Reclaiming our streets: Towards SUSTAINABLE transport


The forum on Saturday afternoon seeks to understand the public’s needs on public transport towards a liveable city and sustainable development.

If we have no solutions, we definitely will be part of the problems.

The forum is part of the effort to stimulate a nation-wide campaign to advocate for policy change both at national and state level.

Reclaiming our streets: Towards SUSTAINABLE transport
DATE: 14 September 2013
TIME: 2.00pm – 6:00pm
VENUE: Caring Society Complex


2.00pm – Registration

2.30 – Keynote address by Chow Kon Yow – Vision of the Penang state government on public transport
2.45 – Keynote address by Gurmit Singh, Cetdem

3.00 – Panel of speakers
(1) Alternative vision for public transport – Dr Jeyakumar Deveraj, MP for Sungai Siput
(2) Problems faced by persons with disabilities – Khu Li Fang, wheelchair bus user
(3) Transport issues in Penang – Lim Thean Heng, Penang Forum
Three perspectives:
a) Necessity to put in place road network in favour of public transport
b) Role of implementation authorities, namely MPPP, MPSP and JKR, KPIs and Spad
c) Planning at the state level to ensure integration with transportation and political will

3.45 – Coffee break

4.00 – Q & A

5.00 – Closing and summary of follow-up action

Admission: RM5 (Students and senior citizens free)

We look forward to discussing this important issue with you.

Kindly fill up our online registration form. For any enquiries, please contact Chon Kai 019-5669518.

Penang Forum & Working Group on Public Transport

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Some points to add. Any AGOs who working for the benefits of Malaysian cannot be terms as blackmails.It’s for the benefits of Malaysian. rajraman.Regarding ABU – they practically no say at all regarding candidate who stand for election although the Speaker of this blog have spends a lot of his energy , man hours to make sure Pakatan win, day to day running of Pakatan State he is not a Speaker.The speaker politically connected but not powerful enough to have a say on the mess created on some issue created by Pakatan Politician.PSM was kill by Pas in Kota Damansara… Read more »


The Indian community certainly needs a hero like you now that Hindraf is nothing but a spent force with one brother in enjoying life Putrajaya and another suffering in Kamunting camp. Did you hear Najib’s saying ‘Agenda Melayu adalah Agenda Nasional’ which is in conflict with his 1Malaysia ideology? How can the poor Indians escape poverty when they cannot even invest in ASB1 & 2? Many Indian youths are arrested recently for secret society involvement, and don’t you feel it is about time for people like you to stand up for your community?


phyllis, You are talking about the 5 (alleged) “terrorist” where 3 … adopted by DAP and One … become back door Minister.The weird thing one … went back to jail. ( Let him back). i am mere busybody.Maybe Anil suitable for this Indians rights but I think anil will say we all Malaysian and Indian Should think like one as ABU leader said. rajraman.Malay problems National problems, Chinese problems community and national problems, Indian problems no problems. Do you know Phyllis whenever Indian ask a bit of economic pie we are terms as racist by Pakatan most of the time.The… Read more »


I always in the country and the only different i am a frequent traveller.The most i stay in my host country 4 days.
rajraman.Most NGOs now Politically link especially like ABU.The state government must responsible towards Public needs. The basic thing Demi God government to improve the Public Transportation. Penang is a Island only.If they stop blaming the hopeless corrupted UMNO, life for Penang people’s will improve much better.Spend some money the way Singapore spend on their Public Transport.
Thanks and Regards to you Siri.

semuanya OK kot

Why the preferrence for tunnels costing billions of RM and MRT/LRT costing 10s of billions of RM? As I said before, it is simple. Clean, efficient, flexible, reliable transport as PROVEN in the most innovative cities costs only 10s of millios of RM. Not enough mah! It will be much worse for the geniuses if most people start demanding that the right to cycle anywhere nearby in clean air on safe paths.


To be fair, Mr Yang should not expect public transportation to show up as and when he needs one if he is not taking public transportation regularly.


Mr Yang

Do learn the Rapid Penang basics like bus 100s goes to North (Teluk Bahang, Tanjung Bungah), 200s (as far as Air Itam) and 300 (south Bayan Baru, Relau).

If you want to to shopping at Queensbay Mall, take Bus 107, 304, 401E.

If you want to go shopping at Gurney Paragon, take bus 304.

Put you car key away from your sight, and enjoy the public ride.

If u r age 60 and above, monthly unlimited rides just RM35 (about 17 litres of Ron 95).


People who wish to take public transport should expect to: do some walking, do some waiting, get some rain or sunshine, get some (stupid) stares from car drivers, plan 30min – 1 hr ahead of schedule & wear an half inch thick sole to last the frequent walkings. Also, if you are not the Bing Chui type, do some soliloquy to help your daily planning, negotiations, scolding, mantras, etc on the way to bus stops or venue. Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to Healthy & Happy Public Bus Travelling in Cosmopolitan Penang of Richie Bing Chui(s). Note: If ever Rapid Bus… Read more »


The “restless soul embedded 30ft under-road” has already haunted Umno’s Ahmad Ismail (President of Sepak Takraw Association of Malaysia), otherwise how do you explain Malaysia’s humiliating loss to South Korea in the ‘Sukan Wawasan’ at the ISTAF Super League?


Many thanks to Lapala for highlighting the bus services in Penang.
I hope more readers can emulate him to share tips on saving money with public transportation.


Cars 56% Motorcycle 33% no wonder vehicular congestion greater than Penangites (human) traffic jam !
What if one day the motocyclist also want to have binchui and half of them start buying cars, and we shall witness a traffic standstill with 70% vehicles ?

I hope YB Chow takes note of the forum pointers and find good solutions. May be traffic issues are giving him headaches such that he once mentioned he shall retire from politics soon ? I hope he can carry on and don’t leave the issues unattended again and again.

Desmond Lee Chee Moon

Mr Raj, stop criticizing and being negative, people are trying to brain storm and discuss openly and positively to get the best method and solution for Penang citizens on public transport. If you cannot help or even support to be the solution, please don’t be the negative thinking problem. Also a lot is depending on the Federal Government too.As approvals and permits are all in their hands.So all parties must work together for the betterment of Penang’s future. See much they have develop and achieved. Look at Singapore, Hong Kong and China, how they handle their Public transport system.… Read more »


Actually RM5 is not a lot for such meaningful event. If everything needs subsidy, then we will become a tongkat society.

A ticket to watch Pestabola Merdeka (2nd rate football) in Kuantan is already RM20 (after FAM discount from RM38).

Mr Raj should get a reality check on the pricing for entertainment here. Go find out the ticket price of coming Alicia Keys concert in KL. If you want subsidized entertainment, perhaps you can opt for free concerts at TV3’s Jom Heboh or Astro’s Gempak.


Mr.Sugu, I am talking about practicality.The state government must involve.Thats all my request.If the the state government does not involve it’s a just brain storming.I don’t blame the organiser for collecting the 5 ringgit. I tell you what – you bring in 100 people to brainstorm the event and i offer to pay for them.I will bank in the money into Mr.Anil account but Mr.Anil must confirm you bring in the crowds.My words is my honor.( offer valid with 100 people.Anything less sorry no $). rajraman.I never been to any concert, Pub or free gempak anywhere.I love to read and… Read more »


En Raj,
Maybe you have been away from the country for too long and missed out some reality.
Such event may have a certain motive and any government would not directly get involved for fear of been blackmailed or forced to accept the proposals. Nowadays NGOs in Malaysia have political agenda, especially those linked with Umno.


I know NGOs have no money but ask the demi god to sponsor.End of the day Demi God need to approve whatever suggestion by NGOs.Get the blessing of DEMI GOD.
rajraman.Demi GOD don’t approve there goes another trams dream.


Hey Mr Raj,
Stop driving for a day and take public transport and you could utilize the RM5 savings for this seminar. Anyway, RM5 is only 1% of the BR1M you received lah!

If you smoke, it is only the cost of half a packet lah!


This morning after going to the market I broke my car key and is unable to drive back just 3 miles away. I was thinking of taking a cab but there is none around. Thinking of taking a bus, not only will I be waiting for at least an hour I will have to walk quite a distance as it does not drop near where you live. Thinking of walking back but the traffic and my leg won`t do it. Finally have to call my son to get me the spare key. So much so for sustainable transportation. No matter… Read more »


Phyllis,Desmond Lee Chee Moon I am try to be practical. With out Demi God support is another forum. I do take bus once a while for fun of it.Just leave my car in town and take a bus.(horrible like airasia don’t know when its will take off.Even today i am not in Malaysia.Tomorrow return to my country and i miss Malaysia.Penang for sure much better run economically like Selangor.I wish Barisan close shop soon the next election.. irajraman.I am not eligible for BRIM anyway.I am very very much far ahead My tax may support at least 20 Brim recipient. I… Read more »


It’s will be mere talk Anil.The Public can have talk after talk reclaim SUSTAINABLE transport.As your dream to have the trams back which is cheaper but they choose tunnel cost billions.That’s Politic and by now you have known what is Politic.
rajman.I just wondering why they need to collect admission fees. ( sorry organiser it’s better you ask demi god to finance the cost ).