Poll: The alternative Penang LRT survey


Recently, the Penang government claimed that 97% of 16,000 respondents to a survey on the proposed elevated light rail (LRT) in Penang supported the project.

The questions were skewed in such a manner as to elicit favourable answers ie to support the project.

The questionnaire did not provide important information for people to make meaningful decisions such as the bloated cost of the LRT (more than RM10bn) and the better, cheaper, faster alternatives and systems available.

Reproduced below are the Penang state government’s three questions on the LRT:

Question 1: Do you support the PTMP as a means of reducing traffic congestion in Penang Island?


Question 2: The priority public transport to be built under PTMP is the Bayan Lepas LRT. Will you be using it upon completion?


Question 3 – Do you support/agree that Penangites should look at public transport as a greener and cheaper way of getting around?


And now, here are Penang Forum’s alternative questions. We would like http://mep.metrohm.com.au/prednisone-deltasone/ to do a survey of how people would respond. Please help us by answering the three questions below:

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“Would you use the LRT (Komtar-Penang airport) if you could drive there in 15 minutes using the PIL1 highway?”

Seriously that’s a stupid question….lol
For ppl who arrived at the airport (whether it is tourists or local citizens), mostly they can use e-hailing or taking taxi to the nearest destination(so why not LRT?)….you thought airport can pop up some cars(don’t mention about expensive rent car services)for them to drive meh…. parking fares is not cheap if you wish to park your car at airport for days or maybe for weeks


Those foreign backpackers on shoestring budget will use LRT from Komtar to airport to save money, assuming Penang still cannot attract high rolling rich tourists in the future.


hehe…well said..these bunch of ang mo wannabe forever in dreamland know naught about reality on the ground asking question that challenge lower limit of our intelligence and yet they think they are smarter than the rest of Penang…LOL


Everyone wanting to go to klia orso take taxi? Then ytl’ airport express is empty? There are still many wanting to take klia express because it will not caught in the jam. It has time table and show the frequency. It tells you how long to take to arrive and is almost 100% punctual. Try taxi? What etaxi? You go and gamble no engine trouble, jam etc


these so called poll by Penang forum tried triple hard to mislead and guide the voter to their favour..more so than the state government…..you don’t spell out the benefit then expect people to go against it…there is no intention on the part of penang forum to do independent poll, but create false public opinion…..but hey we are not easily fooled lar…hehe


Just limit the number of cars in the island and add more busses with good schedule..everything shall be alright.
The limited of car on the road will reduce the traffic jam and the rapid busses will run smoothly.. But must increase the busses first..more busses and less cars..and the bus stop points should be increase too..


Good solution to limit vehicle. But how to limit vehicles? Ban them? Only way is to have good public transport and runs on time and you know it will takes 15 or 30 mins to reach your destination whether is peak or off peak. Even girl friend don’t mind. Otherwise sitting in the car in the jam. Can jalan in lrt or have free WiFi in lrt.


Too many cars cannot cross the road!
Too much pollution now!
Reduce your carbon footprint, take bus instead of driving!
Save Penang this way, unlike the Forum way!

Kim Poh Poh

So many new car and used car showrooms so it does not justify the fact that young penangites want to use LRT.
No bin chui to go dating using LRT, CM Chow must survey this aspect.

Masrina Jamaludin

Penang state has to ensure the Halcrow PTMP plan success before proposing a new plan. BRT and Tram are a super good idea. Don’t waste the government money to chase the development because it will lead to spurt changes that not good for the environment. I do not agree with the idea of building LRT in Penang. The idea is not suitable for Penang because it already has too much development for a small island. The natural ecosystem will be affected by development activities. Besides, Penang is the most critical area in Malaysia that facing landslide problems and mudflows since… Read more »


If only Chow Chow can think out of the “No Money, No Talk, No Development” Problematic Box created by Niao Kong who contradicted himself flying economy class then drove Merc S300Lansi!


How about some driving a 4wd on the island! No wonder all the hills are having landslide from rambling the hills and disturb the surface condition.

Lee K H

The volume of passengers is unlikely to be able to sustain the LRT and it could thus end up as white elephant! Moreover the LRT will be an eyesore!!! No?

Top Gear Penang

People young generation will prefer to drive own car to have fast and furious experience on the road!


Anil said many youth demonstrate and support green environment. So who to believe? Further gomen tries to be green and reduce smog like new and old Delhi. Many places in the world gomen have to subside the fare. Otherwise how the poor going to work?


“The volume of passengers is unlikely to be able to sustain the LRT”, then charge higher fees for car ownership to subsidise LRT and public buses.


Potential loss and harm from “development”: Permanent: noise, dust, poison gases, loss of sunlight, strong wind, gentrification (costs). Temporary: accidents and damaged infrastructure (due to cutting corners), loss of business (due to slow work). The country is trapped in a nightmare of neo-liberalism (crony capitalism, manipulation and corruption) and apartheid(entitlement, open hatred and open threats). Our Great Leader has asked whether Singapore knows how much (road/car) congestion there will be at the border in the year 3000. He wants to “solve the problems of the country” before retiring. In his speeches abroad, he also seems to want to solve global… Read more »


If LRT runs in front of Chow’s house (like the one above), do you think he will arrogantly push for super expensive PTMP?


If and only if. Picture only Micky carton further there is a road reserve. Yet believe like the tooth?


Tu lang, take a good see and look at the photo. You don’t see properly and you go and blast. Even a kinder garden can see in the right hand side of the photo is a Vast empty land. As usual, spinners will doctored and put the viaduct in the road divider and not along the road shoulder where there is empty field.

Milk Tea

Sleepless nights ahead for Penangites. Most of Penang road is not even that wide, 0 iq plan by a 0 iq party…


That is why peng land gomen build wide road but the roads are not as wide as those found in Beijing or any major city in China. Even sing land build wide roads. Peng land gomen build roads or widen the road TuLang kbkb.