Photo of the day: Reclaiming our streets


Car-free days can be so stress-free! It’s time we reclaim more of our streets for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

Bliss! Lawyer Fadiah Nadwa holds court on Beach Street, the commercial hub of George Town, during car-free Sunday. Notice the trishaw and cyclists in the background - Photograph: Latheefa Koya
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Fadiah, you have created an inspiration or trend: doing anything in the middle of a car-free road.
How about having tea or coffee, playing badminton, making up and kissing, telling stories, cook a dish or bake a cake session, painting/sketching, mimie performance or even street floor art.
Or if you have any Kotor to wash away and hang out to dry in the afternoon sun, ’tis the right place to be. How about you, Gerakan K?


so why is Beach Street a ‘pedestrian’ road on Sunday? For the few people walking there? Why should one walk there anyway? When making a pedestrian area, they should choose streets where people actually walk on Sunday! Like e.g. Armenian Street and Cannon Street. For one day, one could then visit temples/kongsis and look at heritage houses without the hassle of minding cars when forced to walk on the road instead of the five-foot-walkways. Those streets also have not too much businesses which would complain and both Penangites and tourists alike would get used to the idea of car-less roads… Read more »


Some $$$blokes don’t understand the purpose of making care-free of certain streets (not any street) in Penang. All they can think days and nights is making money. We don’t live on bread, fancy restaurant cuisines, fast food, chic food, etc alone. We have the responsibility of caring / rehabilitating our environment for the sanity of our physical, mental and spiritual health. FYI, do you know with less carbon monoxide emission, the heritage buildings will be less damaged by acid corrosion? Time for my next Sunday Kopi-O kau kau cum siesta in the middle of Beach Street without the stress but… Read more »


After the Malays, now the Little India area will be affected, will be an inconvenience to traders and shoppers to get there, wonder if the DAP govt will dare make Macalister road (the stretch near KOMTAR) or Chulia street into a car free area on Sundays???


I can see why people dislike this comment which targets the present state gov but honestly I am also of the opinion that the state should turn the entire heritage enclave (including chulia street) into a car free area on sundays if it is serious and sincere about being environment and pedestrian friendly. No point cutting of just beach street. This will hardly have any impact on the environment and worst still it will cut off access routes which people often use, forcing them to make diversions which eventually cause a jam elsewhere. Many parts of the heritage zone in… Read more »


FADIAH NADWA, just like ADAM ADLI, are both youth who display exemplary character that many parents would be proud of, unlike the two spoiled BRATs!!!


Looks like a failed state.