Visionary sustainable mobility expert Eric Britton, friend of Penang, dies

Eric Britton - WORLD STREETS

Eric Britton, a leading sustainable mobility expert and editor of World Streets, who was closely following Penang’s mega-transport plan, passed away on 31 October.

This is the message I left on his Facebook.

“Deepest condolences to Eric’s family from Penang in Malaysia. Eric was passionate about sustainability mobility in Penang and worked hard to convince the state to take this path and move away from its unsustainable mega transport plan.

“A true friend of Penang, he was always positive and never lost faith in its people, that good sense will prevail. A few days ago the state government said it would be holding a meeting soon to relook its mega transport plan. Hopefully, Eric’s dream will come true.

“Rest in peace, dear friend of Penang. We will remember your untiring efforts and perseverance.”

If you missed it, the state government is holding a meeting later this month to take another look at its plan.

Basically, as Eric and many others saw it, the mega-project known as “PTMP” was always going to be unsustainable. And that has been borne out by recent developments.

Apparently, you can’t build an LRT line without enough land for a depot. And that depot was supposed to be on one of the three artificial islands – Island A.

But the Department of Environment has rejected the environmental impact assessment report for the reclamation. So how to build Island A – and the light rail depot anytime soon?

The real reason, I suspect, is that the funds raised from the piecemeal reclamation of half of Island A for a start will not be enough to finance either the RM10bn Komtar-to-Penang airport elevated light rail or the RM9bn Pan Island Link.

So the rejection of the EIA offers a face-saving way out of this mess.

Let’s hope that good sense prevails. I can imagine Eric smiling if the state government finally sees the light and terminates this ill-conceived PTMP.

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Sustainable Transport

MGR Maran

RIP Mr Eric Britton.

His fellow members Mr Anil inclusive to remember him by continuing his pursuit for practical and environment friendly transport system in Penang.




Wah liao! 76 years old and doing surf skating. Here is a man who is breaking the age barrier.


Uncle Wyatt, how about joining him and doing something like him? Show Pengland kias pun boleh macham malaysia boleh!



Hopefully you have sufficient fund in EPF for meaningful and blissful retirement.

About 3.6 million EPF contributors have less than RM1,000 in their respective accounts, says the Finance Ministry, based on assessment as of Sept 30, there had been withdrawals amounting to RM101bil through the i-Lestari, i-Sinar, i-Citra programmes.


How come Pg Forum and Pengland kias so diam diam on COP26? It real serious. US and China agrees that tough action is needed but Pengland still sleeping. Where are the budak budak make so much noise on Pengland environment

Ray of Light

Penang island is rather small but the car population is amazingly high by global standard. Increasing roads or highways is not a sustainable measure. Penang Forumers should encourage less personal drivings and promote riding RapidPenang.


Peng land small but burning fossil fuels from cars are intense and make the island much hotter. Those greens in Peng land talk and bully gomen but in international scene are like church mouse so quiet. They should follow COPS 26 and stop burning fossil fuels like cars


Watch the story of 3 children in Malaysia and how climate change affects their lives.

Ray of Light

Mobility a problem because most people lazy to walk but drpend on motor vehicles to get around.

Obesity happens with lack of body mobility. Then non-communicable diseases get common across all age groups. More become a social liability with health problems due to the lacking of mobility exercises and bad diets.
So when Covid19 strikes, fatality is high as body immunity can be poor despitd double doses protection.

So walk more.


Orso cycle more. Cendol okay but kurang manis or tak ada gula melaka. What is Health ministry doing? Curing or better to have prevention

Ray of Light

Malaysia a unhealthy with high obesity nation.

For short distance, avoid using motor vehicles but work out your body by walking.

We can help to sustain earth climate at comfortable temperature.


Type 2 diabetes, which is largely lifestyle- and diet-related, was found in 69% of new patients on dialysis.