Jho Low had dinner with Psy (updated)


Low Taek Jho aka Jho Low, “a close associate of Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor”, had dinner with Psy in a Korean restaurant in Tanjung Tokong hours after the global superstar had performed at Han Chiang.

This was revealed in a news report by Malaysiakini.

Thanks to blog reader andi for the following heads up on the video link showing Psy, escorted by bodyguards, arriving at the Korean restaurant at just before 5.00pm on 11 February, less than five hours after performing at Han Chiang.

And this is a tweet from someone with the handle jho_low denying that he footed the bill for the Psy gig:

So who paid for the show then? Why so ‘shy’ to reveal the actual sponsor? Usually, sponsors would be proud to be associated with a mega-celebrity like Psy. But no, not in this case. Nonetheless, we can make an educated guess.

The news comes as a Gerakan politician and the Penang CPO have spoken about a threat to the life of the Korean performer, leaving many Malaysians feeling incredulous at the ‘shocking’ revelation.

If the threat was indeed real, why did the PM appear so relaxed and unaware of it when he was on stage? Did anyone inform him and his entourage of BN leaders and if so, when?

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wakkakakak….sore losers…


ha2 enough said. Gerakan, a least be honest. a lie will not cover some boo-boos which has embarrass the PM big time. next time, cry no more wolf like a spoil kid.


Gerakan must reveal who sponsored Psy performance, until then we will assume it is an abuse of public fund!

hong huat

BN got no transparency at all, just like the way they abused EPF fund.

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

It seems that Jho Low claimed that he was not the sponsor of the Psy appearance in the Pg BN CNY celebration at Han Chiang College. This busy jet-settinh fella dining with Psy at the Korean restaurant in Tg Tokong barely 5 hours after the latter’s performance is ONLY mere coincidence! Who is Jho Low trying to hookwink and kid, isn’t he just trying to avoid the possible accusation, quite credible indeed that a crony or cronies of UMNO Baru, more specifically a crony of FLOM, sponsored Psy’s CNY performance!


Don’t listen to the BN nonsense, there is no threat to Psy’s life. We love him. That threat was invented by BN to save face for Najib. Wouldn’t you do that if you are the organizer that have left the PM red faced standing there on stage waiting for Psy to show up to toss Yee-Sang to naught.

Dumb Gerakan thinks he can fool the rakyat with their fake video and lies.

My name is N

Got threats on his life but only two traffic police can be seen in the vicinity. Our police force must be very confident in protecting him. Bravo police!


Psy coming into Daorae Korean Restaurant in Penang


Today Najib collaborated with Tony Fernandez to offer free Air Asia tickets from Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah/Sarawak.

Looks good until you noticed that the travel period is between 1 April and 30 April.

So the Sabahans/Sarawakians working in Peninsular Malaysia will not have annual leave/money to return home to vote should the GE is held in March or May if they have booked their tickets for April return.

Another classic case of ‘I help you, you help me’, this time between Jibby and Tony!

Wok Restaurant Patron

If there is a Doctorate for lying, I think Teng (could be) most qualified. But only for CNY season. Other days we have a bunch of BN liars vying for it headed by Dr. Kutty.


having dinner huh. psy must be oblivious to all the purported threats.
Gerakan, if you want to tell some fairy tales, go ahead but at least target it for the right audience ie.KIDS.

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, I agree with Anil, that if there is a security threat on Psy, then PM would be the first to be informed at the scene! Look at the videos of the Pg BN CNY open house and one can see that the PM was unaware of such a threat, i.e. if there is one, otherwise security around the PM would have been tightened further! All these spins about Psy decline to go onstage for the Yee Sang tossing by BN only serves to discredit them and lose whatever little credibility that BN has!! Next, the official crowd estimate… Read more »


I have said many many times. All paid by cronies … Isn`t it. Like someone said there is no such thing as free lunch


All those jazz about ‘assassin-threat’ an after-thought, how else to save face of those goons who made a fool of themselves up on stage with that XL plate of ‘yee-sang’! It sure was humiliating for the Malaysian Prime Minister and his goons! What a ‘drop water face’ witnessed by a large crowd!

Psy just had no time for those idiots! If it was true there was a threat to his life, he wouldn’t be seen in a public restaurant in Tanjong Tokong enjoying his dinner, will he?

George Yong

My Gerakan insider friend told me that Gerakan has a version to explain that Psy was (allegedly) blackmailed by Penang secret society with death threat and has to go to the Korean restaurant to meet the gangster head.


Ah that explains the “not paid by govt.” comment…. Now I see……