What would be the best 2020 gift for Penang?


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Let’s continue to work to build a new more inclusive and sustainable Malaysia.

The best 2020 gift for the people of Penang would be for the state government to refrain from signing the ‘project delivery partner’ agreement with SRS Consortium.

This is simply because the project is too expensive for Penang, it won’t solve the transport congestion in the state and it will cause enormous ecological damage.

Instead, the state government should focus on improving the bus service across the state (more buses and better supporting infrastructure eg more comfortable bus stops, covered walkways, pavements and feeder buses connecting residential areas to the main bus routes) and expanding the ferry service. Full article on Aliran website

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Best gift is to make all NGOs disappear by deregistration. More peaceful for us without those daily noises. Because NGOs are now fighting along racial and religious line, very dsngerous for our multi-racial society!


Best 2020 gift for Malaysia is to have MAJU’s Siti Kasim filling the now vacant Education Minister position.


The best gift for the entire country would be
– “sons of the soil” realising that they have been played out for decades, and don’t have much longer to reject double-think, double-talk and hypocrisy before we all go down the tubes
– close monitoring of the wealth and benefits in all forms, of every decision-maker — legislator, councillor, senior civil servant, executive politician and judiciary — as well as their immediate relatives and proxies.