Egypt: Some 3,000 protest in KL


On this ‘Day of Departure’ protests, some three thousand people have gathered in KL calling for Mubarak’s ouster. They join protesters gathering across the world.

Watch Aljazeera’s live streaming of the’ Day of Departure’ from Cairo. (Why is Astro’s screening of Aljazeera’s ‘live coverage’ a few minutes behind Aljazeera’s live coverage over the Internet?)

Photo by Khalid Samad's stream

Twitter photo by FaizFazil

Twitter photo by FaizFazil

Protest in KL on the 'Day of Departure' - Photo via tweet from pmnicol

1616: Eight people are believed to have been arrested. Those arrested are in police trucks outside the PNB building.

1556: Protesters have dispersed from the Tabung Haji building area, as police linger on. Meanwhile, Latheefa tweets: “They tried to arrest Fadiah who went to inquire about the arrests! – shouting at her ‘budak baru! very prof indeed!'”

1551: A least four protesters have been arrested, reports my contact.

1546: Police fired water cannon briefly to disperse the protesters, reports a contact. About a hundred people are still around the Tabung Haji building area. My contact says he saw police taking one of the protesters away, and he believes there could be a few arrested.

1538: Police are spraying stuff on the demonstrators. They look poised to make arrests, reports a contact.

1532: According to a tweet from Latheefa Koya citing her source Fadiah, police have arrested some people including an old man. They are being brought to IPD Dang Wangi.

1522: A contact at the scene reports that the turnout was in the region of 3,000 to 5,000. Riot police blocked the road leading to the US Embassy, leading to some commotion. Some teargas was sprayed (but not fired using tear gas cannisters.) By 3.20pm, the protest was drawing to a close after demonstrators were pressured to disperse.

1453: Riot police have taken up positions about 50 metres away from the US embassy.

1440: The crowd has reached 2,000 people, according to a tweet.

1427: Some 500 people have gathered in front of the Tabung Haji building in KL. Several hundred more, carrying banners, have just arrived from KLCC. A contact at the scene reports that the crowd has reached a thousand. They might be heading for the US Embassy.

About a hundred police personnel are already at the scene as sirens wail.

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Fight for our home fiirst before fight for others.. Egyptins help us to open our eyes wide


The only reason why PAS supporters were demonstrating is because their fellow fundamentalist brothers of Muslim Brotherhood is the next in line to rule Egypt.

This is nothing to do with principles or supporting of democracy.

If they are opposed to dictatorship, then why not do it against Saudi, Iran, Sudan, North Korea, Myanmar, etc ??

This clearly expose PAS’ hypocrisy and support of extremist version of Islam. This should be an eye opener for those dumb and naive non Muslims who think PAS stand for democratic principles and justice.


Our scholarship bodies…meaning our tweets at JPA, MARA, etc need to have their heads examined for sending our students to especially Indonesia and Egypt where their technologies are way inferior to even Thailand’s….

What is it with these guys…throwing all our money into these 4th world nations….

Our best brains being sent to these … states with tax payers money and at the first sign of trouble run helter skelter back home to tanam jagong…..

Bankruptcy is a word this country will have to face in a very very short time…


What do the Chinese govt care about the western countries said about Tiannamen incident? Crush the protestors and menace of the country. The Chinese govt has proven to the world that the crack down on these … on the street is the right thing to do.. The country is stable and is NOW the second biggest economy in the world


Why must Malaysia send students to these half-past six countries. We recognise their half-past six degrees just because they are Muslim countries. We send students to Indonesia and the earthquakes and other disasters will send them back. We send them to Bangladesh and when there is a turmoil universities are closed. We send them to Pakistan and when there are fights and bombings, universities are closed. We fear sending sending students to China or India which are relatively more peaceful than some Muslim countries. The government should review this issue of sending students to problematic countries for some self-seeking or… Read more »


In this country Tunku, Hussein and Abdul Razak were never wealthy. Corruption was not their style of leadership. They made others rich though. It was the conscience in them that made them honest leaders. We respect them for their integrity and honesty. I have so much doubt about the others in UMNO/BN after these three great leaders we had.

Don’t blame the opposition if UMNO/BN is voted out in the next GE.


It’s not enough to ask Mubaraq to leave. He has to be put on trial like what they did to Sadam Hussein. The people of Egypt should smoke him out of the palace and detain him. Never let him free or leave the country. Then set up a tribunal to determine how he ammassed so much wealth during his rule. We are keeping a guy like an untouchable lord in Sarawak. When he is filthy rich the people are filthy poor. He is not bothered. Ask him and he will say, “Allah has given me the wealth and power. You… Read more »

James Bond

Hello…you fellas should have been marching to the PWTC – DUMNO’s office????

Since the best of Malaysia has left…we are today a nation of degenerates as witnessed by this lunatic demo…


these group of people are damn … HYPOCRITE. What principle do they believe in? Against dictatorship?? For freedom of speech? Against corruption?

Go la demonstrate in front of Iranian embassy too… Or balik … with your hypocrite mentality!!!

None of the Iranian students in Malaysia are happy with their govt…


the same tactic by MSM in egypt… at first I thought it was about Malaysia media they’re talking about….


By dousing this protest, does this mean the government is supporting Mubarak?


do you see water cannos trained at UMNO/Perkasa/Gaps demos? remember the cowhead protest? Water cannon? no lah, the keris-arising minister even defended them….


This is where hisahmudin can teach Mubarak on the art of using water cannon and tear gas!

Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza)

You’re so naive! Can’t you see who’s behind all these so-called revolution? I’m against corrupted dictators too but this is not revolution for democracy but for Islam’s supremacy – and it’s coming to Malaysia under PR!

Charlie Oscar

What has Egypt got to do with these people???
Their Families live in Egypt???
Why the US Embassy???
Are these Ordinary Malaysians or Pembangkang Rakyat (PR) Supporters???
Looks like PAS…PAS…and PAS again!!!

Saberi Cheek

Don’t forget it was umno who have sent thousands to Egypt to learn the ali baba trade in Al Kahlili bazaar!


Same gang of desperate demon kings that have misruled Egypt, Tunisia – in fact, the whole damn world – for far too long continue to misrule in Malaysia. Same heavy-handed police that serve not the public but private interests, same controlled media, same … judiciaries… so tiresome lah.

Serious Shepherd

Banyak pulak ejen kuasa asing nak pertahankan pusat perisikan Amerika kat tanahair tercintaku ini.

Saya merujuk kepada FRU.


The demonstrators chose a wrong target…go for the corrupted UMNO elites! WERE they doing lesser evil deeds than Mubarak?
Clean up the rubbish in your own home before you … on other’s backyard!

Kaki pulau

Thanks, Anil, you are one of the few info sources about the KL protests on Egypt. Just from my side – News of the protests has been blacked out by the mainstream media. Only was aware of the protests when I got an sms from overseas. We don’t even know what’s happening in our back yard but people outside do. So, go on the net ASAP! The same tactic is being used to suppress news as was done in 2006 -2007 before the 8/3/08 GE. News of the fuel-hike protests was blacked out by the mainstream media. Suppression of news… Read more »


Embassy open on public holiday meh?