Penang transport logjam


Penang has major traffic issues. But there’s a problem. Does it go the mega infrastructure route or does it take the thinner, lighter and less expensive option? This is an Edge TV production.

No one is against development. At the same time, there is good development and bad development. What’s the point in blowing RM8bn on a highway that will degrade the hill, displace people, damage a river and add pollutants over two much-loved public parks, when the highway itself is not a long-term solution to the congestion in Penang. It will only get jammed again in a few years. And then we are back to square one – of maybe even worse.

This is why the RM46bn SRS plan must be reviewed by independent world renowned sustainable mobility experts.

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Not only traffic problem but also parking problem…. Tough time calls for tough action.


The Penang state government is organising a car-free hunt as part of a series of public engagement on its proposed Bayan Lepas Light Rail Transit (LRT) project under the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP).

Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said the community event will raise awareness on the LRT project.


When is the public engagement by Chow?
Should be a joint effort with Penang Forum.


Penangites must ask CM Chow who are the contractors/developers for PiL & PTMP. Also can ask how these contractors/developers will benefit from the projects, like the MCA’s contractors benefiting from AES.

Tay Soon Poh

We should all walk and use bicycls. To make sure that we all can do this comfortably, the Govt should start office work at 6 am to 9am, and 7.30 pm to 12.00 midnight.

Heng GS

How many ride bicycle to Intel to work? This is a publicity stunt and I hope Intel folks in Penang can enlighten us.


Which govt? Local, state or federal?

Mathijs Nanne

I think in Malaysia, we better act ourselves, instead of waiting for an incompetent and influenced bunch of government people to make it better for us. Wean yourself of car usage, as ridiculous as it may sound. Carpool, stop making unnecessary car trips, plan your travel wisely etc. Governments the world over tend get absorbed by economy figures only, not understanding quality of life. It’s up to us to change, The leaders, in this case, are the ones that will follow last. The car is a mode of transport, not a status symbol. In the current traffic environment, it would… Read more »