Poll: Do you support capital punishment?


Of late, we have heard a lot of talk in the news about the death penalty. Some of our politicians talk as if the death penalty has widespread acceptance.

So I am curious to know to what extent ordinary people really support capital punishment. 

Personally I am against the death penalty for a number of reasons.

Globally, more and more countries are doing away with capital punishment.  According to Amnesty International, more than two-thirds of the countries in the world have now abolished the death penalty in law or practice:

  • Abolitionist for all crimes: 95
  • Abolitionist for ordinary crimes only: 9
  • Abolitionist in practice: 35

Total abolitionist in law or practice: 139
Retentionist: 58

Now, let’s see how many of you support or oppose the death penalty.

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(Death penalty for) the economic criminals. They kill more people than the murderer.


Castration for sex offenders.
Death (penalty) for corrupted politicians.
Death (penalty) for corrupted judges.
Death (penalty) for corrupted policemen.

Pala Richie

Don’t bustardise the capital punishment!

pala richie

Instead of increasing the ‘price’ of ‘sama ekor’, just (impose the death penalty for) traffic offender by the road-side, that solve the traffic ‘saman’ problem once for all. Capital punishment will always be the choice for ‘desperate’ community; it is an easy way out. A society with more capital punishments tell one thing; that is: the society is once civilized society! Where the social education, the social responsibility is death!, therefore the society only bow down to DEATH!. When a society progress they deal with problem in more educated ways, they research into the root-causes, they look into the humanity… Read more »


I am definitely against capital punishment, the reason is simple: the state had determined that to murder/kill another person is wrong in the law. Then the state itself should practice what is written in the law. If the law say that to kill is wrong then the law itself should not kill. Else the law is not a golden law as it is not consistent with its own principle. What happened when an innocent is sentenced to death? It has happened many times in recorded history, where the innocent is wrongly accused of a crime he/she did not commit but… Read more »


If you are refering to Capital punishment for baby-dumping?

Why not to the bunch of sick BN politicians running this sick BN government who seems to think lighted and/or unlighted candles are indeed weapons of terrorists for mass distruction!

Soon they may insist on neutered males for School Bus operators/drivers job to prevent rapes of school kids!

Hurray brownie points for Sharizat Abd Jalil, the backdoor Minister for Women & Family Development who badly needs a candidacy in the coming GE-13! She is not looking into the Penan rapes in Sarawak, is she?



kacau kacau

and then let the walking 9 murderers continue to keep murder?


It is a good way to “destroy evidence”. What about evidence destroyed “accidentally” in lock-ups?


I’m against the death penalty, for me and anyone I care about – which is a lot of people, mostly anyone who rejects outright the idea of the death penalty. I support the death penalty for those who want it, either before or after they are convicted. I have some respect for Muslims when they say that rationality is interfering with the practice of their religion, and they want to be able to (impose the death penalty) and to chop each other’s limbs off etc. A rational, common, non-denominational law must remain superior at all times. However, I see no… Read more »

2nd class

The 10 criminals will continue to rape and murder 100 mores. Drug dealers will continue to supply drug and the drug problem will be aggravated through various serious social problems.


Capital punishment for corrupted politician, MPs, Senators, Civil Servants !!!


YES and NO! YES, depend on the violence and cruelty of the crime committed and the guilty was given all avenues to prove his innocence. NO, we cannot play GOD!..and consider Capital Punishment as barbaric.


Capital punishment is irreversible. Better to have 10 criminals walk free than to have 1 innocent life lost!

Gerakan K

Wait until your family or friend being murdered by a murderer before offering your suggestion.

You still live in theoretical ideal and lost in practical world.

A life for a life is a fair concept. I do support capital punishment.


I can also say the same…wait till one of your family member is wrongly accused and sentenced to death. Many studies have shown that the death penalty does not deter crime. One of the many studies: http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/facts-about-deterrence-and-death-penalty