Universal Accessibility workshop on Sunday


A message from Pulau Tikus Adun Yap Soo Huey. Please try and attend if you can:

Dear friends,

As part of our commitment towards creating a safer and friendlier community in Pulau Tikus, my office has been organising a series of dialogues every Sunday since 27 July.

I would like to bring your attention to the workshop this Sunday – “Universal Accessibility”. This workshop will help participants to understand the difficulties of people with disabilities in using our buildings, sidewalks and other public infrastructure. This will also help us make our surroundings safer and more comfortable for elderly, children and families.

I would like to invite you to join us this Sunday. Please bring your friends, family and anyone who may be interested in learning more about creating environments friendlier for the disabled. This is a rare chance to visit Pulau Tikus together with people with disabilities to check on disabled friendliness.

Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Date: 10 August (Sunday)
Venue: St Nicolas’ Home for the Blind
Please do let us know by email [email protected] or phone 0103872382.
Event details are also available on: http://www.facebook.com/events/839839939379753

Warm wishes,
Soo Huey


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loo seng tak

According to this report, a family with RM12000 monthly income find it expensive to live in Penang:


Is it due to luxury living and poor financial management? Otherwise, how can a family with RM1500 monthly income survive in Penang?


Selvam morning 7 am to midnight = 1500 per month


It will be good for Anil to open a new discussion on this topic to validate with readers if RM12,000/month income for an household of 4 is sufficient to ‘survive’ in Penang. Personally I think RM1000 per household member per month could give you a very comfortable life if you spend wisely based on real needs.


I think a lot of their spending are based on wants, not need.
Looking at the example given in the article, RM12000 a month can go a long way!
Why pay money on Astro when they can just use NJOI?
Why chalk up high phone bills, and not utilise WhatsApps to communicate?
Above all, why take up such high housing commitment (loan) and burden yourself?
I think the wife (a clerk) should be a full-time housewife and raise the kid herself instead of spending so much on childcare.

Batu Ferringhian

Why watch tv when you can READ?
Why buy expensive books when you can get second hand books or visit the library?
Cook more and eat out less. Buy one of those Coway water machines instead of buying bottled water

If RM12k isn’t enough…blame it on poor financial management skills lor

I wish I made RM12k a month. Can belanja Anil lots of coffee and Liverpool nasi lemak!


Ms Woing must be one of the E&O (extravagance & opulence) Penangnites who find it difficult to survive on RM12,000 monthly income. Why can’t she budget for a cheaper house instead of paying a third of their income to finance the property? What if Mr. Wong loses his current job and have to settle for a lower income job. I know of friends who earned a quarter of the Wongs and yet they were able to put their children to university. Prudent living is all that matters, our BN government is not going to improve the economy for us in… Read more »


Yes I also see that particular shop. Its much cleaner now. It has just been renovated is it not !!!!

Batu Ferringhian

Be constructive in your criticism. She is doing the best she can at her capacity. At least she is trying.

I think she’s doing a great job. You guys can’t expect change to happen so soon. Baby steps lah…no patience lah you guys


ya, Penang people Kau peh Kau boh is what they do best. Ong eu soon, you are the tak malu one. how old is you and how old is she ? can’t you see she is working hard, trying to improve Pulau tikus, her constituency. she is gathering feedbacks and suggestions from all the clever ones, so she needs your help to make Pulau tikus/Penang a better place for all. I have emailed her telling her that Jalan persiaran midlands needs to be re-tarred the whole stretch of it. I also noticed that a particular corner coffee shop is much… Read more »


With so much turmoil in the Middle East and Ukraine, here is a message to all:


Our BN media only condemn Israel for the attack on Gaza, but fail to highlight the atrocity of ISIS towards the minority Kurds, Christians and Shiites Muslims just because BN supports Sunni Islam?


ISIL bunuh 500 etnik Yazidi di Iraq:
Kenapa tak ada kecaman terhadap ISIL/ISIS atas nama kemanusiaan oleh pihak Umno?


While many in Malaysia is protesting for Gaza, they should also notice the brutality of ISIL militants towards the Yazidis in northern Iraq as shown in this video:


I see this Ms Yap actively organising events to improve her constituency and Penang but I do not see the end result. It seems as though she is not getting the co-operation of the MPPP and the state govt despite being a DAP rep. Seems to be talk talk talk and then no action.

Ong Eu Soon

she doesn’t even know how to organise a proper talk, forum or event. Attend the event to see for yourself. Tak tau malu! is the only description you can give her.

loo seng tak

Why spend money on CONsultant who can give impressive presentation, talk big but cannot relate to the plight of the local residents? This is how BN wasted money on grand ceremony with free food and tshirts but little to improve the living conditions.

Ong Eu Soon

Why waste your time? I went to last sunday wokshop. She spoken in Hokkien. No agenda, no objective, no solutions, no plans, nothing.


A good public service by Anil. Keep it up!

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Mr Anil I wonder if you can consider posting this to your blog. (Please feel free to change the title, edit, delete etc). Thanks! Phua Kai Lit ******************************************************************************* The Lynas rare earth factory in Kuantan: ethical reasons why it should not be granted an extension of the TOL (Temporary Operating License) or be granted a POL (Permanent Operating License) There has been much public and professional (public health experts) discussion about the threat posed by the Lynas rare earth metals extraction plant in Kuantan. These include threats – based on the documented bad experience in Baotou, China – to… Read more »