Second Penang Bridge opens: Hello, more congestion!


The Second Penang Bridge, actually the third cross-channel link, was opened tonight and the stage is set for more congestion in Penang Island, especially along the Jelutong Expressway with more cars expected to flood the island.

Penangites are going to have ‘fun’ on the roads in the next few years, especially as the traffic dispersal system at the bridge has not yet been completed. By the time the dispersal system is completed in three years, the Jelutong Expressway is going to be “chock-a-block” with traffic.

Meanwhile, the developers’ mouths are watering as they eye fresh property development in Batu Kawan on mainland Penang and reclaim land along the southeast coast of Penang Island. This will only add to the congestion in the absence of a meaningful public transport system.

Why don’t we have a rail-link to move people not cars? Why this obsession with facilitating the flow of private motor vehicles? This is hardly a gift to Penang, but a recipe for a future traffic nightmare.

“It is too late crying over spilt milk.” But didn’t the Penang state government welcome this expensive RM4.5bn project mooted by the BN – despite concern that it would worsen congestion?

We are well past the stage of being impressed with the longest this and the tallest that. The happiest folks are likely to be the bridge concessionaire, whose cash registers are likely to be overflowing soon, and the bridge contractors, and of course the petrol stations near this long bridge.

Check out this Sun report:
Second Penang Bridge may cause traffic woes
Posted on 27 February 2014 – 08:53pm
Last updated on 27 February 2014 – 09:51pm

GEORGE TOWN: Residents near the Second Penang Bridge may face additional traffic congestion as the traffic dispersal system for the bridge will only be completed in the next three years.

State local government, traffic management and flood mitigation committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said this was because works on the three federal projects only began recently, with the cost estimated to be RM1 billion.

He said this when asked why the three federal projects did not run concurrently with the bridge construction.

Chow also said the state could only conduct traffic management at the local level, with the Penang Island Municipal Council tasked to fine-tune the traffic lights timing at the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway leading up to the bridge.

“It is too late crying over spilt milk; the planning is outside the knowledge of the state government,” he said at a press briefing today.

The first project is the construction of an elevated highway from the bridge to Pesiaran Bayan Indah and widening the existing roads, with completion expected in 2015.

The second project involves linking the bridge to Batu Maung through a flyover and improving traffic flow with a roundabout, which is expected to be done in 2015.

For the final project, an elevated highway will be built from the Penang International Airport to Teluk Kumbar and existing roads widened, which is expected to be finished in three years’ time.

The RM4.5 billion Second Penang Bridge, to be opened this Saturday, will be the longest bridge in Malaysia and third longest in Southeast Asia.

Chow said the council will monitor the traffic movement to alleviate the public inconvenience.

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Sia Boay Ah Peks Ah Mahs Do something to create a Prangin Canal Heritage centre with 60’s/70’s theme Penang whereby we can enjoy kopi o kau kau 90 sen forver no need air con no need steel structure but tarzan-like environment with street food museum charging in sens not in ringgits ? Dream ON ??? quote : The cost of financing the Penang Heritage Square (PHS) is delaying the revitalisation project at the Prangin area in the heart of the city. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said some RM100 million was required to transform the area into a showcase… Read more »


when more money needed, banks and developers will rush in to “exploit” ?


Driving 4wd though rain forest also considered 1nature?


Very pathetic of your limited understanding sans real 4WD experience. Maybe you only drive in safe & sound & predictable city streets. FYI, 4WD is useful & purposeful for: Emergencies – rescue missions > injured soldiers, lost trekkers, retrieval of bodies, food + medic supplies forest fire control > transportation of firemen & equipments Rainforest conservation & monitoring – Perhilitan ranger surveillance of forest for illegal wildlife poaching & trafficking Polis Field Force border ronda for surveillance against smugglers Rainforest research – researchers & scientists access to flora & faunas & terrains weather monitoring & water source mapping Telcos infrastructure… Read more »


City roads are not meant for 4 wheel drives. No abuse pleaded


Go tell the polis don’t drive Landis on the street. If you dare.
Use your brain, not deity’s emotion.


Chant demands CAT on Penang tunnel. Why so quiest CM. Speak up or its a deceiving CAT

Sia Boay Pek Boh Pai Tokong

Penang 2nd Bridge is Najib’s and Federal’s hooray.
So, the sea tunnel must come to reality for someone’s bing chui.
So big his ego and bing chui, he scoffed at those environmental concerns. The hills are still burning but that is of no concern to him.


New Zealand is very much in one with nature but people find it boring… Tunglang has always promoted jungle living, that is in theory only, cakap cakap syiok saja… He will never make Belum his home… Modernity means convenience. We all cant live without it, it is a fact. Most of us here we want both worlds which is quite impossible… I think 6 ft under is the best place where we are at one with the nature… One 1derful Malaysia under our kangkung PM !!! Ps mhashimhamzah, you are right, ananars talks stupid, he just loves to do that… Read more »

4WD Kaki @ Belum Hutan Belantara

Kee, other’s choice is not for you to criticize here, unless you are afraid of the jungle (kay boh piao). Tunglang did not ask all Penangites to pindah to Belum rainforest. He merely spoke of a better lifestyle for himself and that is his own prerogative, not for you to attack online.
He’s been to Kelantan, Kedah, Perak rainforest with his 4WD kakis and he knows best for his lifestyle. I was one of his 4WD kaki, you are not but a kay boh piao who has to worship a datuk kong for urban safety. Too bad for your kind.


I attacked online??? I criticised…

I think the weather is extreme that is why you are jumping hot !!!

Please take a few glasses of “leng teh” to cool down ya.

Am puzzling of your “attack”, called me kay boh pula… Anyway, thanks for making me laugh…


I shiok rainforest lifestyle, so what. Anything of concern with you? Or your venerable deity?
No experience of jungle exploration, tak malu cakap macam sudah tahu orang pasai di Belum.
You don’t even know me, already can predict my future, wah are you a pseudo-palm reader at Kuan Yin Temple?
Serve you right for being label.


I think the extreme weather has its effect, people jumping for nothing…

Alamak, since when i am a palm reading sifu?

To all the retirees, go to the malls for free aircon and cool down…

Wishing all a nice day !!!


Kee, You could not rebut my comment so the only way is to name calling others as stupid but does not realize that 3 fingers is pointing back to you showing how idiotic you are. And like how you admire the stupidity and moronic action of Machang Bubok adun and Teresa video wasting tax payer money. And when you are unable to retort the PM reasoning of kangkong price but have to retort to name calling. Well smart as


Anil, sorry what is M factors? Tq

Boria Boriaman

M = Mushrooming Morons ?


The real tragedy of it all is that while NGOS are fighting what can only be describe as runaway urban standard that the Penang govt is simply only playing catch-up and coping, the whole crux of the problem is the many many instances of years of BN miss-rule the interest keep compounding even as people are trying to pay it off. The story of this bridge itself – how it could have been avoided completely if Lim Chong Eu had not insisted on it so quickly, then (allegedly) corrupted it which then eliminated future options to avoid this second bridge… Read more »


Will the 2nd or even the 3rd bridge lessen traffic congestion. In fact traffic will be worse and more money for the Cheap Minister state govt and cronies coffer. Even before the 2nd bridge has been completed LGE has already allowed developers to reclaim so much land along the sea up to the 2nd bridge. With it they build more and more condo and complexes. Then the land and condo apartment become more and more expensive until Penangite are being squeezed in between. Mah Sing latest condo in Batu Maung is RM1200 – 1300 psf with the smallest 1000 sq… Read more »


If all go back to square one, what’s the point of building the 2nd Bridge and tunnel in the first place?


With NO Local Plan shared in broad daylight, nothing is justified even though development is called a long awaited catch-up progress post the lost decades of 1990s – 308. This holy trinity between a tokong, developers & gurus/agents/speculators (locals + foreigners) is not for the ordinary Penangites to cheer about but more for the richie & cronies to get prosperous beyond their wildest dreams outside of FD, stock markets & money market. Job creation is slow, salaries stagnant, opportunities only for the connected & cronies. Run away inflation faster than Speedy Gonzales Fridge Train of Penang Hill. What affordable living… Read more »

eng hock

Najib & LGE shared their smartphone photos (intelligence ?) during the bridge launch – so is there now a conspiracy theory that both now join forces to counter the M factors ???


eng hock : To enlighten you here. Karlit water MOU with BN was signed on the day his debt with bank Islam was also amicably settled. Does that sound strange !!!!!!

eng hock

people dont mind the traffic jam just to get hold of that certificate being among the 1st to ride on the bridge.
but come monday onwards most mainlanders opt to drive via 2nd bridge to work in the island because they can save the distance and free toll fare for a month !

rumour that penang famous chendol to set up a stall near the second bridge at batu maung site !

eng hock

you mean the certificates can swap for ringgit ?

Boria Boriaman

if land can swap for money, so does bolehland memorabilia ?


Despite the toll fare, those who live at Northern Perai will still use back the old bridge.


There certainly will be congestion at all entry and exit points for any express ways including this bridge. However, in this case I see it as a help to share/reduce congestion at other entry exit points as it is a new alternative(s). This bridge is like a new artery/vein for Penang island. It will create convenience for others and problem for some but on the whole it is for the better for linking the island with mainland. It will not be useful for commuters who wants to use it for daily sojourn as it will be congested, but very useful… Read more »

Don Anamalai

The event became Najib’s publicity campaign when the Penang Boria troupe performed on stage singing ‘1Malaysia menjana transformasi’… on TV1!


BN Najib has graciously invited the Cheap Minister to the opening ceremony. LGE & Penangite should be grateful for the effort of BN Gerakan in making the 2nd bridge a reality otherwise LGE may not have the opportunity to step on the bridge let alone be in the opening ceremony. Let us all Penangite gave our vote thanks to Najib BN Gerakan for what they have done for Penang despite being the opposition in Penang.


stupid comments from ananars…as the chief ministers, PM have no choice he has to invite Mr.LGE…for that occasion..because Penang ” belongs to ” LGE..not dare PM is to ignore him…. as the malay saying says ” masuk rumah orang mesti ada ada dan sopan…” I think PM knows that saying very well….


mhashimhamzah : Your comment belie your ignorance and stupidity. The PM have the right not to invite LGE even though he may be the Cheap Minister. Its just that BN and Najib are gracious enough to give him some face as the Cheap Minister of Pg. But then LGE make such a sour face at the ceremony (if you look at the video) as though he must be given the first honour like the tokong. Anil is spot right. Penang belong to the people of Penang and whatever creature around it. He is only a guest, sorry not a guest… Read more »

Sia Boay Pek

Anil, lu lim kopi boh? Lu kong tio – ay meh lu meh.

Sia Boay Pek

Anil, respect tag with price. Want respect, also can take scolding, criticise from anyone. Mother also criticize for not listening.