Taiwan’s sleek new street-level light rail system


Check out Taiwan’s first street-level light rail or modern tram sytem.

The cost of the entire project is NT$16.5bn (RM2.0bn) for 22.1km with 37 stops. This works out to RM90m/km. And, I would imagine, costs of materials, labour, fuel and utilities in Taiwan are higher than in Malaysia.

This is a catenary-free system – no overhead wires – which means it would be ideal for a heritage state like Penang. Phase 1 (of two phases) is 8.7km, and has just been opened. The system is touted as Taiwan’s most environmentally friendly rail system.

Compare this to the estimated costs of Penang’s proposed elevated LRT (likely to be RM220m/km) and monorail (RM170m/km) systems, which would mar the heritage street-scape and probably require a lot more tree-cutting.

A moderm tram system in Penang could cost as low as RM40m/km and carry as many passengers as overhead rail systems, with ramps over difficult road stretches. So why would we want to pay a lot more for a more expensive entirely elevated rail system?

The savings could be put to better use to improve sustainable transport across the state. It would also mean less land needs to be reclaimed to finance these transport infrastructure.

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Johan Khun Pana

Good idea as the street level system does not requires much digging and construction except for the station. Provided that the road / routes does not face flash flood , motorist who double / triple park . And the route/s are not often used by those so called VIPs with their police escort zooming in and out as if their father’s owns the entire road. Like the case in Bukit Bintang/ Jalan Sultan Ismail. ( no offense intended, just telling out the truth) For the system to work safely, all must play a part. We Malaysians just love to simply… Read more »


Penang gomen stay out with LRT

Renji Sathiah

Exactly what we need but without paying for it with land reclamation.


Read below and you can have better understanding whether Tram System can be practically introduced in Penang island. Give your feedback in anilnetto.com



Pro Penang Tram system must be able to counter the link below against tram for many fence sitters to be convinced the best and practical mode of city transport on the island!



NGO can start to address “Bin Chili” factor. Once Penangites able to shed burdening ego matter, many issues can be resolved without incurring taxpayer money.

Also commercialism is corrupting young minds. Learn to curb your wants and save up for needy moments, so as not to beg in barang naik induced stress.


How true, commercialism is corrupting young minds, actually not only young minds but the middle aged ones as well.


for many years sr citizens pay half price. how to make even? also young men take 15min walk. sr citizens takes 20 to 30 min. but compensate by journey time.

bumi non malay

No corruption, waste in the UMNO Backed LRT MRT all Across KL…..?? The Best Deal approved for … 1% of Malay holding the Equity Wealth of 99% Malay[?]…. Good luck for Malays to progress!!


go for electric tuk-tuk system to ferry people around Penang Island.

stop using private cars. walk the distance to cut obese fats and stay healthy.


Yes. Walk the distance the burn the fat.
Obesity is a rising concern in Malaysia:


The 2015 National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) showed that the civil servants in Putrajaya has the highest rate of overweight and obese citizens. Most of them are driving, right?


Most of our policemen have BMI on the wrong side of the desired scale! Just look at the IGP himself.


Taiwan is proned to earthquake, thus street level rail system?
Street-level or not, it will take at least a generation for Penangites to shed their owning car mentality to adopt public transportation, unless the government is brave enough to implement electronic road pricing to make driving expensive on the congested roads.


Cleaner, Greener & Punctual Tram System for Cosmopolitan Penang.
It’s cheaper (to operate & to ride).
It’s safe & accessible.
It’s less stressful (unlike Fast & Furious & Angry).
It blends well with Penang Heritage ambience.
It is a better alternative to ditch the bin-chui cars to save more for buying a home.


All cars at street level,All motorbikes at street level but some people’s against street level Tram. Some say slow,some said dangerous to pedestrian,some said young generation want fast and furious car. rajraman. Car and motorbikes not dangerous at street level? Buses not slow when caught in traffic jam? LRT doesn’t take space to erect giant columns and taking space at street level ? Why youngsters need cars because the unpredictable bus services,the nearest Public transport in their neighborhood miles away. Tram is much cheaper and the balance $$$ can be use to provide feeder bus in every corner of Penang… Read more »


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rajraman. You have to focus Anil when moderating,so this kind off topic won’t appear again.I just defence myself since you the one approved all the off topic question directed to me.


I will stick to your topic Anil but when you approved a comment directed to me i won”t run away.
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So we are ready to give up some roads for these? Maybe we can check how they do in a few months since this is their first attempt to use street level with all the scooters in Koahsiung.

Muttaqin Othman

Looks and sounds good!

Cheong Kian Kok

I agreed with Chen Tat. I took tram before and it is very slow. Not as fast as real light rail.


Tram is slow and practical for serving inner City (eg. Heritage zone of George Town) only – see Hong Kong and Melbourne.

For longer distance, eg. Komtar to Bayan Lepas (airport), you will need LRT for better speed and loading.


better get a trishaw and encourage employment, talk to ah pek promote muhibbah in the heritage zone than trams.
meanwhile, once out of city, usual jams snd fzmilies having more cars if tramz are only sited in inner city


I like your idea zoro, use trishaws in the heritage zones this will not only encourage employment and tourism but save tons of money as well. Am sure Anil must also loves it. Else where do la whatever as we cant please everyone…


If the cost is in the range of Taipei one LGE should get off his butt & work on Light Rail, period! Finance it from private initiative!

Tan Chen Tat

Move slower and compromise the safety of walking pedestrians.


In the end is still whether the transport can recover it’s operating cost. What happen if the transport is unable to convince car owners to ride to and back from work. Sydney trains are operating at a loss and the state Gomen has to subside the operation. In the past. Will car owners switch to trams if the trams are slow and take more or less the same time as cars? With lrt, the user knows he goes from A to B within certain time and factor in the walking distances, he is certain of his appointment. Whereas cars and… Read more »


do you know which bus to take and its route? tram has the route for everyone to see. what choice as if there is tram there will be no buses. trams are for those not owning any cars. during weekends less popular routes are replaced by buses as there are less passengers.


Penang’s population is aging (more proportion of elderly folks to young fast & furious & angry).
The more urgency to provide street level & accessible public transport i.e. the trams.
One day you will grow older & most likely want a street-level public transport.
Unless one still remains fast & furious & angry!

Tan Wee Theng

Hi Anil, I like what I see. Please tell me (us) how to support you in your campaign to pressure the state government to listen up.

Tan Wee Theng

I have pasted your Youtube video on DAP Penang Facebook