Shuttle bus way to overcome parking constraints


The Ipoh General Hospital seems to be using shuttle vans to good effect to overcome a shortage of parking lots near the hospital.

See this Star report. Kwong Wah has photos too.

Could this be an alternative to building multi-storey car-parks at crowded venues in Penang like Penang General Hospital, the Botanic Garden, Penang Hill Railway Station, Kek Lok Si and Gurney Drive?

Of course, there is no substitute for a good public transport system that can reduce dependence on private motor vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Malacca monorail has been suspended – again.

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king kong

What solution? One still has to go by driving to Velodrome. This shuttle caters for the staff as the shuttle drop by the nurse domitory. Maybe the pickup for nurses are very poor as they can afford kancils and that is why the service extends to the public

Teh Lian Chye

Big cities like Bangkok and Jakarta have been using vans for public transport from a long way back. They don’t seem to have any problems with that. I don’t understand why we can’t do that here.

Penang Voter

Must got through Ministry of Transport. This is the problem. All the incompetent idiots there, what do you expect?


Must got through Ministry of Transport.
A legacy of Apanama monopoly of all profitable businesses. Next will be the burying of the dead!

Sze Tho

The perfect example of this ridiculous situation is the airport taxi at KLIA. Outside taxis are allowed to drop off passengers but forbidden to pick up passengers on the way out, resulting in higher fares for consumers. The airport service has been criticized in the past for the poor service , dirty cabs and unfair policies (customers are forced to pay for premium service because regular taxis are often unavailable or because their trunks are too small to store large suitcases). The situation is a monopoly which benefits only certain politically connected businessmen and burdens the consumer.


Lest you forget, once you arrive at KLIA late in the night and if you are expecting a normal taxi, you will get ripped off especailly when you are tired and the only thing in mind is to get home as fast you can. You will end up getting a limousine in which the fare is 2x more or so. That is the some peoples way of ensuring business for those running at a loss due to poor decision making by the authorities, airport management and the taxi companies. And another development in KL, there is no more free bus… Read more »