Live – Bersih 2.0 gathering


Live updates from the Bersih 2.0 gathering in Kuala Lumpur to campaign for clean and fair elections.

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Najib say its not a success,. Have Bersih lost ??

More than 50,000 rally despite all the obstacle and arrest.
Malaysians all over the world, in particular in Malaysia, came together as one. That is what we won.

From Kuala Lumpur, Vienna, Austria, Generv, Switzerland, Singapore, Melbourne , Australia, Istanbul, Turkey Hong Kong, Ottawa, Canada, London & Taipei, Taiwan, Seoul South Korea, Osaka Japan, Auckland, New Zealand etc etc etc.

Can we trust a leader who keep spewing half truth and true lies.
He promise a stadium and reneged on it


Najib is a better and versatile actor as he can act differently on different occassions, just look at his different behaviors and tone at Umno assembly and at MCA assembly as he tries to gain support from different communities….


Congratulations to all those Malaysians that walked on July 9 and to Bersih and Ambiga. There are enough Malaysians who took part to ensure that the message gets out. Register to vote and make sure you vote. Until then joint the struggle to ensure all Malaysians enjoy a free and fair election. Not the kind where we have money for votes, phantom voters, one voter repeatedly voting at various polls, postal votes being wrongly used and so on. This is the beginning. The Electoral Commission needs to be watched over by international inspectors to ensure we have a fairer election… Read more »

Gerakan Z

Just received respond from my fellow friends from UMNO and GERAKAN (ordinary members & some local leaders) about what happen yesterday….

45% of UMNO support police action
35% of UMNO disappointed with BN
20% of stay neutral (no comments)

65% of GERAKAN disappointed with BN
15% of GERAKAN support police action
20% stay neutral (no comments)

From above responds, show that 1/3 of UMNO member & 2/3 of GERAKAN members can’t accept what happen yestertday. Police & BN government fail to do a good job.

Temasik Kuning

About 120 Bersih supporters gathered at the Speakers’ Corner in Singapore’s Hong Lim Park on Saturday July 9 afternoon, in a show of solidarity with fellow Malaysians rallying in Kuala Lumpur.

For about two hours, the mostly young people – clad in various hues of yellow, Bersih’s colour – sat around on the grass in small groups, discussing the rally in Kuala Lumpur as they checked their mobile phones regularly for the latest updates.

Many spent time stencilling the words ‘Bersih’ on their umbrellas and T-shirts, and the group dispersed at 4pm after taking a group photograph.

Basir Syamsudin

When he first became the PM, rakyat has high hope for Najib.
However, he failed to purge those extreme umnoputeras like Perkasa, useless one like his cousin Hishamuddin and corrupted one … in order to stay true to his 1malaysia concept. Now he is paying the price as evident in the turn up and support for Bersih 2.0.

Orang Chingkies

They call the Melayus racists but they are the ones who would denigrade and insult every Mamakish Melayu as if Indian ancestry is such a despicable thing. Look at Hannah Yeoh. She married this Indian chap named Ramachandran A/L Muniandy, …, gave birth to a daughter, and then declared the child’s race as “Chinese.” So cute little Shay Adora A/P Ramachandran is not an “Indian” per legal convention, but a “Chinese” as demanded by this DAP… See the unadulterated racism? Apa ni?… Indians are that bad ah? Why no cries of racism by the DAP rabble rousers? Tengok Saudara Anil… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Your “Orang Chingkies” pseudonym already tell blog readers what kind of person you are !

I suggest that you get to know some real fellow MALAYSIANS of Chinese descent first before you poison yourself with your
twisted emotions, brother!

By the way, I am non-Malay and non-Muslim and I am going to
vote for YB Khalid Samad from PAS in the next General Election.

Orang C

These aliens are now indulging in a lifestyle and attitude akin to their kin in pre-1938 Siam, pre-Independence Philippines and pre-1965 Indonesia. The moment the soft, decadent … governments of those nations were ousted, the pampered aliens in their cosy little cocoons were rudely re-metamorphosed into obedient little pribumi-wannabes in less than one generation.

This will happen in our country. Not now, not next year, but certainly within our children’s lifetime.


I came, I saw and I was fully delighted!…proud of my brothers with their undying fighting spirit of decent human beings…the brave Malaysians!
These … in blue, …using unnecessary force on soft targets…they have lost all credibility and dignity….

Kuning Kid

Here is a summary of news reports on Bersih 2.0 from various international media. The world is watching Malaysia. Who is to be blamed for all the bad press? Certainly, NOT Bersih! 1. The Guardian – Malaysia braces for pro-democracy street protests in Kuala Lumpur 1. Bloomberg – Malaysia to Block Roads in Bid to Stop Protesters Demanding Fair Elections 2. BBC – Malaysia rally: Kuala Lumpur ‘to be locked down’ 3. Asiaone News – Malaysian capital locked down for rally 4. The Australian – Malaysian Capital In Lockdown 5. United Nations – Malaysia: UN rights office concerned at reported… Read more »


To all the brave people of Malaysia, we send our salute. In spite of all the lies, threats, and intimidation, they held their nerves and proceeded with their march with calm, dignity and, above all, stoic restraint, refraining from retaliating to the high-handed violent tactics of the police. Although they did not reach their stated goal of rallying in Merdeka Stadium…a trade-off that was promised them by no less an authority than the Prime Minister himself in exchange for their originally planned street protests, and who subsequently dishonoured his own promise…these people have, without doubt, succeeded in awakening Malaysian voters… Read more »


Apakah Bersih 2.0 ini Terpalit Sejarah #bersih atau #ber… kepada Malaysia ?

Ah Long

Hidup Bersih 2.0!

Mari kita sama-sama menyokong Ambiga!!!


To each and everyone who was there supporting BERSIH, to make the Rakyat’s voices known to the BN government, just cant thank you guys and gals, old and young, each and everyone of you, my gratitude and appreciation for the job well done !!!

You guys are simply just great !!!

Of course, Anil, owe you a cuppa !

Allah God bless each and everyone of you !

Hidup Rakyat !!!


All of you out on the streets are heroes – Malaysian heroes. Thanks Anil and fellow Bersih2 supporters for live coverage.

Also many thanks to those Malaysians and supporters living overseas as they too held peaceful demonstrations.


The People wanted to walk, the PM ‘refused permission’. He said we can gather in the stadium and shout all we want the whole day. The People agreed, but he tricked us and all the stadiums were locked. He then send out his boys in blue to chase after us. So we have no choice but walk around all over KL! So walk we did, people of different size,shape,race and we had the global press here reporting the event coz his boys were (coming after us)! Victory to the People! Now, let’s send some money to Bersih to bail out… Read more »


Never have I been so proud to call myself … MALAYSIAN


Hidup rakyat malaysia .. tahniah u all guys kerana menghidupkan demokrasi yg telah tercemar.. BERSIH BERSIH , HIDUP RAKYAT!

Sora Lip Wen

To be honest, I’m quite relieved that the rally this time is a multi-racial one. If not they will sure come up with excuses to execute another May 13 incident. Those … idiots now are saying that the Malay people participating in the rally are non-Malay’s ‘lapdog’…. Those people rallying on the streets are patriots, true patriots who fight for the country, who wants peace and freedom, as well as justice for the future generation. And the political dumb … branded them as traitors trying to overthrow the government. However, even if all the patriots participating in the rally are… Read more »


najib x kluo pn..sbbnya bini x bagi kluo…?


Najib is a useless PM hiding (behind) his … wife. He doesnt know jack of wht he’s doing. Inflation and umemployment is at rocket high… atleast Badawi was too tired…


Proud to be a Malaysian……today with a bright yellow smile


well done BERSIH…good job, bravo…!!!!


Our prayers are with you. God bless your efforts.


do bersih at your own house first.then u know what is the ****ing bersih mean…peace love unity and respect…

David Ng

If BN claims to be the elected government ..then they should be listening to what the Rakyat wants .. we want a free and fair election .. if you are a good government .. you don’t have to fear .. you will be re-elect .. unless of course you have not been performing .. and that is why you fear a free and fair election .