Why does Penang need an elevated LRT when we could have this…


… at a fraction of the RM8bn price tag for the elevated light rail transit? The above is the autonomous rail rapid transit (ART) or trackless tram in China. For those who say trams will take up road space, compare the width of this tram with the road width required for the supporting pillars of an elevated LRT.

More importantly, is the elevated LRT financially viable? The projected passenger ridership of 42 million passengers per year (for an island with a population of just over 700,000 people) is hard to believe. Many have questioned this ridership projection but we have not yet heard any convincing replies.

Who is going to absorb the operational losses if the actual ridership falls short of the projection?

ART would be even cheaper than a conventional modern tram.

There must have been good reason why the Halcrow transport masterplan, commissioned by the Penang state government for over RM3m, did not recommend elevated LRT. Instead, Halcrow recommended mainly buses and trams and water-based transport.

The Halcrow tram route

Halcrow’s public transport proposal for the whole state came up to less than RM10bn. But the Penang state government wants to blow RM17bn on just two routes on the island under phase 1 (Pan Island Link RM9bn and elevated LRT RM8bn).

Why do we want expensive transport solutions when we could have much cheaper trackless trams (and bus rapid transit)? To justify massive land reclamation (4,500 acres) off the southern coast of Penang Island for mainly high-end property development? Isn’t that the real motivation for the RM46bn “PTMP” or should I say PRPD (Penang reclamation and property development) project…

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Penang Waterfall Ranger

Mini buses got my vote.

Penang Tatler

Yes, no need to emulate China since we are still very far behind, in every sense. Mini buses may not have the glamour but will suit us well. No need to incur more debt and tax us more.


ya,good idea…bring back kamikaze lunatic high on drugs mini buses from yesteryear KL…i am sure your guys will like it..


They did not realise how mini speed like mini Cooper. Bus drivers will short change and will not go on the last mile if there are handful passengers to save fuel and his time.


Mini electric buses are the most practical and cost effective solutions for the narrow roads if Penang island, without having to chop down trees for road widening.


Mini buses means more vehicle on the road. How much can the driver earn with few passengers only.

Z. Aziz

I think our present and former CMs are ‘bus blind’ seeing how little both talk passionately about improving our public transport bus services. It used to be easily ‘pushed aside’ as responsibility of federal govt and now that state & federal are on same side, it is being more or less forgotten. I am sure people of Penang stand to lose big time if LRT proceeds instead of it’s better, cheaper & faster alternatives.


So greedy. I want better, faster and yet cheap. Tell us the transport. Can your bus be better when it is a sardine? If bus can be faster so does everyone’s car.


Penang govt should not take its people for a ride


BTW, can this bus with a fancy name make a 90 degree turn …??


it will be interesting to see how many dogs,cats and human will be ran over by this thing in a year……we certainly don’t need a killing machine on the road…


GEORGE TOWN, April 15 — The Penang government is ignoring public objections by pushing ahead with the RM7 billion Pan Island Link 1 (PIL1) that has gained regulatory approval, two non-governmental groups CAP and SAM said today.

They also asserted that the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report the state submitted successfully.


The almost 100-year-old Penang ferry service badly needs an upgrade but funds supposedly for refurbishment of the ageing ferries and terminals on both the island and mainland are not forthcoming.


The video shows how wide are the roads in typical tai look mainland China. Everything is bigger than Texas. 4 lanes on each side of the vehicle. How many lanes can pg land have? If pg can have 3 lanes on each side no need for this type of transport.


What about the infirm, ill, children, etc. Are they 2nd. class? Will the authoorities provide elevators at every station?

Notice that the Federal Govt. is now very quiet over its promises to rectifying the finance of politics. That is very relevant to every mega-project.


Simple. Is it a tram or bus? Bus will be under federal like rapid. Tram will be under state. Now it is neither bus or tram. So neither state or federal. Why not pg forum operates them?


if its elevated..somebody puts money in the pocket!!!


Better for macc to close shop if can put into the pocket.


hehe…why ? because nobody wants to take bus, not even noisy NGOs…


Only banglas, viets, Indians, Nepalese, ah peks but not tung land ah peks. Who wants to cramp into tin kosong