#KL112 – They flew! They soared like seagulls


#KL112 was historic in more ways than one. Those Malaysians at yesterday’s rally unchained their fears and soared to new heights.

KL112 at Stadium Merdeka
Malaysians now have a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the country and they can see the change sweeping the land – Photograph: Allan

They flew so high they touched a rainbow. No, no, THEY were the rainbow, a splash of colours representing various causes and strands of Malaysians society.

And they proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Malaysians can rally peacefully if there are no provocateurs, if force is not used against them.

Tens of thousands of ordinary Malaysians unshackled themselves from the chains of fear. They reclaimed Merdeka Stadium, the venue where the nation hosted the official ceremony of the Independence of Malaya.

Ready to roll - Photograph: Allan
Ready to roll – Photograph: Allan

In so doing, they have inspired countless others to believe that a new Malaysia is possible.

How times have changed. Even the police found a new way of managing rallies – though how much that was due to an impending general election is hard to say. Never mind that they later downgraded their estimate of the crowd size to 45000 on second thought and for obvious reasons. People – at least those with access to alternative media – know the real turnout, though perhaps the target of the official figure were the rural voters with no access to the new media.

It was pathetic, however, to watch the mainstream trying to ‘manage’ the news when the photographs of the huge crowd all over Twitter and Facebook are unmistakable.

Whatever it is, the well over 100000 Malaysians have galvanised many others across the country to ‘think the possible’ (which was once deemed ‘impossible), that real change is possible.

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Theresa Yip Lai fong

The rise of People”s Power!


Yes, long live to the people of Malaysia. There is no turning back. Do translate KL112 into something more meaningful: vote for leaders you think you deserve and those that carry your conscience.


The message is so clear but BN is still in denial mode.
Meanwhile Najib chose to nambikei the Indians and get more coverage on local TV on that day.

Renji Sathiah

Wish that I could have been there! I am proud of these courageous Malaysians who want real change in our country.


Sam, you can’t compare us with Thailand’s rally where the Reds and Yellows were adamant to go head-on. Had Perkasa’s mad men and Umno rempits let out out in thousands, there would be panic station and clashes unavoidable also.That was what happened at Bersih 3.0, where men-in-blue without name-tags were planted to cause violence remember?

Saturday’s #KL112 was peaceful becoz the regime realised any misstep on their part especially so near GE-13, will mean a final rusty nail into UMNO’s coffin!


It was a huge carnival of excited, friendly and hopeful comrades of all races looking forward to a better future for our beloved MALAYSIA.

Awesome…simply awesome.

In Thailand, people of the same race in red and yellow shirts had violent and fatal clashes.
Yesterday Malaysian comrades from all races in red, yellow, green, orange and other colours came together in a peaceful,successful and historic assembly.

Awesome…simply awesome.

Dr tc tan

Its the wish of the people who want peace and change. For one who attended there are more than 10 x of us who could not make it. I am proud of those who spent their time and money and the hot weather to be present to be counted. Well done all those hopeful Malaysians.


A tribute to KL112. Fly Like An Eagle (Fly Thro’ The Revolution) Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ Into the future Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ Into the future I want to fly like an eagle To the sea Fly like an eagle Let my spirit carry me I want to fly like an eagle Till I’m free Oh, Lord, through the revolution Feed the babies Who don’t have enough to eat Shoe the children With no shoes on their feet House the people Livin’ in the street Oh, oh, there’s a solution I want to fly like an… Read more »


Thank YOU folks!


Never mind the crowd size – whether it’s 45,000 or 250,000 does not matter – it’s the passion in supporters and participants you can’t deny that counts!

One eye (look) sees all! Look at the pics, observe the sea of people from all walks of life, different colors and creed, all coming together from all over the country – rural, urban through paddy fields, yes, they arrived on time. …the beauty is they were not paid to attend!

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

When the police act professionally, with no interference from political masters and.or provocateurs, the rallies undoubtedly would be peaceful!

The peaceful rally is a VICTORY of the people in overcoming their fears and threats, reclaiming their role as the MASTERS to dictate to the political divide that they will not tolerate any corruption, cronyism and mismanagement! Any party/grouping that aspire to serve or continue to serve has no option but to practise good governance!

Congratulations to all who took part in the 12.01.13 peaceful rally!!


While it is good to see Malaysians come together to rally peacefully for a good cause, it is sad indeed to see that 95% of those who rallied were Malays. What happened to the Chinese who came out in such huge numbers during Bersih 3.0? It proved the Chinese community only rally for a good cause, and Bersih is one. Is it true the Chinese community are now fed up with the incompetent, unaccountable and not transparent DAP? Are they fed up with the alleged abuse of power and breach of trust in Penang? Is it true the Chinese are… Read more »


Admist all these talk of PR chances of getting to Putrajaya, the main point of the intellectual debate is lost – Mahathirism and Mahathirist has lost the national debate. It does not matter in the larger debate even if UMNO/BN wins the election. They have lost the national argument. Firstly, even if UMNO/BN wins it will be by a very small margin and its understood its by cheating so the win means nothing intellectually…Second, after 55 years in power, after Badawi first swept in with huge popularity more than 8 years ago, the debate is settled now given Anwar’s revival… Read more »