Aliran Monthly signs off after 33 years: Oh, what a ride!


All good things must come to an end, except in this case the ending of the print magazine opens up a new digital era for Aliran.

Aliran signs off after 33 years with a colourful bumper issue
Aliran signs off after 33 years with a colourful bumper issue

Long before the internet, Aliran Monthly, published in Penang by the social reform group Aliran, was shining a torch in the darkness that has at times descended on our land. For 33-years, the print magazine has borne witness and analysed the ups and downs of the nations, in the process helping to shape the social conscience and civil society and human rights discourse in the country.

This is the farewell editor’s note:

It has been 37 years since the formation of Aliran and 33 years since Aliran Monthly (initially Aliran Quarterly).

During this time, we have challenged the dominant discourses of political, socio-cultural and economic orthodoxies and attempted to be a source of alternative analyses. We have encouraged critical thinking and provided space for ‘thinking allowed’.

Alas, this issue is our final edition. It was only after much soul-searching but also tallying of costs that we came to this painful decision. In this issue, we document the history of the AM and the societal pressures and political constraints within which we had to operate.

We take this opportunity to thank all our contributors who faithfully wrote for us without payment. Thanks to them, we managed to produce a monthly magazine of quality and relevance for over three decades. The secret is that we were driven to do so because you, our faithful readers, have told us that you always found the Monthly informative and educational, and you looked forward to every issue. Thank you!

Every beginning has an ending; however, in this case, our ending opens up a new era. The last part of our final edition looks forward to the digital Aliran. If you are not yet familiar with our website, our facebook, our tweets and our e-newsletters, do look us up and follow us faithfully.

On this auspicious occasion, we invite all readers to join us in the struggle for justice, freedom and solidarity for a better Malaysia.


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Today Page 2 on NST Najib in Kelantan saud 90% of Siamese community support BN.

Najib should then visit Kampung Siam in Penang to pay off developers to save their heritage?


Najib said school books, dictionary and newspapers are free from GST.

What about books and magazines?


Sin Chew today reported that books will go up 15-20% in price due to higher transportation cost and impact of GST (government policy not encouraging reading).


Aliran speaks justice which Anil advocates. Penangites still can refresh justice reading past issues at the library eg the one at Komtar. The final bumper printed edition should be a collector’s item (hint : get this copy signed by many contributors to Aliran eg Anil Netto; and it can become valuable bidding item in ebay !) A new era for Aliran in digital format – All The Best !!!!!!!! Also having lived in Penang for past 32 years. I shall move back to my hometown in 2 years times. Plan to sell off my simple condo for a tidy sum… Read more »


Unfortunately Aliran is too complicated for most of the Malaysians who opted for e-pop, gila-gila komik etc at the newstands.


This is true. Ask yourself how many youth of today would buy The Heat and understand the social issues of today? I believe they would rather buy FHM or those motor magazines.


Goodbye, and Welcome to the digital world, Aliran!