Why is Penang willing to accept monorail?


I am not sure why the Penang government is willing to cooperate with the federal government for a monorail project, when I believe the Penang transport masterplan, commissioned by the state government, recommended a combination of bus rapid transit and trams.

Which monorail companies are we talking about here?

The Penang government should realise by now that not all federal government projects are beneficial for the state. Remember the Leaning Arches of the Penang Botanic Garden?

The Penang Forum Steering Committee had earlier said “Thanks, but no thanks” to the federal government’s offer of the monorail for the state.

That said, the federal government should quickly approve the state’s plan to provide RM10m in subsidies so that the public can enjoy free bus rides on RapidPenang during peak hours. If no approval is given, it only shows that the federal government is not really interested in public transport options that do not involve mega projects for favoured companies.

In the first place, why is federal government approval necessary for the state to provide RM10m in subsidies. It only goes to show how power is heavily centralised in the hands of the federal government.

This report from The Star:

Penang offers cooperation to realise monorail plan

BUTTERWORTH: The state government is ready to cooperate with the Federal Government for a monorail project here but questions the latter’s sincerity in implementing it.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said talks about a monorail project here had surfaced more than seven years ago, but nothing had materialised.

“The Federal Government’s recent announcement about the possibilities of setting up a monorail system in Penang is nothing new as it had been proposed during former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s time.

“We are willing to give our co-operation but is the Federal Government sincere about the project?” he said after unveiling a signboard for the construction of a RM400,000 surau in Taman Ampang Jajar flats, north Seberang Prai yesterday.

Lim also noted that the Federal Government proposed to develop a RM2.7bil Penang Sentral transportation hub project under the Northern Corridor Economic region that was launched by Abdullah in 2007, but the project had yet to take off.

He was commenting on news reports yesterday that the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) would conduct a study on the possibility of introducing monorail or other alternative systems to ease traffic congestion in Penang.

SPAD chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar had said that besides providing additional buses, other solutions were needed to improve the traffic situation in the state.

Lim called on Syed Hamid to first shed some light on the state’s proposal to the Federal Government to provide subsidy of RM10mil a year for the people to enjoy free bus rides on Rapid Penang buses during peak hours from 6am till 9am and from 4pm till 8pm, from Monday to Friday.

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Donat Anthony Theseira

Mono rail for Penang? As I have mentioned before, monorail is only good for theme parks.
I wonder why the Be End is trying to sell us this idea. They are up to no good. Do they think that Penang is just another theme park?
Stick with the underground highway plan. Can’t go wrong


In the first place, if the state can afford to pay RM 10 million a year for RapidPg to run their bus service, I think the state is capable of running the service themselves. Why rely on RapidPg? Buy new modern buses which are disabled friendly and start a first-world bus service. Start in high-density areas like Air Itam, Bayan Baru etc and slowly but surely expand it to cover all of Pg.


I think it is funded by UMno/gerakan/mca federal government. Just look at KL rapid. Did PR Selangor or DBKL put up some money? If no, why Ah Soon Khor do’ny protest Penang Lang have to pay but not KL Lang. Further, all senior citizens in whole Malaysia can apply for a concession card. Rapid is under a federal agency.


Is Anil blog enough to fend off Bolehland(TM) media propaganda if Penang government “reject” the monorail project?

The answer is NO.

Bolehland (AKA Malaysia) just too get used to this “reject mega project equal to reject people benefit ” propaganda. When the topics is already hijacked by such mentality, I wonder how Anil alone can fix this?


wakkakakaka …. comparing Wong Pow Nee, Lim Chong Eu, Koh Tsu Koon and Lim Guan Eng governments, Guan Eng govt wins easily – the most corrupt govt!

Ong Eu Soon

Sorry for an off-topic transport related news.
According to the state assemblyman of paya terubong, yeoh soon hin, the 8 billion mega mega road expansion project (allegedly) already awarded to the China firm, Beijing Urban Construction Group that built the bird’s nest of beijing. THIS WAS DONE BEFORE CNY!
… More reason for Penangites to vote for change not Guan Eng.

My name is N

You have your priorities wrong at all levels. If you are willing to support a corrupt and crony Gov., then you are as screwed up as the BN Gov. Gone were the days where we show our strength to vote in those Gov. just to show what we can do…just like our fathers time where they will just support Gerakan just because they wanted to show the Chinese strength. Hence we have been screwed by Gerakan together with UMNO all these years. It’s time fo new concepts. Wipe the slate clean and start anew. I have no problems with the… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

To Lim Guan Eng’s strange perception on development, a project is better than no project. Lim Guan Eng will not hesitate to implement any thing in the name of development. After 5 years in power, Penangites should realise that the collateral consequence of his stupidity will be detrimental to our future, environment, politic and even our culture. If you are so confidence about ousting BN from Putrajaya , then you should turn against Lim Guan Eng in the coming election. We need to let him know who is the boss. Vote for change not Guan Eng. We need to reward… Read more »


What Ong Eu Soon says is partially true although his analysis of the matter is different from mine. It is true LGE views development, as better than no development. It is also true that LGE has no choice in this matter. It is not as if the fed govt is willing to sit down with you to talk about the best option for the state. They have a one track mind. They offer you a monorail, do you want it or not? If you say no, you get nothing in rail infrastructure. If you say no, you won’t get a… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

the guy asking for tram is Anit netto. never in my alternative transport initiative did i ever mentioned tram. Stop twisting and spinning. What happen to the confidence of defeating BN. You no longer upbeat at the chance of taking over Putrajaya? In whatever situation, the state government should reject whatever that is seem as not beneficial to the people. The state government should be brave enough to encounter with a sustainable solution and compete for power during the election. What Guan Eng try to do is to be a copy cat BN state government. What we original not a… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

With election fast approaching. you are telling us that the state government’s hand is tie. You are telling us that Pakatan will definitely defeat BN and take over Putrajaya. You are telling us that we are at the mercy of BN. What kind of nonsense is this? No wonder everyone seem to be afraid of my comment, now they are telling me the truth that it is hopeless and no way to defeat BN.


This monorail is just a talk – a mention by 1PM. Where are the details like the routes and costs? Then when in details like the stations, they have to comply with MPPJ’s requirements. Would not be surprise, the stations and trains have to look like prewar houses. In the CNY’s speech, when will Han Chiang’s certificate be recognised and even can apply for a government job?


Electronic road pricing is the way to go. Then people will be forced to take public transport, easing any traffic congestion with fewer vehicles on the road. Money collected from electronic road pricing can be used to improve public transportation.


Electronic pricing? Just look at KL with Ali Baba and his 40 buddies. Do they want the smart card like HK, London or Sinkapore- a smart card for all? Where is the malaysian tech no logi? I tried in Sinkapore. After 2 days and a few trips, their smart card goes kaput. They made an exception that I can claim back all the stored money and the value of the card.