Careful with those flu jabs on children


Alarm bells have started ringing after it was found that children under five in Australia who had been given seasonal flu jabs suffered from fits at a rate that was ten times higher than normal.

Doctors have been alerted to use alternatives. Adults were not affected.

Up to one in 100 children given the jab, made in Australia by CSL and marketed in the UK by Pfizer, suffered febrile convulsions in the following hours and days, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Seasonal flu vaccines contain three strains identified by the World Health Organisation as the most common in circulation that year; this year the vaccines contain the pandemic strain H1N1, noted the Telegraph.

For the full story, Flu jab linked to fits in under fives: officials (

Really makes you wonder how these vaccines get approved in the first place and what kind of safety trials they do. Tip your hat to Big Pharma.

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1 Sep 2010 8.22pm

While the principle of vaccination is basically Homeopathy – Like cures like or what can cause a disease, can be given to a patient to induce immunity to the said disease, the method employed by Modern Allopathy medical system is wrong.

Homeopathic vaccination is a safer alternative:

A report of the largest study of homeopathy ever undertaken, based on data from over 11 million people (the entire population of Cuba), is published in the journal Homeopathy. It provides fascinating evidence that a highly dilute substance, prepared according to homeopathic principles, may contribute to the prevention of Leptospirosis:-

1 Sep 2010 8.14pm

Bill Gates has got a lot of his money invested in pharmaceutical companies. The problem in Bolehland is it’s just obeying what the U.S. tells them. The petrochemical industry is crucial to the American economy. That’s why they love to peddle drugs and vaccines to 3rd world countries. When the WHO did a ranking of healthcare systems of the countries of the world, the U.S. came in a paltry no.35 below several 3rd world countries. France, Japan and Australia were the top 3. One of the criteria for ranking is the infant mortality rate of a country. When Japan reduced… Read more »

28 Aug 2010 9.41am

It is fine for Bolehland as a third world country, she will get all the thrash from the developed countries…(perhaps) aided by corrupted officials these flu jabs will be passed, suitable for use!
Anil, perhaps you should suggest to that “Smart…” to have a jab to neutralize his … ‘flu ego’!

Ong Eu Soon
Ong Eu Soon
28 Aug 2010 2.15am

Remember SARS? The most deadly flu which mysteriously vanished from planet earth for the last 7 years. First thing to note; all patients of SARS dead in hospital never at their home. Now H1N1, the same happened, all patients dead in hospital never at their home. A mild flu turn violent, do you believe that? All the the dead toll are caused by mistreatment of modern medicine. The worst killing machine with licence to kill. Everyone want to sell vaccine and use the new internet media to frighten the general public to believe that there is going to be a… Read more »

28 Aug 2010 1.42am

Ooo! This makes me really mad! I have been trying to open the readers eyes to the plain unethical ways of pharmaceutical companies in previous articles but nobody took it seriously. Some even had the gall to challenge me about these ‘good hearted’ megalomaniacs. Now, what excuse are they going to give? I didn’t give my children the H1N1 flu vaccine, given freely at the government clinics for this very fact. They know nothing about its side-effects or chose to hide it. We are their guinea pigs! Luckily, early on some friends highlighted me about this and a simple Google… Read more »

27 Aug 2010 10.58pm

This was told to me 3 months ago. Shockingly, doctors in Malaysia did not know about this, even until now.

This is the big problem here. Some doctors, after getting their MBBS, they don’t bother updating themselves. After degree, that’s it. No more studying.

They don’t keep with recent developments nor the latest drugs in town.

As a result, they give outdated information to patients as well as being ignorant towards the happenings in their profession and practice.

27 Aug 2010 9.03pm

Big Pharma means Big Business (For Big Profits) (could) mean Big Under-table-Approval!
WHO is as culpable culprit as Big Pharma.
What health regulations are there? My foot!
This vaccine is (possibly) one way to reduce world population!
The after effects of other modern vaccines won’t be felt until after the facts.

By the way, where is Aedes aegypti?

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
27 Aug 2010 10.51pm
Reply to  tunglang

Your statement sound very stupid:

This vaccine is (possibly) one way to reduce world population!

If you don’t know about medicine please shut up. Family planning is the way to reduce world population.

28 Aug 2010 11.29am
Reply to  Gerakan K

Please read the statement carefully, Dunggu Gerakan K!
You haven’t read enough like me to counter what I meant.
And I have this God given right to write what I fear is already happening.
To share some diabolical events is no wrong, unlike you Dunggu who twist and turn the truth without substance into big lies!
Shame on you!

28 Aug 2010 11.48am
Reply to  Gerakan K

Just to Share, Share with you Dunggu:

Bill Gates Talks About Vaccines to Reduce World Population

This is ‘palatable’ eugenics?
Not for me. May be for Dunggus …

28 Aug 2010 1.33pm
Reply to  tunglang

It is not eugenics. Since when has Bill Gates become an authority on vaccines? He doesn’t have a medical background.

The real eugenics is denying people vaccines and harming them by ignorance.

28 Aug 2010 3.53pm
Reply to  frags

You got it wrong, frags.
Who says vaccine cannot play a part in eugenics.

Read this:Canadian Doctor: H1N1 Vaccination a Eugenics Weapon for Mass Extermination

This is just a tip of the vaccine-eugenics orchestra. And we are ‘enjoying’ the play world wide with our heads snug in between our legs devoid of hearing the cries of dying victims of so-called benevolent vaccines!

More scary revelation will surface in the years to come.
(Eg Bird Flu pandemics: go ask the PRC Chinese Government for the real story behind)