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From a Tanjung Bungah kiddo who used to struggle to keep up with the other boys at the Penang Swimming Club, Low Taek Jho aka Jho Low has paddled away to more enticing waters as an international wheeler and dealer. But now, he has come under intense scrutiny as 1MDB struggles to keep afloat in a sea of liquidity constraints.

Check out this pretentious video and then decide whether you would want to do business with an outfit like this.

Our ‘favourite’ millionaire, Low Taek Jho, was spotted partying with Paris Hilton in Saint-Tropez in south-eastern France.

Party time! – Photo source: Celebutopia forum

Check out a couple of pictures from the BZ Berlin website here. And have a peek at the party pictures on the Celebutopia website forum here.

The party to top most other parties has made it to the British press as well – in the Daily Telegraph of all places.

Look at those massive champagne bottles. A lot of champagne flowing there – wonder who paid for it. According to a Telegraph source, there’s another wealthy dude in tow as well: Zhen Low, who together with another billionaire, reportedly picked up a 2 million-euro booze tab. Some party, eh? (Jho Low, in a Star interview on 29 July, subsequently denied that he or his brother had paid for the drinks.)