Penang transport masterplan: This neat video sums it up


This is a quick look at some of civil society’s main concerns about the masterplan put forward by the project delivery partner SRS Consortium. Please share.

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Aspial Singapore buying up 6th and 7th road heritage houses and the long time tenants given order to move out.

Penang-lang still talk no action?


Alex, please ask yourself what can you do? If you were the owner of one of the houses or you own a row of those houses and the offered price was very attractive, you sell or not ???


Stop destroying our hills By Wong Chun Wai PENANGITES are furious over the continuing destruction of their beloved hills. We are incensed at the wanton destruction of our hill slopes, whether for agriculture or housing, leaving ugly bald patches on our hills. The hills fronting the seaside resorts of Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi are more visible and we have seen how, over the years, the plush green slopes are no longer there. And also affected is the quality of the seawater and the beaches. And we need to be on constant guard because there is always the fear that… Read more »


This Wong guy talked so much just because pg is today under dap, and he dares to talk about gurney dr now turning into mud ??? It was before 2008 gurney dr turning into mud because of land reclamation by e&o, tanjung pinang project. This wong guy thinks penang people can be easily instigated and be fooled ??? There were many apartments built on the hills before 2008. Can this guy guarantee if today pg is still under his bn master, there is no development by the beaches and on the hills ??? Did this wong guy ever raise a… Read more »

Tan Wee Theng

Can someone explain to ignorant cow like me the difference between MONORAIL and LRT? I thought there are the same transport mode but the video presentation differentiates MONORAIL and LRT as two different trasnport modes.


Monorail are bigger and heavier than LRT.
Also, LRT less expensive but margin higher so more profitable to the businessmen politicians.


Basically Monorail moves on a single rail while LRT moves on 2 rails like other transport systems.

For more details:

Tan Wee Theng

Alex & Utopia, thank you to both of you for explaining the differences of Monorail and LRT

Alex over focus on Penang local matter may draw more Penangite readers e.g. PBG or Transport Master Plan.

Many outside the island now more focus on UMNO Civil War, started 2 days ago at Korea by Team B gathering steam.

M in Straits Quay next Sat 8 May 4pm, not sure Anil Wil be there got live feed or may picnic at Notanic Garden instead? 🙂


Typo earlier. M civil war talk started at Jitra kedah, then at JB next day. Next Sunday at Straits Quay Convention Hall Penang 4pm. You do not have to be his fans to be there as can view his speeches sure Anil can provide D Turtle link.


Surprise that Anil has no commentary on May Day when there was protest for higher pay despite RM1K min wage.


Anil, by the time Penang Masterplan has fully materialized, we’ll probably start seeing autonomous cars plying around the island ferrying ppl here and there. It’s not a crazy prediction here because Uber is already partnering with Google in this area- no more need for a human driver! In future, there’s very little reason to own a car.


No car to own, no maintenance costs to foot, no parking space to pay, no headaches, no anger management (during traffic jams), no bing chui to burden lifestyle, no ego to feed, no material girls to pander, what else?


Also nothing to bother about Bank Negara CCRIS (credit report information) report since no need to apply for car loan. (for those retiring & cash rich, debtless + surplus)
One reason why most Singaporeans are so rich is they don’t spend on car maintenance. Even if they travel by taxi, the cost of travel is not more than ‘feeding’ a value-depreciating car.

Stylo Logan

Those Top Gear generation of today would prefer to drive own car to be in control on the road for Fast and Furious action, as they do not have mentality and patience for public transportation. The authority need to understand the driving psyche of those males born after 1990 who need cars as a means to attract potential spouses.

kereta sapu

Many car salesmen ignore moral conscience to push car sale to sustain life on ever expensive cost of living on island. How can they offer trams instead?


The same with medical insurance sold on fear syndrome by agents when using it to pay hefty + surreally marked up medical bills at private hospitals will have boomerang effect of increased premiums after a shiok-shiok protection of insurance.
Nothing is so assured.


Depending on what insurance scheme you sign up to. Some besides protect you also earn you handsome bonus for you to afford premium coffee during retirement. But be careful to read the small prints.


Do not be tempted by ‘get rich scheme’. Your investment is not assured.

GEORGE TOWN: A get-rich-quick scheme company is alleged to have cheated more than 1,2000 Penangites of RM15 million by offering them special investment packages.


SINGAPORE — From July, property developers will have to submit plans for walking and cycling routes, so that the needs of pedestrians and cyclists are considered upfront in development schemes. In a joint news release on Tuesday (May 3), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority said this is part of the Government’s efforts to realise the Walk Cycle Ride SG vision to make walking, cycling, and riding public transport a way of life for Singaporeans. For a start, this requirement will apply to commercial developments such as shopping complexes, offices, business parks, and schools, where high… Read more »


Singapore: New academy to raise skills and enhance training for bus captains

The aim is to transform the bus profession so that it is more attractive, skills-intensive and respected. It will help the Singaporean core of bus professionals enjoy good career development and be ready for future transitions.

Many Malaysians are now employed as bus captains in Singapore.


My plan is am giving up driving in a few years’ time, reasons being outlined by tunglang, ie live a simple life. I shall then rely on public transport and taxi.


Rapid Penang Travel Cards:
Rapid Preferred (For Everyone)
Malaysians : RM75
Non-Malaysians : RM110

Rapid Emas (For *Senior Citizens & OKU)
*Aged 60 years and above
Malaysians : RM35
MM2H Residents : RM55


Rapid emas for 60 and above.

How about Rapid Silver for 50-69 age group st RM50 a month?


Kisah Rakyat Untuk Rakyat: Pengangkutan Awam