Spice: MPPP Councillors call for special briefing meeting


The rumblings of dissatisfaction over the lack of information surrounding the Spice project has taken a new turn. Concerned MPPP councillors are now calling for a special briefing meeting. 

Today, a request was submitted to the MPPP president for the special meeting to be called so that councillors could be properly briefed. It is now up to her to call for the meeting within two weeks.

The extraordinary request for a special meeting came after 10 of the 24 MPPP councillors backed the move.

I find it amazing that MPPP Councillors don’t have enough information about Spice – when you consider that RM50m of Council money (that’s a whole stash of our money) is at stake. Were they even given a copy of the actual agreement? Weren’t the councillors properly briefed about Spice and its implications?

How was the RM50m approved by the Council – if the councillors don’t have enough information?

This is the same Council that scrimps and tries to cut down RM1000 here and RM500 there, ostensibly in a bid to trim expenditure – while few serious questions are raised about the ‘elephant’ (Spice) in the room. A case of penny-wise, pound-foolish?

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We expect all the toilet cleaner working in MPPP should also know what is happening in MPPP and Splice. After all,we all all outsiders but the toilet cleaner works for the organsation who is going to spend $50M. So all those working in MPPP must be among the first to know what happen there otherwise they are sleeping on the job and not worthy to represent the organisation. The councillors after knowing the details but be BBC to all the news so that whole world must know the details otherwise the Penang is not a CAT.


To : Penang State Housing, Town and Country Planning Chairman Wong Hon Wai

If you are reading this, pls don’t act BLUR and start get intoi full details of sPICE act otherwise don’t be surprised you’ll be dragged into the mess that may be created.


It is proper that the MPPP President, Municipal Secretary, Legal director and Finance director explain to the Councillors and ratepayers on how such generous terms could be awarded to this developer. Bear in mind xthat the local authority is accountable to ratepayers and the Councillors are there to see to that and not please their political masters.

Ong Eu Soon

The MPPP seen to be kowtow to one person. This sPICE episode revealed that majorities of the councilors do not know about the detail of concessions being given to developer. Who is making fool decision for making unusual and unfair concessions to developer? How can the full council meeting approved such kind of unfair concessions to developer without knowing what is going on? Malu! Shame to all the councilors especially those who are suppose to be representing civil society! No gut to voice out against bad decision! How can they allow the local government to be hijacked by a single… Read more »

Gerakan K

This is LGE administration.

Angel – ticked
Competency – ticked
Accountability – ticked
Transparency – ticked

Andrew I

So you are a closet DAP fan. Good for you. Truth be told, it’s not grek-can, it’s grek-cannot.


This is main PR refuses to run local council election, the puppets appointed by the golden son sitting in the MPPP will take direct order from him even he has no jurisdiction on MPPP.

He is PDC Chairman and no shame to say he has no knowledge about Kancil car park.

I hope Penang voters will teach him a small lesson, remove him from the state assembly, but still keep in the parliament.

Ong Eu Soon

This Kai Sue administration can’t cease talking about Penang Hill projects. This is one of his pet project, yet he dare to tell the world that he doesn’t know anything about the Kancil car park.

Bruce Li

While Penang’s SPICE is hot now pending resolution from the authorities, let’s take time to rejoice with retro 90’s music – Spice Girls’ Viva Forever


Retro! You call 90’s music retro? I thought you meant the good old 60’s!

Leslie Teoh

In this internet age, the shelf life of an Iphone is at most 1 year (note: Iphone 5 is coming up).

So it is ok to call the music of 90’s retro.

By the way, this saturday 24 September is the 20th anniversary of the groundbreaking album ‘Nevermind’ by Nirvana. On that teen spirit note, Najib should ‘Come As You Are’ instead of trying to look cool in his makeover by APCO/Blair Boys. Let’s make BN a retro relic by the next GE.

Andrew I

Hehe. I think Queen Beck would be cheesed if people started to refer to her as an old queen. Maybe Michelle might like to do a portrayal of her, since the film critics have panned the Lady as laborious and drawn out. Call it the Spice Queen.

This is definitely off topic.

Bruce Li

Yes, DAP if no more info about RM50 million SPICE open to public can invite troubles with election coming in.
Parti Cinta msia, Kita and Gerakan are ready to pounce on DAP with the awareness created by Anil.
Anil can become the target for opening up the matter ?
Can this become SPICEgate of Penang that seal the fate of DAP ?

OR may be DAP can turnaround to their advantage ?

your guess is as good as mine.

Bruce Li

surprised BN friendly now independent ex PKR current Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Hashim remains silent on SPICE hoo-ha.

may be Zahrain busy playing golf at Bukit Jambul & forgt to read Anil’s blog ?

Nk Khoo

This turncoat knows he has no future in Penang politics, why he should wasting his time on sPice?

Gerakan K

How was the RM50m approved by the Council – if the councillors don’t have enough information?


This is LGE adminstration !!! C.A.T. where are you ??? Where are the *angel* administration ???

Andrew I

Were you so inquisitive when your hero was at the helm?

Gerakan K

Next time, use a simpler word. I need to check dictionary for this word *inquisitive*.

By the way, I only know anil site after GE12.

Andrew I

A dictionary works out much cheaper than 1email account to send question to English teacher.

Funny, seem to remember you from before GE 12? Sure we haven’t met before?

Nk Khoo

Inquisitive means a rat calls itself a CAT.

Gerakan K

Nice interpretation by Mr. Cool.


RM50m question for MPPP to handle !
MPPP, it’s time to show us how you mamange the issue with flair and fairness without fear oor prejudice.
Penang people are watching.
Anil, keep up the excellent investigative reporting to reveal nothing but the truth, again without prejudice or pre-judgement.


saya tak kisah banyak asalkan ada tempat rekreasi di sPICE dimana setiap pagi & petang saya dapat bersenaman.
Saya percaya Pakatan dapat urus PISA/sPICE dengan lebih cekap.
Bila sPICE jadi kenyataan, bolehlah saya berniaga di situ selepas bersanaman.
Orang yang tak sokong mereka tu orang gerakan. Pertubuhan Bayan Baru RA serupa juga.
Jom ikut saya lah.


Why not you just stick with UMNO?

Under UMNO, you do not need care for justice, fairness, good governance, CAT as long as your stomach is fulled.


Missing the point once again.