Saturday, 17 August 2019
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Still on the Gangnam theme, have a look at this group of young people doing their bit to highlight the dismal conditions in Gaza. [youtube]
The United Nations has implicitly recognised the state of Palestine after the General Assembly voted for a resolution to upgrade the Palestinian Authority’s diplomatic status to 'non-member observer state'. The result: 138 votes in favor, 9 against...
Many Malaysians have expressed disappointment  over the BBC's backing down from a 'HARDtalk' interview with RPK. Much of this sentiment, I believe, stems from a perception that the BBC is a bastion of impartial, independent reporting. Far from it. The... In a much-awaited speech in Cairo just now directed largely at the Muslim world, Obama has vowed to: shut down Guantanamo Bay by next year, prohibit the use of torture by the United States (what about rendition or outsourcing of...
The Bishop of Rome, Francis, has hosted a prayer session with the presidents of Israel and Palestine in a bid to build bridges and jump-start the peace process.