This could have been KTM


If only we had focused more on improving our railways instead of building so many tolled highways and a second Penang Bridge for motor vehicles.

Perhaps we could have had a more environmentally sustainable mode of public transport all across the country. Some of the older railway stations and locomotives and a couple of shorter scenic routes could also be preserved as part of our railway heritage, just as the UK has done for its old steam trains.

But we have neglected our railways for years – so that more people would use the highways and pay toll? Leaders like Mahathir and Samy Vellu were stuck in that mindset that equated highways (preferably tolled!) with progress. And of course, they also wanted to protect their national car project.

As a result, our railway system today is behind time by perhaps half a century!

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It’s also rather sad to see KTM rely on the same routes that were laid by the British since the colonial days, as opposed to building new routes that could have reached a much larger proportion of the country.

Ever notice how certain population centers, such as Malacca, Port Dickson, Kuantan, Sitiawan, Alor Star and so on aren’t near any Intercity train tracks? Some of them might have at one point, but are largely disused by now.

Soong Wee Kean

EMU purchase by ktm is discard from china rail and we pay for more .


You see,highways provide bussiness opportunities and employments like stalls and petrol kiosk at the R&R,so at least good in this sense. But I must stress that too many tolled highways is definately not what I will support.
In the case of China,the need for these railways than highways is, it is more economical(in the long term) and in consideration of its huge population(mass rapid transport).


Gerakan K has gone to lick his wounds….perhaps, licking … as well. Desperate time require him to make desperate moves!


If we had placed our priorities right, the malaysia’s public toilets at the tolled highways are the world best! Some looked liked mini parks, question is do we really need such rest areas? Who would want to spend their LIFE away at thest rest areas?


I’ve just been to Beijing. The time from Beijing to Tian Jin (about the same distance from KL to Ipoh) took me 30 mins on a bullet train travelling at 350kmh and in real comfort…even more comfortable than in a plane. Imagine that one can work in KL but stayed in’s that!!

Soong Wee Kean

keep dreaming



Yes it takes 4 hours from KL to Pinang but at the toll gate, it takes another 4 hours just to pay the toll. If no toll gate, clearly 4 hours only. simple answer.

Charlie Oscar

4 hours to pay toll Must be a Record!!!
Please check with Malaysian Book of Records!!!

Andrew I

Record is 4hrs.15mins and 3.7567secs.


The Chinese has a way of building things. Just look at the ancient Chinese homes with courtyards, gardens, main halls, air wells and even servant rooms. This is an integrated, pragmatic planning of living for the well being of all in the household. In Malaysia, the planning of mass transportation system of roads, railways and airways is ad hoc and still very skewed towards KL. The travel well being of other Rakyat in other states is most often given less priority than the Klang valley. Everything Klang valley first. With the advent of the North-South highway, KTM was operating on… Read more »


I recently travelled from Quanzhou to Xiamen on one of the new D class trains, which run at up to 250 kph. It was so new even the hotel staff didn’t know about it! 🙂 Getting the ticket was easy, seats were assigned and the journey of 102km cost only about RM15. We are now planning more trips to China based on where the trains run as they are cheap, clean and punctual. In the time we have been ‘discussing’ the proposed MRT, they have probably added at least another 500km of track given that the fast train network grew… Read more »


Hmm, talking about China and its transport, I received this in an email that I would like to share:

It cost UMNO to build the Sungai Buloh MRT a distance of ONLY 150km a walloping USD17B (RM53B) or a cost of USD133M
per km verses China’s Bejing – Shanghai (Fastest train in the World @350km per hour) a distance of 1,318km ONLY USD22B or USD16M per km!

Check the web below –

Another wasted tax payer’s money??? Sigh …..

Andrew I

Gherkin K is strangely silent on this matter. Hey, where are you?


Its because corruption is punishable by death in China. Over here it is an expectation.

Charlie Oscar

What’s the costs of the MRT in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc…???
What’s the Costs of the Electrified Double Tracking Rail from KL to Padang Besar???

Andrew I

If there’s a point you’re trying to make, give figures and links like above lah.


sorry typo error:

Malaysia Railway is a disgrace to the Nation….

I took a trip lately on a bullet from the Capital Beijing to Tianjin , it took only 30 mins. covering the distance of 300+km…

anthony louis

betulkah? Thats about 600+kmh !!


When Malaysia was pouring in billions building so many tolled highways… Malaysia Railway is a disgraceful to the Nation. China a Nation began their modernization and infracture developments…especially their rail transportation, they not only have modern railway stations catering for thousands per day, they also complimented them with express and bullet trains. I took a trip lately on a bullet from the Capital Beijing to , it took only 30 mins. covering the distance of 300+km… I was not only impressed, it was superbly clean inside and most comfortable. Dang! this corrupt, racist govt what have you to show after… Read more »

A true Malaysian

Fantastic human creation. Just hope it is environmental friendly.

kamsari jais

KTM as the name suggest is a relic from pre-Merdeka days.
By retaining its name, its backwardness is bringing shame to the malay community. Wonder why perkasa or utusan did not blame umno for its woes brought by the National Automobile Policy, one that syiok sendiri with Proton while devalued the name of KTM.


Have you heard of X trading…

The lorry transport fellas in Port Klang … well they fought like hell for cargo to be moved by road instead of rail….that started in the sixties….

Our railways (meter gauge! = toy train) were already being given the last rites then….

Only a new government can reverse the fortunes of trains in this country. its clean, its always been the past, present and future…

Malaysia didnt see it because the country was being run by goons….


As uncle Sam said before, ‘gunakanlah kereta lembu dari kuala lumpur ke pulau pinang’….. If not for Uncle Sam, it would not take 4 hours to get from butterworth to kl….. for those who love to complain and do not want to pay toll, you always have the option of using the trunk road…..


TDM is just an average person. There’s nothing so special about him.