Hop along and take a look at Ani Arope’s latest article on his Facebook page.

On 23 June, he wrote in his Facebook Notes:

What I said to the Star Editor some 5 years ago, I stand by it. In 1988 before TNB was privatised, the Planning Unit led by the late Dato Pian Sukro did a detail and indepth study of the Penang’s power requirements vis-a-vis the demand by the Electronic Industry. They recommended planting up to meet the power demand. The EPU turned it down as they predicted the Electronic Industry in Penang was a sunset industry. 1992 there was a power outage in Penang and TNB was blamed for poor planning. The first thing I was advised when taking the helm of TNB was to plant up at Pakar and Pasir Gudang. Again we were refused and the two properties were leased out to YTL.

So TNB could have easily expanded its capacity without the need for IPPs, right?

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And then tell me, who is subsidising whom?

We owe all this to Mahathir and his ‘privatisation’ policy while the cronies laugh their way to the bank.