Penang tries shared bicycle lanes


The Penang state government has introduced 90cm-wide shared bicycle lanes in the Tanjung Bunga area for the public to try out and provide feedback.

There are four trial stretches, each 30 metres long. If successful, the plan is to extend these lanes from Tanjung Tokong to Balik Pulau.

This is a message from G Club Penang Cyclists:

Updates on the Shared Bicycle Lane that was approved by the state earlier. After a series of high level meetings, our state engineer Ir TS Yew has finally approved 2 stretches of 30 metre mock up bicycle lanes in the most appropriate place ie at the GIVE ME FIVE sculptor in front of the Flamingo hotel. If you happen to cycle up this way after the 27th July, do take a ride on this short segments on both sides of the road and give you comment. If all goes well this will be implemented from Bomba near Gurney Drive to Balik Pulau and back (60 Km). Before we can expect the motorists to respect our 3 feet green domain on the road, guys lets cycle more responsibly. Prior to the launching of the lane hopefully in conjunction with the 5th CFAL, we hope to have a series of educational and awareness programmes for 1) cyclists 2) motorists 3) Pedestrian. Hope to get the supports from all of you

These green lanes are clearer than the previous attempts at painting meaningless bicycle icons on the surface of the road-side – which can be quite dangerous.

What do you think? Will such lanes encourage you to cycle or will it still be too risky?

But nothing beats a dedicated bicycle lane (separated from motorised traffic) for safety.

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Annelies Allain
27 Aug 2013 6.18pm

A few days after the “opening” of that narrow green bicycle lane in front of Paradise Bay Hotel, I was delighted to see one car clamped because it was parked right on the green strip. Let’s see a few more like that and the illegal parking will stop.

7 Aug 2013 11.41pm

Hopefully this bring some dangerous driving culture change.

Mahathirism all out car driving culture has make Malaysia one of the country with top road fatalities rates per capita. In addition, Malaysian are living in future borrowing oil subsidies. It is just matter of time the subsidies gone and remind everyone to get their fat ass work out . Yes, the car driving culture also make Bolehland one of the highest country with car related health issue due to lack of exercise and also inhaling cheapo high sulfur fuel particulate.

8 Aug 2013 9.17am
Reply to  moot

Hello Moot

Car driving culture took off with Proton push sales and this should have delighted the old man. For health improvement after massive carbon inhalation, why not visit the old man’s roti shop for healthier meals ?

7 Aug 2013 4.35pm

For recreational use and sports, yes I guess its a good idea. Furthermore there is rise in cycling enthusiasts in Penang. As a mode of transport to work, etc. I think its still a challenge – weather, heavy traffic, distance, danger, etc.

I am also wondering how long before some inconsiderate driver parks his/her vehicle by the side and block the lane. Will rules be enforced?

70s Raleigh Addict
70s Raleigh Addict
7 Aug 2013 5.00pm
Reply to  Tigerz67

Should consider wheel locking of inconsiderate car parking on green bicycle lanes. Put up enforcement call number to report on such vehicles for cyclists to make a report call. Also, should cyclist run into back of such parking vehicles, the driver should be fined to pay for bicycle repairs & injuries.

8 Aug 2013 9.20am

Hello 70s Raleigh Addict

Any idea where i can get “retro” Raleigh (heard now made in Thailand) in Penang ? Also advise prices of present range or alternatives should Raleigh has become too expensive for debt-ridden households in Msia.

Thanks and like Anil we should encourage bicycling as leisure exercise provide motor vehicles observe the safety rules.

7 Aug 2013 1.02pm

Good for Penang People, the Demi God Government at least taking the initiative.
rajraman.90cm is a bit small if many cyclist, why not make it 1.2 meter wide , don’t be stingy for public.

Vexy Hackus
Vexy Hackus
7 Aug 2013 12.49pm

While Penang gomen’s effort to create dedicated bicycle lane is laudable, there should be no lacking in efforts to neglect the poor state of majority of pedestrian walks courtesy of poor workmanship quality of sub-sub-sub contracting work mainly from federal direct negotiated projects ! A big turn off not just to tourists but the locals who want to enjoy safe and cheap exercise walking. Many drain covers being stolen for trading and not being replaced and fastened well to avoid more thefts. Quality public amenities like good pedestrian walkways should not just be enjoyed by more privileged folks living around… Read more »

8 Aug 2013 9.26am
Reply to  Anil Netto

not to forget “kaki lima” of heritage penang still blocked with motorbikes etc at many places making walking difficult and no choice to be outside vehicle lane and thus become easy target for infamous ori-maestro snatch thieves !

8 Aug 2013 1.23pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

Hi Priyanka.
Pls don’t corrupt/misuse the word Ori-Maestro, which is an honor-word for Penang’s hard working & famous street hawkers of heavenly street cuisine like Toechew Chendol + Red Beans of Lebuh Keng Kwee. Yes, Red Beans!