Hulu Selangor: Cops haul up 7


2330: All seven have now been released on bail.

1909: Seven people, including six political science students from a local university, have been hauled up for questioning.

The six were being taken around Hulu Selangor to observe proceedings by a PKR party worker when they were stopped, according to lawyer Latheefa Koya. Apparently, the vehicle contained PKR campaign material.

I am not entirely sure why they were hauled up.

They are now being questioned at the IPD Hulu Selangor.

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Ah BEng
Ah BEng
23 Apr 2010 10.47am

Is it any surprise that it was opposition supporters that were hauled up?

Is it any surprise that students are not even allowed to observe an election process (esp. from the opposition side)?

Is it any surprise that Gov machinery is working against the opposition?

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
23 Apr 2010 8.12am

Dear Anil

In political science class (comparative politics), students learn about failed states of the Third World.

Here, the students are having real world
lessons – hands on experiences – in the politics of failing/failed states.

22 Apr 2010 11.02pm

Here again we can see how desperate Najib UMNO-BN is. The young voters are the one that will decides the outcome of this by election and NajiB UMNO BN are using devious way to prevent it from happening. Hulu Selangor voters, open up your mind and see what this (BN candidate) can do for you. Nothing at all but subservient to UMNO.

22 Apr 2010 9.48pm

Cops always always efficient in arresting PR workers, but, how do they and MACC fancy the defense Ministry buying 257 armoured personnel carriers (APC) at 8 billion ringgit?

Apa sudah jadi ini? APC costing 33 million ringgit each? As again highlighted by eagle eye, Tony Pua?

Luckily PJ Utara won by Tony, kalau under fried noodles habis la. That is why voting in a good parliamentarian is vital and we hope Hulu Selangor will vote in the next star Parliamentarian, and who else but Zaid Ibrahim?

22 Apr 2010 8.18pm

RPK has revealed that instruction is (allegedly) out to prevent students from helping PKR with even specific list of people to catch upon sight..

22 Apr 2010 7.43pm

Maybe, just maybe, the cops want to give the student a first-hand taste of what “POLITICS in Malaysia” is all about.

Apparently, that first-hand-taste includes being (held) without any valid reason.

Next time they should bring along some law students as well … they can try using their law knowledge to help out their schoolmates.