Poll: Would you go out cycling if there were dedicated bicycle lanes?


Now let us hear what you really think about cycling? Is it something you would consider?

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For those who think it is too hot to cycle in Penang, here are the Danes cycling in Copenhagen in the snow in below freezing temperatures!

Meanwhile, blog visitor Michael Maguire shares with us his experience of cycling in Penang:

On Monday, two weeks ago, my wife and I set off determined to purchase a set of bicycles.

We walked down the hill and caught the 104 bus from the bus stop outside Island Plaza. After a short time we alighted from the bus on Chulia Street and walked a short distance to a shop in Armenian Street where we know the shopkeeper sells second hand Japanese imports – bikes that is.

He had what seemed a mountain of these bikes, all very similar looking. They were all solid with good disc brakes and a internal wheel hub dynamo to supply power to a front light mounted on the right front fork. However, like any purchase that requires a good body fit, we tested four to five bikes and then decided on two, which the shopkeeper then adjusted the seats and handlebars to fit our two different sizes.

After some tough bargaining, payment and a handshake we were off down the road at a good clip because of the threatening rain storm. What an experience interacting with the cars and motorbikes; however, to their credit all the vehicles bar one (young males in a old car who thought it fun to come up close and toot us) treated us with respect since we made the effort to keep up with the traffic which really was quite slow moving due to the congestion.

After only about thirty minutes, we were back again outside Island Plaza and ready for the challenge of the Jalan Fettes hill. Me being male, of course, had to be a hero and tried not to get off my 3 speed bike – result I am now laid-up with a sore knee, (no hash run for me for a while), but riding along the flat was exhilarating.

The lesson being – get off your bike and push it up the hills, particularly if it has no or few gears and you are not a twenty-year-old. Take your time, enjoy the views; it’s good to slow down and not rush around.

It was great to see the bikers in Copenhagen and their advanced technology for the benefit of cyclists.

I agree with Lim Mah Hui that Penang is an ideal place to cycle and a dedicated cycle lane circumventing the Island would be a worthy goal.

From our experience, the shade of the trees along Kelawei Road provided a much needed respite from the sun; so it was sad to see another tree gone on the corner of Kelawai Road and Cantonment Road.

It was fun to be able to just stop our bikes anywhere, lean them against a wall and enjoy a teh tarik at a coffee shop, or visit a mall and lock the bikes to the metal bars there. Suddenly almost, it seemed like we were once again closer to the people in the street, rather than far removed in an air-conditioned vehicle frustrated at trying to find a car park, or moving so slowly.

One suggestion for when bikes become more popular, and they will, is to instal bicycle parks at significant bus stops, or at certain distances so that bikers can use their bike and if tired use a bus for the remaining part of the journey, or better still, like in the old days, put the bike on the bus and travel with it.

So many benefits. Use up excess body-fat to fuel the bike, get fit as a result, talk to more people, no cost travel after small initial outlay. Hmm think I might sell the car….

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tourist from munich

I think the traffic here is a desaster. Thinking driving a car is a sign of success. That it brings safety. In the contrary your road environment is ugly stinking smelly and polluted. Crime can increase as others just drive by. No body likes to walk around in this mess. Take care clean up. And yes create space for walking and cycling. Build trams if possible. Recapture the public space. This makes go around and shopping every where enjoyable. It improves the quality of air and your life.

Billy cduk

Now we understand of what little “idealist” can understand in the way “idealist’s” English sentences are structured and his diverse experiences in life he has in his preachings of eggs, ice- cream or fried chicken. Futile for the “poor” like us to continue exchanging views with egoistic sorts who fail miserably to comprehend the essence of differing opinions in a public discourse.

Dreamers and idealists will forever speak through a different end!


Some people can keep complaining that they are “poor” while continue lifestyle that make them poor. A person continue to say “unsafe”, “not practical”, “too costly”, but drive to mamak 1km away from their home everyday during football season. Then again, same people complain about petrol price, increase crime rate.
I bet even with dedicate bicycle lane, perfect bicycle mentality, this group of people will find new excuses, refuse to give us their car that will rarely last more than 8 years without overhaul.

Billy cduk

Your standard in language communication and comprehension is so horrid and atrocious that “you talk and only you understand enough la!” From eggs , to fried chicken, ice cream and now “mamak stall and football season” and his proven “8 years without overhaul”, what further absurdities can one expect.

Waiting for more idiotic analogies from dreamer/idealist! Only he is right! Talking through his … !!

don anamalai


Check up this latest Youtube clip on the Singapore Land Transport Master Plan 2013:

Singaporeans can expect the following developments by 2030:
1. 8 in 10 homes will be within a 10-minute walk from a train station
2. 85% of your public transport journeys will take no more than an hour
3. 75% of all peak hour journeys will be made on public transport

It is important to make your vision clear, specific and easy to be understood.
This is where the KPIs in Bolehland lacks.


Moot, your pro-bicycle proposition is appreciable & workable under certain conditions & circumstances, bar the high cost of social Bing Chui elitist cycling so apparent in Penang. One can choose to cycle a simple & cheap 2nd hand bicycle if no self consciousness of Joneses social cycling breeds in the shifty mind. So far, I had earlier contemplated getting a bicycle to cycle to work, letting my wife & children to use the sole family ATOS car. From what I gathered while driving to & fro from work, these are my observations: 1) most roads leave only 2-3 feet width… Read more »


Some issue mentioned are about being seen. From the experience, I notice bicycle visibilities influence the motor vehicle user altitude. 1) Bicycle must have front and rear light that turn on even during day light. When doing so, I notice MOST car will pass by will distance away from my bicycle ~ 1.5meters, including Rapid bus. When I see cars passing by nearer,I know I didn’t turn on my rear light. In addition , 2 rear light is better than one. It is not glamourous, it is make motor user see you. Front light is important for vehicle in front… Read more »


Just want to say. For those who argue that I “contradict myself”, I say, been there , done that, using bicycle to commute in KL city from time to time. There is period that I ride for 10km per trips to work, climbing the Setapak slope daily. Job changes stop me from doing so. Crime? It is plain excuses for those who REFUSE to give up the road, as they think their road tax give them license to occupy the road. Yes , it is true that criminal lurking to robs “riders”, but guess where they gather? Leisure riding route… Read more »


Security guards (with fake IDs) now also can rob or kill you.
Endless possibilities in Bolehland..

Billy cduk

For one who preaches and not carry out on what he says…its simply an excuse to say “job changes stop me from doing so” Being so morally firm on ” been there, done that” motto, telling us how cycling to work or recreation would be great to one’s health and environment, then your principles are so weak and excuses so lame to let your “job” change your believes and principles. As you try to defend and impose your idealisms more, it shows the nature, personality and character of one who is authoritarian and uncompromising. Remember, there are poor sorts out… Read more »


IMHO, “Luck” is just matter for choice for “poor” people. It is ironically poor information that decide the fake of “poor” people. A poor choice make poor people poorer. Just take a simple food example, a pieces of 0.40 eggs provide 1000 times of nutrients than a piece of RM0.30 sugar ice bar. But guess what, those “poor” children will buy them, and the adult also allow it. Some supermarket food section sell a piece of fried chicken for RM 2.30 , high protein with some fat, while cheapo soft McD ice cream cost RM1.10, with purely palm oil emulsifier… Read more »

Billy cduk

By the way, Anil…why don’t you put out a survey in here too, on how many would think PR could rule Malaysia for the better? I suppose in May 2013, 52% voters had found the answer but reality was painful to accept. Well I am very sure my “hypothetical” question above would be just the same as the one you had put out . “Would you cycle to work or for recreation if there were dedicated bicycle lanes and tree-lined streets?” Hypothetical to futility !! Arguing for the sake of discourse….but would “they” listen! Ahh..yes..like all activist…endeavour and hope for… Read more »


Cycling to work……coming from someone working from home. Talk about out of touch.

semuanya OK kot

1. Demand: Most Malaysians (a) still take pride in cars and even the “health plans” they have to pay through the nose for (required due to inactivity) (b) are blissfully ignorant of climate change, in part due to the successful demotion of English. 2 Corruption: Useless, gigantic, multi-billion-RM projects that provide very little genuine value in transport will continue as long as the hypocrisy, apartheid and collusion (including fiancial facism from abroad) continue. This includes the subsidising (in all sorts of devious ways including guaranteed profits) of MRT, LRT, car manufacture, highway construction and petrol. 3. Facilities: As the pioneers… Read more »

Plain Truth

Cycling for leisure is different from cycling to work.

Batu Ferringhian

I agree about getting mugged while cycling as it happened to me before. It was not a pleasant experience. We need to solve that issue first.

As for the heat and humidity…cmonlah..we’re Malaysians. Embrace the weather lah! If you don’t like the sun, don’t like to sweat (cause you’re wearing too much make up), scared of getting a tan..then move elsewhere..(hey, our leaders are fond of saying this haha)

On a serious note…I would cycle in a heart beat if there were dedicated lanes. As for robbery, invest in a taser.

Bicycle lover

To cycle in any part of the towns in Malaysia – certainly not for me; you are inviting robberies and disasters…….unless government can assure road safety and road-users are courteous and considerate like those in developed countries…….We are still a long way to go to encourage people to cycle to work or for recreation….. Nevertheless, it is something to look forward to; weather certainly is not a primary reason not to that , but many trees and good bicycle lanes need to be built for that purpose!!

Billy cduk

Putting the horse before the cart!!
Shady canopies, Public safety and security (CCTV) should take priority before hoards of people wanting to cycle to work or for health can eventuate.

Idealistic ploys to promote a cycling State. For recreation of choice, yes of course, many are doing it. Please go ahead. As an alternative to mass transport system like trams and buses to travel to and from work..definitely no.

Hey we have extremes of hot and wet months. Screening handful of cyclists in snow covered roads do not justify your argument. Get real!


Again, fake facts and fake sense of security. CCTV mean nothing to deter crime. And it help little in catching criminal. It is just part of US government propaganda that inject into TV series to create the fake sense of security. I already see 2 fear mongering comments., just make me suspect that either both of these commenter don’t know how to ride a bike , or just want to keep their unhealthy driving habits, In fact, “increase bus efficiency” is just pipe dream. Plain logic, even a Primary school student can make a simple simulation that it is impossible.… Read more »

Billy cduk

Talk about being proactive. So much contradiction in your statements make you more of a dreamer than a realist. Watch and dream of more overseas scenarios that Penang will be a bicycle state. Bike to work or bike to take a bus route. …in your next life! So, expect us “cycling” workers to appear in our customers’ offices soaked and sweating whilst trying to earn our food on the table. Ohh..if it rains….then sorry, call up to say on my bicycle and facing a thunderstorm! What bus routes? Penang is infamous for development before infrastructure, blame it on previous or… Read more »


To err is human. To excuse also human.

semuanya OK kot

It is difficult to commit to cycling because of the danger from robbery. Not that there is any option to cycling or walking for the poor. Many are compelled to carry not only personal property but employer’s property such as lap-tops or smart phones. Being robbed of the latter would be a disaster. Robberies have been getting more violent and frequent due to increasing gang culture, the influx of guns, psychosis induced by ever more narcotics, abject poverty due to discrimination, poor enforcement (including difficulty in reporting crimes), irresponsible parenting, the deliberate dismantling of public transport, and a net social… Read more »


Easy target of robbers.