Disgraceful scenes in Parliament lobby


The ruckus in the Parliament lobby where a group of angry Umno Youth supporters confronted Karpal this afternoon was disgraceful.

DAP MP for Segambut Lim Lip Eng alleged that he was assaulted and hit a number of times on the face and his body.

This incident reveals a breach of parliamentary security. Why did DAP MPs have to come to Karpal’s rescue? What happened to the security personnel on duty?

That’s strange. Last time we heard, security in Parliament was so overwhelming that a group of young Jerit cyclists had a herculean task just trying to reach the front gate.

I don’t mean that Parliament should be swarming with security personnel, but those who are stationed there should make sure that no one is intimidated or in fear of his or her personal safety.

All this playing to the gallery has got to stop. We have enough drama as it is.

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Y P Low

Can’t imagine what would happen to this country if the heads … of this bunch of samsengs, hooligans become PM one day…..

Just the thought of it makes me shudder!!!


Hisamudin is providing funds to run programs on unity of all races in our school. They are taught to respect each other and to live in harmony. However, one is left wondered why there is segregation after they have left school, for example, UITM only for bumis, UTAR for Chinese…. This guy from Pemuda Umno Selangor gave warning to Karpal, saying that Malaysia is bumi Melayu!!! See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKbcF_mUw4Y So, what’s the point of educating the youngs about the importance of unity of races when we have adults running around claiming that this is bumi Melayu and the last straw is… Read more »

Beggar Vance

check this out.


You will get the picture which direction our scantity of our nation is going to!! UMNO youth as an organization should be banned!!


When the DPM/Incoming PM marhes into the seat of power without a damn… what do you expect of his koonchoos. Right now, what we are all seeing is … putting up an act for all UMNO to see that their masters (the Youth Chief wannabees) are the right warrior lords to be elected. They do not care … what other Malaysian think. Their arguement is always simple, insult the UMNO/UMNO youth and you insult ALL Malays. Hullo, wake up your ideas. Many, many Malays do not want you as taikor anymore. Watch the coming by elections and see that they… Read more »


Be very careful THE SON is going to fulfill THE FATHER legacy,its happening day by day.The JIN is out of the bottle.

telur dua

Kerismuddin is defending them to the hilt. We all know why.

UMNO Election coming ,mah. It is definitely worth a few votes. LOL.


# khobu on February 28th, 2009 at 12.10am
HAMAS should employ these UMNO Youth to fight with Israel #

– Those paid UMNO samsengs did a good job for the video trying to scuffle Karpal Singh. It was obvious they knew someone would try to stop them. Tunjok mesti tunjok, tak boleh ‘drop water face’ tetapi … kecut lah bila hantar ke Hamas to to fight Israel!

telur dua

Perhaps in their twisted minds, challenging and threatening an old man in a wheelchair is something comendable, even heroic.

Yes, twisted is the correct description.

telur dua

This must be one of the long awaited UMNO reforms.


Didnt KJ challenge Karpal to proof that it was UMNO members who confronted him?

Now uMNO youths have come out voluntarily to say they were “harrased” by DAP MP Lim.

So what now KJ… 1. eat your own words 2. Someone within Umno wants to call you a … also…

kenneth iswara

go umno youth go
show us the true face of umno-bn
gangsters n thugs
above d law
polis ….
where r u
khalid abu bakar
where r u
ordinary rakyat arrested 4 scuffling, cycling, roses, t-shirts, candles
where r yr wise pronouncements now
so many attacking one old man on a wheelchair
very heroic of u , krismuddin
let d ppl know yr true … upbringing


HAMAS should employ these UMNO Youth to fight with Israel

Toyol nephew

Wait am i missing something here? Did Karpal just called the UMNO youth “Celaka” and they supposed to to just sit down and take it? No way mannn…! Oh you guys think it’s uncivilised? Guess UMNO Youth should call DAP, DAP Celaka too. What not angry? Shame. …

hey dude. UMNO goons have call the other flers WORST in the past.

pat ling

2 wrongs don’t make a right. If someone had erred, there are always channels for recourse. Only gangsters take the law into their own hands. If they can turn to violence so easily, it only goes to show that such people are dangerous when they become leaders. Another disappointment is the inaction by the police. Shame on you! Taxpayers don’t pay your salaries to behave like that.


CELAKA! I call them “sluts” – paid to do a dirty job! UMNO samsengs/hooligans have lived up to their name. No wonder they always remain at the bottom – annoying, no class, no shame and no hope!!!


Wait am i missing something here? Did Karpal just called the UMNO youth “Celaka” and they supposed to to just sit down and take it? No way mannn…! Oh you guys think it’s uncivilised? Guess UMNO Youth should call DAP, DAP Celaka too. What not angry? Shame. …


Hey guys they are on self-destruction mode. All we have to do is stay a little far and watch,…
So be alert and watch the fun !

abang abong

Itu sebab next election please do not vote for party that champion the gangsterism! Vote PEACE….(if there is any)


Dont use the word ‘UMNOputra’…putra is a Hindu word. Use ‘PengecutUMNO’ better to suit those who attacked an old man in wheelchair. Anyway, thier behaviour proves what sort of people they are and; who they represent ‘kerismudin and …. jantan’.
The world is watching ‘your disgraceful acts’.
Why no sound from PM and his Vice? Malu,kot !

Verghis George

Well this is an incident that the “UMNO YOUTH” can be proud of. (Going after) a man on a wheel chair. It tells us a lot about the so called future leaders of the country.

While “UMNO YOUTH” can be proud of their actions, it is a VERY shameful day for us the “rakyat” of the country. “UMNO YOUTH” remember this day during the 13th General Elections. You have shown your “power”, we will show you “MAKKAL SHAKTI”


is the sign of UMNO fighting for the last straw to survive. Like a drowning man clutching to the last straw to survive.Look at what happen to Perak, Selangor ….They do not care as long as they can be in power.

they are just creating “self destruction” making the rakyat to see their true self.i have a strong conviction that Najib will enter into msia history …. he will be the last PM from BN. UMNO,MCA, MIC will be history everthing has its life cycle and their time is coming up.remember the last emperor of china -pu yi ?

Anak Malaysia

What to expect from this bunch of hoolingans.This UMNO youth has proven to the public of their uncivilised behaviour.The police should act on it immediately.


We have been forewarned, ‘Jangan cabar…’, now we have seen it. The disgrace and shame these Umno thugs bring to our country, we have become the laughing stock of the world. These thugs are our future leaders? These so called leaders bring shame to whatever they are defending. The race, the institution and the nation hang their head in shame. Go, get lost Umno you are beyond redemption. Parliament means nothing to you thugs.

Dalbinder Singh Gill

i totally reject hadi awangs call for a unity government, Pakatan Rakyat must never ever form a government with the UMNO or BN. PAS not fit to join with UMNO. tears roll down my eyes as i read what happened to uncle karpal. Just wish he could walk. i really thank those DAP MP’s for coming to the rescue of their chairman from those UMNO goons. well Anil, no where is safe for an ordinary malaysian unless when u get in trouble n u can connect some cable, u might be safe. double standards force. once i remember when i… Read more »