KL-Singapore high-speed rail link for ‘under RM30bn’?


Reports in the media have suggested that plans for a multi-billion ringgit high-speed rail service from Singapore to KL are being resurrected.

Details are sketchy, but The Star reports that Land and Public Transport Commission (Spad) issued a tender for a study in December, and an announcement about the the appointment of a consultant is expected soon.

An Edge report indicates that Spad’s commercial feasibility study could be completed this month and cites sources saying the high-speed rail project could cost less than US$10bn (RM30bn). The entire feasibility study could be completed by the year-end.

Ordinarily I would be all for rail transport, but in this case, we haven’t even finished the double-tracking project from north to south.

Sure, a high-speed rail service, which needs a broader gauge rail track, would not be possible on the present metre gauge used by KTM, which limits speeds to 130km per hour. (But hey, even that would be a huge improvement from the old trains.)

But if we introduce a high-speed rail service in a few years, how are we going to recoup the investment in the double-tracking? Won’t it take a lot longer to recoup the investment?

Also, given the track record of the BN government, how sure are we there will be an open tender for a contractor with a proven track record at the most attractive terms – without rent-seeking by crony companies or others merely hitching on for a (high-speed) ride?

And why are Penang and other cities in the north and the east coast being left out?

What about other priorities like improving transport, especially rail services in Sabah and Sarawak? Are we forgetting the huge urban-rural income disparity?

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NK Khoo

Correction, RM10 billion, not RM100 billion.

NK Khoo

YTL offered RM7.5 billion several years ago and they rejected the offer.

Even I discount inflation and raise up to RM100 billion for YTL offer.

Now BN government inflated 3 times, go compute how many billions are going to someone pocket.

Gerakan K

Anil: “And why are Penang and other cities in the north and the east coast being left out? ”

We need to ask LGE to tone down / behave modestly. His streetfighter attitude must change for the benefit of Penang. We need a CM who can cooperate with federal government.

Save the earth, support this rail project !!!

Andrew I

Not respecting the wish of the voters? Typical.


This will accelerate brain drain to Singapore!


Result – less malaysians but more Indon, Bangla, Nepalese and Burmese in Malaysia. Now they are working in resturants, shopping centres, factories and cooking food for us. With the fast train, they may become drivers and stations workers and those remain behind can chaik sai.


The UMNO/BN seem to be such a hurry to implement multi-billion ringgit projects. Is it a sign of desperation? To rake in as much as possible before they are booted out(?) KTM is in a mess. MAS is on the verge of bankruptcy if taxpayers’ money are not pumped in to save its sorry state of affairs. Public transport system is in such a mess that commuters to work have to find their own mode of transport, creating traffic jams. The UMNO/BN government is asual blind to the plight of its rakyat. They only have eyes where they can rake… Read more »

soo kee foo

Why is Penang being left out? You even have to ask?


Why not? Otherwise people start to blame the Cheap Minister and tell him to go back to his kampong

Andrew I

Yes, like kommitingmelodick, who thinks the Italian President and Prime Minister is the same person.

This project isn’t going to help MAS, is it?


Don’t want to be left out. Change Barang Naik & UMNO