Why is SRS proposal so secret? How many shops, houses will have to be demolished?


SRS Consortium claims their transport proposal is superior than the Better, Cheaper, Faster framework put forward by Penang Forum. But why are their 20 volumes not available for public scrutiny online then?

They are only available for viewing by Penang Transport Council members. But are these council members then at liberty to inform the public about the details. No, because each page is stamped “Confidential”. So much for transparency.

If their proposal is so great, why can’t the public see it? Is it because SRS and the state government don’t want the public to know the exactly alignment of the elevated LRT and north-south highway and which houses and shops will have to be demolished?

And why is the state supporting the SRS proposal when it has not yet gone through review by independent sustainable transport experts?

In contrast, the Better, Cheaper, Faster framework is available online for public scrutiny – by anyone and everyone.

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Awang Khenit

No secret here: Johor sultan builds royal retreat in Australia


Makes lots of money collaborating with China developers in Johor Iskandar.


Penang Forum should spend effort to encourage people to take public transportation, and not to engage in politics of things.


Free bus service at Bayan Baru (to Queensbay Mall) by the state government, operational within the next 2 months. Can save money. Leave your car at home. For details check up today’s China Press report.


Not reported on The Star?


the Star only reports negative stuff about Penang government. just go read those articles by Josceline Tan.


There will be over 6,800 job opportunities created for Penangites under the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP). This is a positive aspect of the project as reported today on The Star.


Better, Cheaper, Faster transport initiative is most likely to be sustainable in the longer run thus creating more jobs & stability of jobs than the PTMP one that may (or most likely) go bust in less than 5 years creating instability & disruption of employments. Also, PTMP being an expensive corporate adventurism will demand low salary scales & cheapo labor in order to run & sustain its impractical entities.


I heard BN is now in full throttle to finish off DAP in Penang and LGE looks set to go to jail.
Hopefully, they don’t at the same time “kill” Penang as well by blocking this and that.


no donation no deal(?) doubt if the consortium can get green light. if not well ghee and with kiwi and dutch butter how can the tram or lrt moves? that is why consortium has to add overheads and expenses. but if gelakan in power they will built at higher $¥£€¢


For some Penangites, it will be a Catch-22 situation – to defy the Giants of Corruptions or to stand tall & fearless with Lim Guan Eng. I have made up my mind with my Rm10 ready to donate to a good cause for Penang’s future.


Good to see you forgo a cup of Starbucks Americano coffee for a good cause. Happy offers you a cup of ☕️.

mojo kid

Only those in dilemma are facing Catch-22 syndrome. Else it is very clear cut for Penangites to make the obvious choice.

james k

Is it more than the 6 villages that was mentioned?

Officer Judy Hopps

Penang Transport Plan would incur high cost, no land reclamation no funding to sustain Penang growth with squeezed federal funding? Gamuda share a Federal choice while Ideal Prop. a local preference Dedakan aka Gelakan folks may want to expose for us readers?


If you read The Star, you will not find the answers.

It is reported on Oriental Daily that the following 5 kampungs will be affected:
甘榜瑟拉玛, 甘榜峇汝, 甘榜巴当, 甘榜瑟罗诺, 甘榜宾再.


Mr Chow Chow, it’s easy to ‘woof, woof’ at Penang Forum’s alternative transport plan, but can you make SRS proposal for decent public scrutiny for comparison? You can’t sell something so secret & yet claim it is in popular demand over the other choice. Pls go learn the Principles of Marketing by Kotler. ‘Woofing’ won’t convince us the super-expensive transport plan in secrecy is any better, not even cheaper nor faster solution. If the 4 Ps (product, price, place of distribution, promotion) of SRS Marketing in Absolute Vodka Secrecy don’t convince us (how can in secrecy?), it won’t sell beyond… Read more »


Move over Kotler, you have 2 more weeks to try out Penang’s ‘Black Thorn’ durian (as recommended by food maestro Chua Lam) before the end of the season:


Kotler’s marketing concepts exist before Internet age.
Now marketing via e-commerce and Internet would require new thinking to target the Gen Y.


Durian Black Thorn to put Penang as destination of choice for king of fruits lovers. But some still prefer Musang King, what’s your favourites?

Tua Thai Chee

Pests Durian 2016 Jawi SPS II Peringkat Negeri Pulau Pinang 22.07.2016 sehingga 21.08.2016 setiap Hari ada durian yang bagus, sedap dan berkualiti.


tun lang says let donkey teaches gen y


Marketing principles still apply regardless of internet age or not.
Don’t tell me the 4 Ps of marketing are irrelevant. And don’t tell me Gen Y comprises all consumers!
E-commerce & internet are merely tools of marketing, paham kah???
Don’t confuse yourself with tactics (of new thinking) which are different from principles.
Tell me how to catch a ghost if you merely copy Zak Bagans’ provocative tactics (which are amateurish & dangerous) without full understanding of the spiritual principles of paranormal.
Pls go back to marketing school.


If you keep to 4Ps, then new marketing guru cannot cari makan lah!


New marketing gurus of scams & pyramid schemes?
For your info, some insurance agents are pursuing get members-get-more-income recruitment than selling real insurance plans. Go ask your new marketing gurus if I am wrong!


If u like Zack Bagan, do tune in Mon-Thur 12.30am NTV7 Hong Kong version of Ghost Adventurers. They once explored haunted mansion at Relau.



Kotlet’s 4P at least outdated from Penang island Cosmopolitan perspectives now more focus on 4C – cash, credit card, condos, career.


Go learn real marketing instead of making a fool of yourself.
No P (product), no P(promotion), no P (price), how to sell credit cards, condos, job recruitments, etc?
Pray for miracles???

mojo kid

Only one P that is relevant, “Pang-gee’ aka Cheap since Ringgit is dropping in value.

Tua Thai Chee

GenY Marketing


must support local smi. do my marketing in pasar chow kit road and pasar malam. pasar traders can get good buy. willing seller and buyer. but all politicians must buy high and traders sell high to them. others a gee will invite you for a kopi kau kau af his opis.