MCA sharply split ahead of Bagan Pinang poll


The BN was dealt a demoralising blow on the eve of the Bagan Pinang by-election after contradictory motions passed during the MCA’s extraordinary general meeting today threw the party into disarray and left it bereft of top leadership.

Photos by Jong

Before today’s EGM, a couple of political scientists/analysts I know who visited Bagan Pinang last night got the impression that the BN had the edge. They observed that the Pakatan’s campaign was missing some of the earlier by-election “spirit” and felt that Isa would win comfortably.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise. Bagan Pinang has traditionally been a BN stronghold, and Isa Samad, as a local boy, enjoys conspicuous support – similar to what Anwar receives in Permatang Pauh. The Umno presence is noticeable, and much money would also have been splashed around. At one BN ceramah yesterday, close to a thousand supporters turned up – which is quite unusual for BN ceramahs! (The most recent large by-election BN ceramah I can think of was when Mahathir drew a crowd in Bukit Gantang.)

Also in the ruling coalition’s favour, the BN was probably not banking on the MCA making much headway among Chinese Malaysian voters in Bagan Pinang in any case – so today’s EGM proceedings are unlikely to have a major impact on the result.

The Kampung Buah Pala fallout may have eroded some of the support for the Pakatan among Indian Malaysians. To what extent, it is hard to tell. And for what it’s worth, the Malaysian Makkal Sakthi Party is supposed to be launched by Najib today.

And then, there are the postal votes…

But at lunch-time today, a contact in Bagan Pinang reports that the campaign had become dirtier and senses that Pas will win: the party was looking good and sounding convincing and confident at its latest press conference.

This blog will carry live coverage of the close of polling and the results from 4.00pm tomorrow (Sunday).

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And the joke of the century, “WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT TRANSPARENCY”. But, but no, PR/DAP doesn’t have to release the exco minutes. Do you guys even remotely understand what you’re supporting? There are no exceptions, just cause you favour one above the rest, that doesn’t mean they should not be held accountable. You folks are defending the very concept you so wish to change. Stop accusing Anil of bias, prove Anil wrong, pressure DAP to release the exco minutes. As some have asked, what is so hard with that? That, my good Malaysians, is transparency, that, is change. We… Read more »


Sean, you “think” Anil is not biased, you are not sure right ? Frankly, even Anil doesn’t realise he is biased towards the Penang State Government. We are aware people voted PR for a change and we know a lot of these voters also supported LGE’s decision with regards to the KBP issue based on the number of comments made here. Yes, not all supported LGE’s decision but quite a number supported. What does it say ? You cannot please everybody . Secondly we should look into the context of “Did LGE personally gain from this decision ?” Did he… Read more »

Desire for change

Gerakan K,
I do not think Gerakan has the moral right to chastise anyone for the KBP issue. Additionally, two wrongs does not make one right.

If Gerakan wants to regain the mandate of the people of Penang, I guess they should first dissociate from BN. Otherwise no amount of championing will change the mind of the people of people of Penang. Get it?


Anil – thanks for your comment. Did I not say ‘IF’ enough in my comment? One of the problems with elevating personalities over parties is that a man could be mistaken for his party. I’m too lazy to look for the source of my impression that the KBP villagers were promised they wouldn’t have to leave their land. Antares refers to promises above – does he know of some? I don’t think it would do any harm to clarify exactly what people’s expectations were, and why they might have expected more than was possible, if it was truly impossible for… Read more »

Gerakan K

Bravo BN! Now hardcore supporters of PR should wakeup and join us to pressure LGE to reveal all exco minutes. People hate to see PR “cakap tak serupa bikin” attitude and PAS nonsense.


I don’t think Anil is being biased. Did LGE promise the KBP residents they wouldn’t have to leave their homes if he ran Penang? If he did, he broke a campaign promise. In an election based democracy, that’s as bad as it gets. All we have to go on to select our politicians is their promises. How are we to effectively take part in democracy if their promises mean nothing? IF LGE really made that promise, if he hasn’t actually been dishonest (there’s neither evidence nor suggestion of it), he has only been incompetent. For the sake of Transparency and… Read more »


Anil, you said ” anilnetto October 11th, 2009 at 12.21pm · Reply I think the minutes might help to shed some light on the state government’s orientation: was it really interested in saving Kg Buah Pala in the first place? That has larger implications for other cases involving residents vs developers/big business interests.” I am just wondering if the minutes were out and you didn’t like what you read, what do you do then ? Where do you go from there and to what extend do you want to persue the matter ? Will the witch hunt stop ? What… Read more »


Dear Anil,

Back to your original post. You said “a contact in Bagan Pinang reports that the campaign had become dirtier and senses that Pas will win: the party was looking good and sounding convincing and confident at its latest press conference.”

Now I’m really really curious. How true is that ? How much dirtier can it get … and who’s throwing the dirt ? can’t stand the suspense any more ..

Desire for change

Kg Buah Pala really should have been granted heritage status and preserved for posterity UNESCO has a list of ten criteria for a place to be designated a “Heritage Site”: Please visit the site and see if KBP qualifies. As for preservation for posterity, I wonder how many youngsters from KBP wants to carry on being a cow herd like their parents/grandparents. Ask any parent in KBP what they would like their children to be and you will likely get: lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, accountants, pharmacist, etc. etc. Ask any kid of KBP and you will likely get the… Read more »


Anil ASSUME the State Exco did something to Kg Buah Pala – so what to the rest of Penang? What will be the steps for Penang and the private developer? Penang Government spending their time fighting in the courts? If the Government loses the case and will Greenies and NGOs foot the bill? The case of Kg Buah is in the final stage when PR Government take over. To some it might be like a serious illness and it is better to terminate than trying to stay alive. It is an insult to call Kg Buah Pala a cultural heritage.… Read more »


There seems to be some wise comments about Kg Buah Pala issue from both sides of the political divide. As a true Penangite, I realised that sometimes we seem to lose hold on reality. You ppl talked about previous BN govt fault and then, in the same breath, demand that the present govt’s “minutes” be made available. Firstly, the previous govt’s unforgiveable mistake is already a foregone conclusion. If not, why KTK refuses to engage in a debate till now. He … were held by his UMNO masters then. This (political) eunuch leader was the cause of Penangites’ misfortunes. Now,… Read more »


Anil, Yes, we voted for change. However, many of us are sensible people unlike you who are trapped in a time warp unwilling to budge. You can’t win all the time Anil, KBP folks are not the only sufferers. They are plenty of those who suffered & got less. So I simply don’t understand why you keep haranguing the whole issue. You focus seems to be on PR’s failed to get what KBP wants Like it or not, KBP folks has gotten a good deal. People would make comparisons. What about those people who got less? You don’t seem to… Read more »


Anil, you use the word “may be”.Pls stop that as you may rekindle the buah pala issue unintentionally (of other wise??).

James Kim

Why can’t anybody see it?? All of us in Perak know. The 3rd force that is controlling MCA’s EGM will take control of the party. They are the Ong Dynasty and Ong Ka Chuan will benefit the most. He will eventually become the President. Mark my words!!


I knew this Ong Ka Chuan fella personally. My mum met up with him on certain issue when my mum was part of MCA. He is a chicken. He avoided my parents all the time while his private secretary rubbishing my parents’ request
Anyway, MCA is a eunuch party. I quote that from LKY. Lets just sink it

true malaysians

bagan pinang voters please vote PAS for one good reason…PAS has got no experience in corruption….
vote for our children’s future…..

Desire for change

Many would and still like to speculate on what could have been and what should have been in respect of the Kg. Buah Pala Issue. What is done cannot be undone. Instead of clinging on to one single issue look at the big picture: -Does Malaysians need to move away from communal politics? -Which political group offers us the best hope of a non-communal based politics? -Do we need another new communal political party? and last but not least… -Do we want change? It will be a shame if Bagan Pinang is lost by a small margin and it turns… Read more »


This isn’t abouit Bagan Pinang, but I’m still troubled by how the Kg Buah Pala dilemma was (mis)handled. After viewing videos where PR leaders promised to help KBP villagers BEFORE the elections, it’s clear that LGE was acutely aware of the land grab. To keep faith with the Indian community he ought to have immediately launched an investigation of what transpired under KTK and questioned all former exco members involved. If hanky-panky was involved, that would be sufficient reason to nullify whatever contract was signed between the previous exco and Nusmetro Ventures. However, some of the older DAP leaders have… Read more »


I would have to wait till after 5pm to reply you on this in details. I just gotta add on one thing. My grandda lost his plot of land in Kuala Kangsar without compensation. Even with compensation, it’s pales as compared with KBP. That plot of land has since turned into a car parking lot.
Lets move onm, shall we

Ong Eu Soon

MCA, the Malaysian Circus Associate, with the EGM concluded end up with no heads. A headless party, peace is a still a remote dream for MCA. Let wait and see, who will emerge as their leader. Probably no one, how sad for a party that claimed to champion for the Chinese, can’t even solve their leadership problem want to lead us. What a joke!

Alonso Fulat

I hope the indians wake up and stop being manipulated by their … leaders.

Which party organised for the compensation for kg buah pala? UMNO?
come on la, buah pala people dun even have money to hire a lawyer to fight for them in the court, what else they want from PR? talk about heritage? i think they should talk about securing the roof over their head first!!!

Which party kicked the cow head? no prize for giving correct answer. But where was MIC?

Continue to be emotional and moron and vote for those BN manipulators…


KBP, have you not got your dues, sick and sick of you all.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


It was either one or both
Now both are cooked in the broth
When both wanted to go for broke
Both are now treated as ‘crooks’

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 101009
Sat. 10th Oct. 2009.

Johnny Cheah

The big question is will OTK step down as the President Of MCA. He can claim the MCA constitution states that it require a 2/3 majority to make the President step down. Furthermore. the CC are mostly pro OTK and you can be dead sure in their coming meeting middle of this month something will happen and OTK will still be the President of MCA. Only one man can decide his fate and that is the PM


If you see the photo of Najib over Nik Aziz, it show how DESPICABLE and DESPERATE that Najib is to win the Bagan Pinang election. Anyway MCA is no more relevant.

Good luck to PAS and hope they create an upset and kick … Najib out in the next GE.

R.A.H.M.A.N will soon come true.


MCA is a spent force and majority of the Chinese treat the recent saga as a show.

Gerakan K

It is not true. There are plenty MCA MPs and ADUNs. Do take a look at Johor. People still gave strong mandate to MCA.


For your info, MCA is history as we chinese malaysians are concern.


i am not so concerned about mca as i am about pkfz. whither pkfz investigations??



why do people keep harping on buah pala?these people were compensated like never before in the history of this country.


It seem that you are one that is harping. Like we said before, the minutes is irrelevant as all the rules, national land code and court judgement proves that LGE and Pakatan did it right. Only a few disgruntle are still harping for a 3 millions house or land. They can just butt off


Good point. One that many will refuse to see, for they wish to build another political party that mirrors BN eventually.

When transparency becomes subjective, it has lost its substance and value.

Gerakan K

Yang, you were wrong. I’m also waiting for the exco minutes. Most of Gerakan members including KTK also waiting for LGE’s exco minutes to be released to public.