Ousted CEO receives millions for 11 months work


How would you like to be paid millions for 11 months work? That’s what ousted Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheke pocketed.

Check out this Wall Street Journal blog report.

A more recent WSJ report here.

That package is all the more remarkable when you consider that during his tenure, H-P’s share value plunged.

Those big bucks that Leo received, however, pale into comparison with the hundreds of millions pocketed by those who gave us, and continue to give us, the Global Financial Crisis.

Meanwhile, many governments lie supine before the lords of finance, watering down every new regulatory proposal, imposing austerity on the people while many among the wealthy get away with a much lower effective tax rate than ordinary working people.

And we have people who argue that these top executives deserve their pay because of their ‘talent’ (or is it ‘connections’?), while the poor working people, the ones who feed us, house us and clothe us, must prove their ‘productivity’ in the face of shamefully low basic wages!

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Top 1% of umnoputera controls 25% of bumiputera equity!


“Inside Job” of Charles Ferguson, a must-watch!



Please put priority on domestic matters tha affects rakyat, instead of those wall street matters.

Maybe you are happy with Najib’s 2012 budget?
Why o debate on this matter?


KLCI and Wall Street are not corelated in terms of stock performance trend.

If Wall Street is greed-driven, then KLCI is the same and also not fundamentally but sentimentally driven ???

Phua Kai Lit

Prof Jomo KS notes that ruling regime in Malaysia always manipulates the stock market in order to raise funds whenever a General Election approaches.


Qabilah is saying that Wall street is doing damage to US citizens.

But in Malaysia BN is doing damage to rkayat.

So we should be more specific!

Phua Kai Lit

“Golden parachutes” is the term they use in USA for this.


Syiok Syiok

Gaji/bonus of local CEOs not too bad either.
With such meritocracy in place, these folks can help to transformasi Msia ekonomi ?

CIMB Bayar Gaji Nazir Razak RM 12 Juta Tahun Lepas


I’m sure (a certain) beloved Prime Minister made more than that last year (in reality).


That is capitalism. What other ideology can overcome this?


Real Karl Marx Communism


Then the next question would be, are we ready for it?


This is proof that capitalist rule the world and the global recessions that people are suffering is their doing. Looks like global recessions are here to stay. Profits before humanity is going to bring Our world to its knees.

Syiok Syiok

The Rise and Fall of Mark Hurd as H-P Chief