Police disrupt DAP video screening, PKR celebration



Riot police barging in to the DAP dinner on Saturday night – Photos courtesy of Ngeh Koo Ham’s blog. More pictures here


Police confiscating audio-visual equipment used for the dinner-time video screening of the 7 May Perak State Assembly proceedings

Riot police raided a DAP dinner in Sitiawan on 9 May during the screening of a video on the 7 May Perak State Assembly proceedings, according to Suara Keadilan online.

One person, a video technician, was arrested.

Police confiscated “one DVD player, three projectors, two mobile screens and other equipment at the thousand-people DAP dinner,” wrote Lim Kit Siang in his blog.

The dinner was themed “Dissolve the Perak State Assembly and restore the people’s rights”. Among the speakers were V Sivakumar, Nga Kor Ming dan Ngeh Koo Ham.

According to Sivakumar:

Apabila tanyangan VCD mengenai peristiwa 7 Mei dimainkan, polis telah merempuh masuk ke dalam dewan itu dan mula merampas alat-alat tayangan tersebut. Ini telah menyebabkan kekecohan dalam dewan itu. Orang ramai memberi amaran supaya polis tidak mengganggu tayangan VCD tersebut. Tetapi, polis tidak mempedulikan semua itu. YB Dato Ngeh Koo Ham dan YB Nga Kor Ming telah berunding dengan polis untuk tidak mengganggu program makan malam dengan menakutkan rakyat. Tetapi, polis berdegil juga dalam usaha untuk merampas alat-alat tayangan (VCD). Berpuluh-puluh FRU masuk bagaikan satu rusuhan berlaku.

Meanwhile, Anwar Ibrahim has expressed regret that the police disrupted another event yesterday, the 1oth anniversary celebration of Bandar Tasik Puteri PKR in Selangor.

Suara Keadilan reports:

Menurut Ketua Umum KeADILan Anwar Ibrahim, beliau kesal dengan alasan polis mengikut arahan ‘politik atasan’ yang meminta agar program sambutan 10 tahun berkenaan dibatalkan kerana penarikan permit berkenaan.

“Permit telahpun diperolehi sebelumnya oleh pihak penganjur pada 5 Mei 2009, tetapi dibatalkan pada saat akhir tanpa sebarang alasan munasabah. Pun begitu maklumat sahih mengesahkan ada arahan ‘politik atasan’ di sebalik tindakan rakus pihak keselamatan ini,” menurut Anwar.

Dalam kejadian 9 Mei lalu, polis telah menceroboh tapak sambutan berkenaan serta meletakan kira-kira lebih 50 anggota polis dan anggota Unit Simpanan Persekutuan (FRU) berkawal di kawasan berkenaan.

Polis dari IPD Gombak serta FRU turut merampas bendera, kain rentang serta mengenakan sekatan jalan raya di kawasan sekitar Tasik Puteri menuju ke tempat di mana sambutan tersebut diadakan.

Tambah beliau anggota FRU yang muncul di tapak acara sambutan dengan diiringi anggota polis daripada IPD Gombak telah merampas bendera, kain rentang serta mengenakan sekatan jalan raya di kawasan sekitar Tasik Puteri menuju ke tempat di mana sambutan tersebut diadakan.

Anggota penguatkuasa Majlis Perbandaran Selayang juga turut terlibat membuat rampasan dan menggagalkan acara tersebut walaupun ia mendapat dokongan kerajaan negeri.

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So what should we do at the next GE,

Bring down BN & UMNO


They pull some one out they don’t care. When they kena time they wan to make a big news.


Is this what “1 Malaysian” means….a police state?


Pak haji Eussof,

Berapa kali pergi haji dah…ni mesti tak ikhlas punya Pak Haji..kalu dah tak tau nak bezakan mana yang buruk dan yang baik..usah gelar diri Pak Haji la…


i wondering how the cops would atc without the direction of their superior named internal affairs minister…

Pak Haji

Pak Haji aje tahu buat KACAU…

Pak Haji Eussoff

ZAMBRY adalah Menteri Besar yang SAH,
Kerana beliau dalah dari BN yang GAGAH,
NIZAR seorang p… negara yang BERSALAH,
Padan muka sekarang kerana Pakatan Rakyat dah KALAH.

Pakatan Rakyat aje tahu buat KACAU,
Parti b… ini patut DIHALAU,
Harap BN akan bantai Pakatan KAW-KAW,
Mari kita s… Pakatan Rakyat macam …

S… dah benci sama PAKATAN,
Pasal Pakatan berkelakuan macam S…
Belum bangun asyik tahu BERANGAN-ANGAN,
Bila akan henti tipu rakyat SEKALIAN???.


The more they do, the more people will hate them/BeeEnd. Just pray teh country will be at peace and blessed until next GE (13th General Election).


I guess the police acted because no Finas certificates were issued for those videos.. ha..ha..ha !

No one Can fathom the mentality of PDRM officers.
Perhaps they are acting to drain votes away from BN so that we can have a change of government come 2013 ?


Ini Umno/BN banyak main wayang dan belakang la. Tak sabar menunggu another PRK. Rakyat memerhatikan anda wahai … Umno.


Confiscating video and disrupting a peaceful dinner is one thing. But the real iconic damage to the nation happened on 7 May when Speaker Sivakumar was forcibly removed from the state assembly. Who were those men who removed him? What kind of example is the government setting for the young people and politically illiterate who don’t understand the Perak constitutional crisis? There are invisible costs to the nation: the use of physical violence on a law-abiding citizen should be condemned by government leaders. If not, then it is an implicit official sanction of violence for the sake of asserting one… Read more »


All we can do is comment on blogs. We can’t voice out our dissatisfaction. I thought we have “freedom of speech”….! Yes….? Why is the Home Minister keeping quite about all these “might” the police are showing….???? Who gave the orders…..????? Do they have the rights at all…..???????? Why are they “doing” all these against The Oppositions only…????? Why is it that BN can do “s…” & get away with it….???????????? Doesn’t these BN top guns know that by doing all these “agressions” makes the rakyat go “haywire”…………..??? I am sure they know but they just want to prove to… Read more »


This is the true, uncensored version of Najib’s 1Malaysia.

I’m only trying to figure out which dustbin to dump it into.

Chauncey Gardener

PM Najib is either employing the “good cop bad cop” gambit – OR creating enough dissenssion amongst the Opposition and NGOs to justify a proclamation of state of emergency before March 2012?

That would mean most of the institutions of democracy will be suspended.


MPS getting into the fray I stand firm that the pertua
be sacked with immediate effect.


“Dato’ Ngeh showed the police permit that we had obtained for the dinner.” in http://ngehkooham.blogspot.com/2009/05/dap-dinner-and-polices-invasion-9-may.html.
BN has lost it. A police permit was applied for and granted for the event. Despite this, and nvere mind freedom of assembly under the federal Constitution anyway, PRDM is seen lording over like a warlord.
If legal assemblies are not even protected by the police, it shows what the latter has become.



It’s really sad but I believe that the police Do NOT truly understand their role in society – is it because they
are ‘thick’? just … do as they’re told? Or is it because they have learnt to be so … brainwashed, and threatened under the Mahathir administration that they really don’t know. …


Well, yes it’s true that the videos are all over the internet. Those BN/UMNO are well aware of that and they can’t do anything about that. However, they are smart enough to realized that they are still high percentage of people in malaysia who doesn’t use a computer or have internet connection. Even those people who has internet connection, ain’t majority of them are using Streamyx. Streamyx sucks! It takes very long to load even youtube. That aside, whatever happened on 7th May 09 will definitely be remembered. Now, those who have a right mind and care about MALAYSIA, please… Read more »


One LIVE show worth a million videos! 😀


Don’t interupt the police from carrying out their duties la, save electricity also, save our planet mah! there was a LIVE SHOW from the PDRM what, why still wanna waste energy trying to stop them?


Let the truth speaks and divert the forces to curtail the ever rising crime in the country.

Many a time our resoures deployed at the wrong places while complaning short of forces when security and safety of rakyat matter most.


Dear Anil, What is new in this Bolehland? Everyone of them UMNO Leaders are “Squeezing” each other by the “Orbs/Jugulars” & this nation, its assets, their “OWN UMNO/BN…”, plus the rayaat are their “Pawns”…. UMNO/BN are having “New Clowns” in the “Same Ketuanan Paradigm Outfit”. UMNO Ketuanan/BN Leaders are “Bankrupt of Intelligent, Legal, Constitutional, Political, Financial etc SOLUTIONS”…. Desperate People, at Desperate Times, will RESORT to Desperate Henious Actions even if it means “Destroying” All our nation’s Institutions, Pillars of Democracy & Justice… their own Kind, this country & its Many People! In Ipoh on 7/5/09 it is another of… Read more »


the police dun know that the video is everywhere. People from accross the globe are viewing it via the many video websites. Can police stop information? It just shows how evil Najib government is.


It is high time PR state government in Selangor take actions against Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS) who was involved in the incident. Sack them if you have too. They are suppose to be serve the people of
Selangor and not be bias towards the federal government. Please remove this bad apples before it comes back and hound us later. Havent we learned anything from the SUK Perak or Majlis Perbandaran Ipoh (MPS)?


so silly sometime these dap are real dumd ass u think doing a 1000 dinner will make greater impact it ego trip….use the christian way…cheap but damn effective..make 100000 dvd n distribute to every house…every apartments…even on the highway..u get connected to people u never met..

this old lim kit siang n gang,,,u think by stirring publicities u get sympathies ..it will wear out !

idiots !