Pray for Penang tunnel?


We should be careful what we pray for. Instead of being guaranteed prosperity for the next 20 years, we might end up with guaranteed congestion in the future – unless we can rapidly move away from private vehicle ownership.

Over the last couple of days already, some motorists were caught in jams on the island. What more with eight to nines lanes of traffic entering the island during major public holidays when the second link and tunnel are completed. And let’s not forget rising oil prices, which will place a heavy burden on daily commuters using their own cars.

The other big question is, how is the tunnel going to be financed? By giving land reclamation rights to the firm from China? Or in exchange for land? (Like how the Jelutong Expressway, which cost a few hundred million ringgit, was built by a developer in exchange for the state giving away valuable land reclamation rights with GDV worth billions of ringgit?)

This report in The Star:

CM: Pray for third link Tunnel could ensure economic boom for state

BUTTERWORTH: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has called on Penangites to pray for the success of the proposed third link, an undersea tunnel between Bagan Ajam here and Gurney Drive on the island.

He said prosperity in Penang could be guaranteed for the next 20 years if the project was implemented.

“I will visit the Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG) next year to know more about the third link project that they have proposed.

“The BUCG has completed several reputable projects, including the famous Bird’s Nest Olympics Stadium in Beijing,” he said after visiting the Butterworth Buddhist Association in conjunction with Wesak Day celebrations here yesterday.

Lim dismissed talk that the BUCG would pump RM10bil into the project as well as into two other road projects in George Town, but he said he did not doubt the company had the necessary resources to build the tunnel.

“We have yet to discuss with the BUCG how the tunnel project would be financed,” he said, adding that he would use the state’s open tender policy to determine the cost.

Asked if the project would affect Penang Port Sdn Bhd operations in the North Butterworth Container Terminal (NBCT), Lim said it should not be a problem, as similar links had been built in busier ports such as in Shanghai.

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Ong Eu Soon

Yes.With LGe as CM, Penang will has only 20 years of prosperity. Pray harder, if you want Penang to prosper forever!


Eu Soon must have been influenced by Justin Bieber’s Pray.

Don’t just pray pray pray. But to vote vote vote wisely !


I do not want to be a hypocrite and wish to express that I have no wish nor the desire to pray for shenanigan Mahathir’s recovery soon. As a matter of fact he has more than his share in life … Not that he has done anything good in his live he could even cure a simple cold of mine after two visits to him as a doctor. He was too busy writing the “Malay Dilemma’ and paid little or no attention to his patient as a doctor. To me nature must have made a mistake in his creation, he… Read more »


I was a victim of his racist policy for nearly 4 donkey decades.
I could have curse him to H. I did.
But now, what’s the point. By cursing a sick man, will I be any better than the advantaged Malays in an instant change, financially, economically, socially?

Why waste our anger energy? Reserve our good energies for betterment of ourselves. We can’t change the lousy circumstances. But we can change ourselves first to be better at the survival game. And the law of Karma and opportunities will start to work for us.


Heaven will reserve a place for you and him to co-habit happily ever after.


At least you are confirming my upbringing in Christ Jesus. After all it is not tunglang’s thought of love for a political adversary, but a mere reflection of His Love & Mercy.
If not, we won’t see the true meaning of the Cross and His suffering in the hands of His tormentors.

Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” And the soldiers gambled for his clothes by throwing dice.


stairways to heaven for all the love you gave ?

and soldier of fortune for the gamble you made ?


More like Soldier of Unkind Fate.
To fight for one’s place in this world, YES, but doesn’t mean to fight to the death of either self or others. There are better ways. One of them is compassion in the face of adversaries.
I like the Stairways to Heaven. In my midnight loneliness, I can imagine myself flying with a pair of 50 feet bat’s wings into the night sky full of heavenly stars and serenity with only the sound of wings flapping slowly but powerfully into eternal space – that’s Heaven.


And in tune to this genre of music, let’s enjoy the legendary Eagles – Hotel California.
When you are in the grips of evil, do you run, fight or assimilate into… The Hotel California?


hotel california – can check in but no check out (read the lyrics) ==> some say it refer to satan’s invitation to hell. may be if you have LP (vinyl records) and when spin backwards able to get the message.
Don Henley is a cool dude singing or playing drum.
i prefer the unplugged version.
so be cool and hell freezes.

“hell” coming to Msia ? ==> The Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BoAML) said today that it expects the government to hike petrol prices in the next two months by 5-10 sen.


We are already in the midst of evil as evil as Hell’s. That’s my correlation to BarangNaik or BeeEnd.


“I was a victim of his racist policy”
Funny – that’s what he said about you.


If you are not in Boleh Land all the while to taste the kind of racism and threats of ISA arrest, it is easier to talk … bull … because it is cheap to talk empty!


Here is my video dedication:


Penang is now perceived to be safer (crimes) than KL because filmakers believe KL to be a more realistically dangerous city in Malaysia now !
Another achievement for Penang under present gomen.


Unfortunately we cannot get love and affection if the local movies are promoting violence and hatred in movies like Kongsi and KL Gangster, after scaring the audience with horror (including horrible scripts and acting) like Momok & Puchong.


In Shanghai now on business. Totally amazed by the bullet train services from Shanghai to Nanjing. About 300km, and there are about 3 services or more per hour. Price was about Y30 from Changzhou to Wuxi, a distance of 45km. Perfect timing & schedule

The expressways & highways are superior and 2nd to none.

We are arguing about the China co building one “small” tunnel compared to what they are doing here

Jerejak Ah Long

Ai yoh SamG I think u are away on bizness too long to “mudah lupa” that sensational news in bolehland is used to sidetrack major events!
Remember all the taking about KTM and double-track etc etc and now they all fizzles out ?
We Malaysians like to tin kosong so our leaders listen to us and they also tin kosong talk while others ar making speed trains and expressway behind our tin kosong talk.
i think i now go for my supper at secret alley in the jungle of jerejak and later more tin kosong talk.


SamG : Price was about Y30 from Changzhou to Wuxi, a distance of 45km ==>RM15 for 45km

but Penang Hill train RM30 for 5 minutes ride. Can attract foreign tourists to post favorable comment in the global travel web pages ?


B’cos they Feds made it so super expensive an upgrading Satu Lagi Projek, they have to justify it with the super costs – super priced ticket!

Penangites did not ask for it!
But we are paying the ‘price’ for it – bad perception of Penang Hill Railway tourism.

All we wanted is a simple improvement to the cable machinery system and everything as it is.


Penang traffic (jam) in dire straits ?

may be this music video “tunnel of love” can shed some light ?


While we are busy praying for Penang tunnel, also do pray for Dr Mahathir who is now hospitalised. Let’s have a heart of gold.


“A heart of gold” to show him … we are truly …apanama…. kind n peace loving humans ?


Let’s forgive but don’t forget (like asking apanama?).
Let God be the judge, jury and executioner.
Take that heavy burden off thyself and let no grudge shorten thy life.
Be logical, and sensible: The Logical Song (Supertramp of the wonderful 70’s & 80’s)


tunglang you like Neil Young’s song called Heart Of Gold ?
save some street food money and go watch THOR at cinema – highly recommended.
When you are inspired to think of glorious past cinemas of Penang (Majestic, Federal, Capitol) in the 1960’s then write another story for anil’s readers, ok?


Neil Young, the symbolic icon of music simplicity, street jam talent and free spirit spontaneity. Just a guitar, harmonica and an incredible voice for an unforgettable song.
No pretension, no cosmetics, no glib pyrotechnic show off. Only the true essence of flower power 60’s and 70’s. What can compare to it in this age of blink-blink, makeup image and GaGa?


The logical conclusion is that a person spewing hatred does not have a heart of gold for prihatin.

Mubarak was a hero when he was ruling Egypt. Look what has happened to him (and his wife) right now. We have a lot to learn from recent history.

The Beatles sang ‘All You Need Is Love’.


Pray for CJ Zaki.
CJ Zaki believed to be in critical condition after heart attack:


Cycling should be promoted on the island but unfortunately, Penang roads are old and not cyclist friendly. Instead of buidling a tunnel, government should revamp Penang roads.

Haiyoh…waste some more money on a tunnel, what for?

Penangites are still waiting for the government to clean up the beaches and do something about the the “shanty” image in Batu Ferringhi…

is DAP afraid of the beach boys?

Pak Waheed

every politician talks a lot to gain attention ? i wonder what happens to following proposals (tin kosong talk ?) : a) Hutan Rimba Telok Bahang (to cater for 2 tigers … – btw what happens to them now – still in cages ? b) water taxi to complement ferry services c) bicycle route linking Batu Feringgi to Batu Maung and d) free wi-fi that regularly not functioning in many public area fact : in Komtar no Red-tone wi-fi signal at Cyber Library ! At Bayan Baru Library (inside Mayang Mall) most of times no wi-fi connection even though Red… Read more »


Pak Waheed

The tigers, Menang, are in Komtar now ?

Redtone could be doing balancing act now : profit vs public service under pressure…. be patient ok ?

Penang got libraries ? Who provides fund for the book ?
Anil do enligten us on libraries in penang as public service awareness to create more “baca” culture ..

Beach Boys

Good vibrations at Batu Feringgi Beach



You said if Ah Kong’s is near empty you obviously are not aware of the real situation of the country. It is not just near empty it is even worse than that it is in deficit and not just for now it has been for many years.
Even a member of the cabinet member in recent times said the country will go bankrupt in a few more years….

bankrupt transformasi

tunglang busy enjoying street food 🙂 and forget the plight of the nation in distress 🙁


all because of slipping economic competitiveness ??

10th to 16th boleh tahan ? We are still ahead of Afganistan !


At least I don’t waste / throw away money eating at Kimmy Garish and Starry Eyed Bucks wasting time showing off the latest ipad 2 or doodling nothing for the sake of slippery cleanliness obsession of the imported clean-clean standards of foreign high standard of living (which we are not there yet). Time you all follow me eating at street corners offering affordable hot healthy meals. At least the money goes back to the struggling locals instead of being repatriated to US or HK in the name of cultured liifestyle branding of the vultures of lifestyle selling. Bankrupt transformasi, who… Read more »


“Subsidies as a whole are like opium. Once you take opium it’s hard to kick the bad habit; once you provide subsidies it’s hard to take them away without some political cost,”

read more :


The fact that Malaysia is slipping in the world competiiveness index is a prove that all those transformation plan by Najib did not impress the investors.

It is easy to refer the root cause to those utusan/perkasa/pembela issues that have put Malaysia is a bad light in the eyes of foreign investors.


B’cos there are always refills by fools like us thro’ annual income declaration and the seasonal petrol price hikes. Otherwise, mana ada Ah Kong’s duit nak sponsor Satu Lagi Projek?
Unless you don’t pay taxes and can’t feel the pinch lah!

Penang Voter

With the tunnel, 1st and 2nd Link can close shop !!!!


another wishful thinking if many (2 millions youngster still don’t care to register to vote) fail to wake up.
Some say perhaps 1st and 2nd Link are the cash-cow generating funds for barang naik master ?


Which ever way you like to look at, if ever a tunnel is built it has to be with money borrowed from China. That was the reason why Umno lined up their members, liked school children waiving the Chinese flags to welcome the Chinese premier recently. That was in preparation for the loans they have in mind to build not just the tunnel/3rd bridge and other projects Umno has in mind to ‘develop’. Especially so when the country is in deficit and will need to borrow just to keep the Umno contractors ‘greased’ after all the nation’s coffer is empty.… Read more »


It doesn’t matter where the monies come from as long as there are Satu Lagi Projeks. If Ah Kong’s monies is near empty, Moa’s monies can also be welcomed. The greasing must not stop at the last gravy train at Penang Hill Railway.

‘欢迎’ (huān yíng), welcome Beijing-Penang Gravy Train Express by the Barang Naik railway sleepers!

GRO insider

Be careful with ‘欢迎’ (huān yíng) for economic boom as we may invite GROs over in short term; and in long term Penang export GRO’s over to more wealthier China !
Economic boom synonymous with branded items offered in shopping malls mushrooming in Penang soon. Young girls turn GROs so as able to afford branded expensive items as GROs sacrifcing virtues for rich sugar daddies.
I am speaking from experience having seen the boom in Szenchen.
If so, i make sure my grand-daughters live in Kelantan !


uncle anil, what is GRO ?


GRO = Gien Rui Ong!
meaning Irresistible Lover of Your Money.


GRO is the term that is uniquely malaysian. An euphemism for the oldest profession in the world.


While I think just about anything should be done to promote bicycle usage, I feel that arranging for large vehicles to carry your bike for you rather defeats the purpose.


There are many lanes and short cuts to cycle around safely in inner city George Town for work and leisure and for one who has to travel all the way from Paya Terubong or Bayan Lepas, it is safer (who can safely cycle along the highways these days) and less sweating/smelly to travel partly by bus and bicycle. Plus it will help to reduce car traffic volume in the city, reduce the need for wasteful car parking spaces and improve air quality. With petrol prices on the rise, I would rather cycle to save a few hundred ringgit each month… Read more »


Penang Road not safe for bicyclists ?
a) some reckless drivers still around
b) carbon monoxide exhaust is toxic
c) wild cats & dogs can just cross your path
d) weather is too humid and hot (ozone depletion)
e) ambulance takes forever to arrive in case of emergency due to choked traffic
the list goes on


My heartbeat is still so slow from 20 years of cycling to work that my doctor here in Malaysia still asks me if I feel faint when he checks my pulse and blood pressure: both are very low. The nasi ayam / industrial-estate-environment is adding bpms though! Here is my commute from 7 years ago: The path is straight and level because it’s a disused railway track. It had a very high-quality surface put over it that was very smooth. It was hardly any bother at all to average over 30km/h on that surface for the 8km into the… Read more »


UK is Ulu kelang ? pls be specific.


How about Rapid buses fitted with bicycle carriers? Improvise it to carry bicycles in the front third portion for easy access. Or an extension at the back to carry at least 5 bikes.
It will do wonders for those cyclists going down town without having to cycle all the way in the hot sun from suburban and outlying areas like Paya Terubong or Bayan Lepas.

Rapid, please help promote cycling in Penang.

Where is my 60’s heavy duty Raleigh bicycle, Vietnam green Khaki canvass helmet and mini “Good Morning” China towel for my cycling?

James Cameron

I wholehearted agree with the electric bicycle idea. However, rules have to put into places to designate car free areas.
If you were to experience Penang on a motorbike or bicycle, you will notice those speeding car drivers.
Better to have safety rules or designated areas laid down before promoting bicycle usage.


Watch out for MyVi, Kelisa, Kancil and even the expensive Mini. They don’t care a damn about squeezing thro’ the congested lane on your left just to get ahead of one or two cars in the queue. Especially the culprit lady drivers. I’m sorry to say this but it is the truth and nothing biased but the truth in Penang. If you happen to drive a Pajero, don’t be so confident but better give way to these mini speed devils.


So true.


Why I said so b’cos I drive a Land Cruiser and have to drive defensively to avoid costly accidents and lost of lives. In the rainforest, I bash like nobody’s elephant business.
What a reversal of my macho behaviour for the sake of these pretty highway hell’s angels with blasting hifi:

ori maestro

you drive land cruiser and don’t complaint you have mouth to feed 🙂 or 🙁 ?
trade cruiser for viva and it will improve your image as energy saving uncle (cruiser is associated with road bully terror).
Money saved allows you to continue to enjoy escalting street food prices.
Or are u still trying to impress your teo-chew in-laws with a cruiser ?


My Land Cruiser is for specific use and purpose – access the formidable rainforest. Not for road bullying- that is your warped perception.
In fact, those MyVi, Kelisa, Kancil and even the expensive Mini are the real road bullies until one fine day they crash into a Land Cruiser or any 4WD to jolt their senses to the crashing realities of driving against heavier, strong H-chassic crash resistance vehicles.
BTW, feeding mouths is my priority you don’t have to be concerned of.
Unless you want to sponsor?


tunglang u ain’t cool being so easily irritated —this ain’t good characteristics of bruce lee’s mantra for patience. how to be appealing to the likes of norah meow if u lost it & crash into ladies ?
practise and meditate more for inner peace.
cheer up lah.


Please read my earlier comment: drive defensively means what? Why simply blurb?

Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

TRANSIT has been talking to RapidPenang about mounting bicycle carriers on the front of RapidPenang buses but apparently there is no support for the idea from the JPJ – perhaps a safety issue. If they spent some time at (including watching the safety video) they would see there is no issue. We hope that there would be more support raised in Penang to encourage bicycle use. In the meantime, there will also be stationary bicycle racks at RapidPenang bus hubs in the near future. We hope that RapidPenang or the Penang Government / MPPP will also consider a cycle-hire… Read more »


How about wash rooms for cyclist @ bus hubs? They can change sweaty attires or into cyclist vests before or after taking buses. And make it F.O.C.
Also, have a pro cycle shop cum coffee cafe for repairs and Gaya cyclist lifestyle in the fashion of Starry Eyed Bucks. Make cycling more than just a puffing peddle to work. Make it social, trendy and fun.

Christine Yong

I think you have a point about public transport to reduce congestion. I do think the tunnel helps to ease congestion at the bridges!! The bus service is improving in Pg and ppl are more willing to use – provided the buses are not filled with FOREIGN WORKERS !! Good reminder to the Pg leaders to bear in mind !!

Christine Yong

I am not against them, it is scary for especially us ladies to be among them – Bangladashi and Indonesian men…………..!! Can you imagine what can happen?


My wife is more scared of the miang Penangite uncles on the bus, than the foreign workers who stare because of different cultural behaviors. Remember that foreign workers probably built your house, your workplace, your kid’s school, your roads, your bridges, and so on. Show a bit of respect.


Maybe you ought to try public transport. It’s not like it’s portrayed in hentai – actually very few passengers have tentacles.


what’s wrong with foreign workers? You geli sangat ka?


You differentiate – no good lah
foreign workers help to build houses, clear rubbishes, make nasi kandar and you don’t complain ? …


I think nowadays many young chinese ladies like to wear short hotpants . You are inviting trouble with such dressing in the public area. Please use some common sense to protect yourself.

Penang Lang

So, wearing short hotpants now an indication of “invitation to rape” ?

You want all Malaysian female to wrap themselves up just like their counterparts from Afghanistan?


Butterworth-Georgetown tunnel is feasible idea, if Penang government project the population over 5 millions like Singapore. Nevertheless, the tunnel must build with mass transit in mind.

It is impossible to transport 20% of 2 millions population just with car,especially SOV(single-occupant vehicle) , not until you invent flying car. Common sense.


you want 5 million residing in Penang ?
Go and stay in Singapore for 3 months and come back to tell us the stre$$ level, ok ?

Penang Lang

If you can’t stand the stress, tell you what, the Savannah in Africa has few human beings there.

But then, they have lions and leopards and zebras.


try my luck with toto.
bila kena i ‘ll go Africa.
at least the animals there are not as frightening as some $driven human beings!
sean connery loves it there but not our local sean.


Penangites better pray that there will be no implementation of ‘Electronic Road Pricing’ like those in Singapore.

Penang Lang

They have excellent mass transport system.

What do we have?


The Cult Minister is asking for Devel[opment] Worshippers to pray for more projects. Politics and religion is never a good mix. Is this ‘ubah’?


Cult Minister ? Must be joking right ?
I saw many local metrowealth movies …. cult only associated with bomoh stuff lah.
Lighten up or your gerak geri exposed already ?

Cult Cult

Cult status because LGE fight corruption and people like that.


on 4th thought may be a tunnel may help to raise the economic level at Prai and beyond, and help to revive interest in many ‘abandon’ housing projects eg at Bertam ?


It could help to ‘migrate’ some island residents to the mainland where the cost of living is lower.


So this indirectly means traffic on the island will improve.


Don’t Pray, Pray (play, play) with our CAT Chief Minister, or else you get ‘clawed’ like that political eunuch … which fled with no more feathers to KL back lane back door of Gelak- Kan HQ.

Should learn more from Phua Chu Kang.

king kong

As PCK in Penang says “don’t play play” again like previous gomen !

CAT CM to stay !!!!!