


Just ignore Pearl. See how she mumble from top to bottom. How pitiful. She is just a lonely guy out to get some attention.


Nothing has been done and that is what happen.

The State Government has the right to STOP THE CONSTRUCTION IMMEDIATELY.

The rights are all in the lawbooks and the state government of Penang led by DAP can go to court to file an injuction.

Are they doing that?


Why not?

(Those responsible) have sold out the botanical garden for a mere 7 million. Are they going to sell out the entire Penang state again and again?


Does it include stopping Federal Government building mental and general hospitals, federal mosque or a naval base, buildings for JKR, JPS ?


Besides the construction noise which are temporary, the more serious objection of the neighbourhood against the construction of the massive 5 storey building (not 4)in a residentail area where there are only one and two storey houses. The MPPP had earlier rejected an application for one of the houses to be renovatedto a three storey house on the grounds that in an established housing area, a new building would have to conform to the prevailing norms. There is also the concern of the subsequent loss of privacy to the house immediate to the hostel


Why then the DAP-led state government slept through the whole thing?

Where was Lim Guan Eng and his Yang Berbasikal DUN while the construction was going on?

Why Lim Guan Eng has time poking at the matter regarding collapsed roof of a Trengganu stadium and no time taking care of WHAT IS HAPPENING INSIDE PENANG?



Pearl of Orient and myself are all LGE like poke2 here and poke2 there. This is how Pearl of Orient helps PR Government to improve and Pearl likes to see PR win the next Election with no more sleeping on the job. Pearl of Orient this time will not allow like our former PM to sleep on his job

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, It was reported in the mass media that an order for the SITU building to be demolished within 30 days had already being given to the Federal Agency for non-submission of building plans etc. Let’s hope that MPPP and the State Govt would stand firm and play hard-ball as a lesson to all Federal Agencies to follow legal procedures before undertaking all projects in Pg and elsewhere! More so in the case of the SITU project in Jln Geh Chong Keat, as the Federal Agencies have shown their blatant disregard to legal procedures, openly thumb their noses at… Read more »


Folks – who is blaming anyone in the first place? read what Anil has written and it does make sense. When I brought this up on another page, nobody talks about it. Clearly, I am sure if you speak to the residents there, I am sure you will get some answers. There are many unsung heroes there. Remember this, if you are friendly to BN, ask yourself this? If your house is facing this RMAF hostel, what would you do ? Probably if you were to go to a BN friendly ADUN, in this case KTK, probably he would have… Read more »


Why don’t you ask yourself this question – You have voted for that Yang Berbasikal in the last election in the hope that this guy carries out his duty as the DUN.

Turns out that this Yang Berbasikal is an incompetent nincompoop.

The Fed carries out a building project withOUT the approval of the state government and where the hell is that Yang Berbasikal?

Why is that Yang Berbasikal so blur blur and know nothing about nothing?


You are Pearl of Orient and he is only Yang Berbiskal. Everyone knows berbiskal is not the MPPP and not the Authority but PEARL is very well educated and think that ADUN is the MPPP Authority Nepolean.

Pretty Obvious

It is pretty obvious that Putrajaya has still to come to terms that Penang is now under Pakatan.

They think that that political eunuch Koh Tsu Koon is still the CM and that they can simply disregard the MPPP’s requirements.


It is pretty obvious to many of us that DAP-led MPPP is sleeping.

That is why so many illegal projects are being built all over town, by the Fed and by others.


As far as I’ve read, all the illegal projects started from BN days. Keeping an eye on all these projects will keep us all busy until the next elections. But the Fed’s SDOs are busy creating more projects even as we go after their old projects !


Not really.

Take the school in front of Han Chiang, at Air Itam Road.

The construction did not begin way after 308.

That project is clearly seen. It is just at the road side. Everyone who pass through that road can see it.

Then how come Lim Guan Eng and all his machais never see anything?

Please don’t tell me Lim Guan Eng and all his machais never pass through that section of Air Itam Road.


All of us are sleeping including Pearl of Orient also been sleeping and never notice it. Don’t tell us that Pearl of Orient never pass through the place. Otherwise Pearl is a goon.


You know what, because that pearl is a black pearl.

Just like UMNO…, it rather close one eye and condone inappropriates done by their master with complete disregards for the safety of the people and rule of law.


Calling names again, machai?


Pearl, You keep saying the posters are calling name. Are you saying that to your ownself. Isn`t calling someone machai name calling….


Pearl, you are shooting yourself in the mouth by calling ‘machais’.
You are dumb, irrational yet excitable gal with not an iota of intelligence to engage us machais in intellectual ‘dis’course!
So the next time before you open your loud mouth orifice, better think intelligently and shout ‘attractively’.


Machai is a noun. It is a sanitised noun describing you and others who blindly followed a Tin Kosong. If you don’t want me to use machai, of course can. I can use a worse sounding adjective to describe you people. If that is what you want, you definitely going to get it, machais. That is, if Mr. Anil allows. But then, Mr. Anil has allowed quite a number of below-the-belt no-class sexually explicit diatribes. Right, Mr. Anil? If you not going to censor them, Mr. Anil, I hope you won’t censor me if I stop using machai and change… Read more »



What issues did Pearl bring up? He is just attacking and posting negative statement unlike Eu Soon at least he give his reasons.


The school project mentioned by the councillor is being built by the JKR, on Jalan Air Itam, just before the Scotland Road traffic lights as you head for Air Itam from town. It clearly observes no setbacks from both Jalan Air Itam as well as the side road. It very nearly is sitting on the roadline. It is very evident that MPPP’s requirements have been flouted. It might be that the architect is ignorant of the requirements. MPPP should not allow these deviations which make Penang look like a third-world border town.


See … the thing is, you saw that building, I saw that building, why on earth the DAP YB in charged NEVER SEE ANYTHING !!


Everyone saw everything. Even the trishaw puller riding past will see it. Buildings under construction cannot be missed. But the issue is NOT about who sees what. The issue is about who owns the land, who funds the construction, who owns the project. The answer, in all these cases, seems to be FEDERAL Govt. The next question – are they following State laws and procedures ? The answer seems to be NO. Are they heeding the warning letters from the council ? The answer, again, seems to be NO. Another question – do the FEDs seem like they care about… Read more »


You are skirting the issue, again.

It is not about who owns the land.

It is about why the MPPP / State government of Penang (doesn’t) take action against (certain) ILLEGAL BUILDING PROJECTS?


Must be the GOON who keeps silent when UMNO Government is flouting the law and behaves like Chief Secretary when the act is highlighted


Pearl, And why didn`t you do something, yet you wants to put the blame on someone else. Isn`t this real hypocrisy.

semuanya OK kot

MPPP does not come out of this smelling of roses. After issuing the first order, they did no follow-up. They then woke up only after further complaints. In other words, these level-3 “tuans” were too big to “turun padang”, or too scared to face the monster.


As I said earlier – if the MPPP is asleep on the job, why blame the Fed?


UMNO Federal Government has never submit plans to the local council for approval. That is why previous Gerakan Government was given a DAMN by UMNO Federal Government. Now Goon here talk big.


Try build a house in Penang without submitting the plan to the local council in Penang, King Kong. Try it and you will see what will happen next. They will come and stop the construction, and they have the right to do so. Back to the projects that the Fed is building without prior approval from the State government – Why the DAP-led Penang State Government never stop the constructions? Why? They do have the right to do so. It’s in the lawbooks. They have the right. Why then the DAP-led Penang State Government failed to carry out that right… Read more »


Pearl also sleeping. Just look at UMNO can do anything. UMNO railway gate keeper Zakaria can build a mansion in a low cost area without proper submssion in Port Klang. Wakeup man!

You have been sleeping for 50 years allowing Federal Governments to throw billions of ringgit to do construction work of institutional buildings without submissions to the local authorities. Umno Government has been building GENERAL Hospitals and Naval Base and you want your Local Council to lulus or tidak lulus the projects?

You finally wake up when your least favoured party come to power.


When you point that finger of yours at me you point 4 more fingers at yourself.

Me sleeping for 50 years?

If it was my vote that can topple UMNO UMNO would have gone long-long-time ago.

it was the machai votes, machais like you, plus votes from many millions of STUPID MALAYSIANS that keep UMNO in the seat.


Pearl, Let me tell you why. Its because the Federal authorities have been hiding behind the cloak of UMNO… to do what they like breaking (quite a few) rules and law to satisfy themselves and to stay in power. Perak is one case…


I do not care what the FED is hiding behind.

I also do not care who the FED is, after all the FED was / is never good for Penang anyway.

What I want is a CM of Penang who would do his best for Penang, not Koh Tsu Koon and definitely not Lim Guan Eng.

Both are so lousy that if we get a … to become the CM of Penang that … would do a better job.


Double standard.

You do not care because FED is never good to Penang. Why you care about DAP if by your words they are also never care about penang and bulldoze everything?

Gerakan K

Never heard of similar problems in Selangor or other PR states ???

Or this is just the result LGE administration ???

Poor cooperation due to attitude problem of the state administration ???


The problem is in the attitude of the Federal govt. The solution is to throw them out in the next GE.


The Fed government has a bad attitude, but the DAP-led state government doses off way too often !


this is a college or a school? really need 2 use english huh?


Mindef yields to Penang Council:
The Defence Ministry has agreed to stop construction work on its multi-storey air force school building in Tanjung Bungah pending further discussion….

So, it is back on track now.


There you go again, Mr. Anil. Blaming the Federal government when it was the STATE government which was sleeping on the duty.

If the state government doesn’t know what is taking place INSIDE THE STATE who else can we blame?

Why should we voters vote for our own state government if it doesn’t even know anything, or doesn’t even care?


I’m sure, by reading the report, which is in plain English, that the Federal Govt is ignoring State and Local laws. Moreover, they are also ignoring warnings given by the council. This is obviously not an isolated incident … we can see the pattern clearly in the events of Botanical Gardens etc. It appears that the Feds are mounting a campaign, no .. an ‘assault’, against Pakatan states (jurisdiction). It has been happening for the last 15 years – just ask Kelantan about it. It happens in Selangor as well – the Syabas water concession agreement, the legacy sand-mining issues,… Read more »


Have you ever heard the sound of one-hand-clapping?

Even if the Fed wants to ignore the jurisdiction of the State government, had MPPP been awake at their job the Fed wouldn’t be able to do whatever they have done in Penang in the first place.

If there is a villian in this it is the Fed.

But if MPPP should not declare itself a victim either. MPPP and the DAP-led state government has been sleeping on the job and they should be punished for their incompetence.


This is a very clear indication that the Federal authorities are breaking every rules they can just to pursue their objective.Can we still trust a government run by UMNO and their weakling like MCA, Gerakan and MIC etc who are willing to compromise safety and condone (dubious) activities