Pakatan-controlled states?


Rais Yatim has said in the Star that Bersih organisers should plan to hold their rally in stadiums in states controlled by Pakatan Rakyat rather than in any of the three KL stadiums, including Merdeka Stadium.

See The Star report here.

Well, in 2008, in the Federal Territory of KL, Pakatan Rakyat won 308377 votes against BN’s 188875, i.e. 62 per cent of valid votes cast. As a result, Pakatan Rakyat won 10 of the 11 parliamentary seats in KL.

Moreover, Pakatan won four of the five Malay-majority seats in KL.

So how?

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bersih kerana tak kotor

RTM & TV3 8pm news reported 5 thousand demonstrators.

Polis reported 1400 arrests.

If follow that logic more than 3 out of 10 on the road were arrested.

However, more reliable sources quoted 50 thousands show up.
And if not for the massive roadblocks entering KL, could easily expect 100 thousands more to show up.

Sorry, Barang Naik folks better do the math and be fair.

Living on a prayer.


How convenient. You have to pay taxes to fed government but you cant voice out your opinion to them. Oh yeah… makes perfect sense. The people’s government my foot.

Ong Eu Soon

Sorry friend! KL is control by DAP with majority seat in Parliament. It is nature for PR to stage the rally in KL as it is it’s stronghold.


Gerakan K, do you think good men are afraid to be arrested? I came all the back…to be arrested…!!


Brave heart, wandererAUS.
May God keep your heart Bersih, strong and healthy.


Don’t bother replying to him. Let them enjoy their ABC’s and whatever else they wanna do. If things continue this way, they wont have anything else to enjoy down the road. Which is why Malaysians have to stand up now.

Gerakan K

Party time !!!

I expect more than 500 will be arrested for illegal assembly !!! Uphold the rule of law, say no to IL LEGAL ASSEMBLY !!!

p/s: I will enjoy pizzas and ABC drink today while the stupid ones will be gassed and sprayed soundly. Ok, 1, 2, 3 enjoy !!!


The earth time is numbered for Barang Naik Kotor-Kotor.
Soon the party time of Kotor leeches will be over.
Enjoy your counting, Gerkhin of the mongolian grassland where the ghost of Attan roams for revenge and justice.


rais, this is NOT one of those umno-bn syok sendiri session!!!!


I thought the whole KL won by PR in the last GE….hmmmm?!

sharin malayland

but it wun hapen,umno will rule 1000 years to came…heheheh…

sharin malayland

to all the pakatan supporter,win 1st the 13ge,than do whatever u all like in this land…before that,dun complain so much…


There goes that Rais Yatim again! What to do this over the hill botak…


It’s a last ditch effort by the ruling regime to link bersih to pakatan. Nice try by the minist. of misinformation.


We All Will Live In The New Unsinkable Yellow Submarine.

Tomorrow, Boleh Land will turn Yellow,
Not of cowardice, but of brave, righteous hearts.
To ask for the inalienable rights,
To free and fair election, our human rights.
So, brave souls, with Yellow in their hearts,
Shine like the brightest sun, walk straight with Merdeka hearts.
To rally for Boleh Land into the light so bright,
All darkness flee, sink like the Black submarines.

(Like the song? Have fun and sing it tomorrow)

Penang Voter

As usual, UMNO talk (rubbish) again !!!! …

Gerakan K

Anil: So how ???

Gerakan K: Re-read Sejarah. KL belongs to Federal Government. Also KL is not a state.


As usual, only sampah comes this ding dong.!!!

Andrew I

No education Gerakan K. His words, not mine. 3 threads back.


then why need the minister at first place if its not a state…

Gerakan K

That is why I ask you to reread Sejarah


Read lies?


Gerakan K, Moron, KL is not a state but it belong to the people not the Federal government. And Bersih is not about Pakatan or any political party. Its about the people rights

Gerakan K


you are the first one to admit that KL is not a state. But look at pathetic comments by LBJ, Andrew I, tunglang, and afif.

Throwing more personal attacks will not change the fact. KL is not a state and is under Federal Government admin. That is all.

Andrew I

Just repeating what you said, so that makes you pathetic.

Andrew I

P.s. did you 1email your history teacher to find that out?


Are you still partying?
KL belongs to all Malaysians, not to lying … like you.
Remember that.

telur dua

When the next GE comes he will have to change his nick to ex-Gerakan K or Gerakan Konked.