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The BN was dealt a demoralising blow on the eve of the Bagan Pinang by-election after contradictory motions passed during the MCA’s extraordinary general meeting today threw the party into disarray and left it bereft of top leadership.

Photos by Jong

Before today’s EGM, a couple of political scientists/analysts I know who visited Bagan Pinang last night got the impression that the BN had the edge. They observed that the Pakatan’s campaign was missing some of the earlier by-election “spirit” and felt that Isa would win comfortably.


1817: More than 1,400 lawyers turned up for an Extraordinary Meeting of the  Malaysian Bar in PJ this afternoon. They expressed outrage over the arrests of five of their colleagues who had turned up to defend their clients at the Brickfields Police Station on 7 May.

The lawyers demanded the resignation of the Home Affairs Minister, the IGP, the Brickfields OCPD and the investigating officer.

“The mood at the meeting was one of anger over the arrests and at the same time of pride over the courage displayed by the five lawyers,” said a source present during the meeting.