Penang Hill Railway … another problem


It’s getting worrying at the Penang Hill Railway.

Another problem with the electronics this morning. The control panel in one of the coaches has gone blank. I believe the trains are still running though.

The Swiss engineers are still around but I don’t think they are having much luck. Obviously they won’t want to admit there’s any major design fault.

Only four more months of the one-year warranty left. And then what?

Let’s look at the four problems so far:

First occasion: Collision with dogs damaged electrical pick-up device
Second occasion: Same device fell off
Third occasion (a couple of days ago): Electronic part in carriage burned out. Spare part not in stock
Latest problem: Control screen goes blank

This is the sort of federal project that gets thrust on us, with some people here openly welcoming it. And then Penang gets to look bad.

The Botanic Garden ‘upgrading’ project (with those infamous arches and concrete everywhere) should have taught us that not every “development” is good development and not every development should be welcomed with open arms.

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The Star in its editorial today had this to say…. “The federal government’s provision of new trains has met with a distinct lack of business acumen at state level…” “..the recent problems with the hill’s new funicular train service could easily have been prevented.” “The issue of stray dogs causing a costly malfunction and service interruption should not rest there, since the question is why strays had been allowed to congregate and breed in the prime tourist attraction in the first place.” I wonder why the federal government spent so much money on the new trains without even considering a… Read more »


Who says The Star is always talking the absolute truth, nothing but the absolute truth?
To me Penang stray dogs pointing their paws speak a thousand word of absolute truth! – this SLP’s ‘fridge’ tin train is absolutely useless against a dog’s bark!
No point yen-yening a senseless sing-song of praise for the Feds’ dubious generosity.
Even smart stray dogs are not that naive as green-horned katak di bawah tempurong trying a Chihuahua barking.


Nobody read The Star for news nowadays, but only for Giant or Tesco advertisements.

Ric Francis

I am absolutely discussed with reports in Strait Times and Star today. Just shows what the Lady Minister knows about Railways could fit in a peanut shell. As a Engineer of over fifty years ,have built a tramway from scratch . The crap reported, Does she not know who built the railway. Perhaps covering up … just saving the Swiss built it. WRONG they built a carriage not suitable for Penang. Local company rebuilt it ( Poor workman ship cause of advisers ) To blame the Hills Staff, one can only work with what is provided. The State Minister should… Read more »

Francis L

LGE to ban horse riding at Feringghi Beach for safety reason, then yesterday Traveling Minister Yen Yen claimed horse riding is ok if a proper system is planned out (no system fromlocal gomen ?)

wow, MCA vs DAP in action leading to GE !

Yen Yen yet to feel the taste yet ? She needs to consult Hock Nun fast ?


Yet another ‘safe based on what? feasibility advice’ from this Minister of seemingly dangerous SLP.
The first one: tilting arch of Botanic Garden
The second one: break-down proned ‘Fridge’ tin train of Pg Hill Railway
The 3rd one: well let’s see.

Have to ask for advice from some horse-riding stray dogs!


No, failed or defective Federal projects don’t make Penang look bad.
Only the ignoramus think so.

I believe those projects make Putra Jaya look bad.


Tourists don’t care. To them inconvenience reflects badly on the destination, not the builder of SLP with Problems By The Tons.
Word of Mouth is damaging, don’t expect tourists to care for the state gomen or LGE by asking for technical investigation or inquiry into this fiasco.
Sometimes, stray dogs can do more damages than word of mouth!


Tourists are not voters.
As long as the locals are aware, it’s ok.

The enlightened ones have a duty to bring awareness and education to the masses.


Federal projects are always problems after problems. Just look around such as Trengganu collapse stadium etc. Is the project really worth 73 millions. Wonder how much goes into their cronies

Don Theseira

Will someone please tell that KPC Ng Yen Yen to stay away from Penang, period
Hasn’t she ‘Screwed up’ enough already, starting with those leaning arches.
The woman is a menace.


Ng Yen Yen should know that the biometric scanning at JB CIQ has caused 9-hour traffic jam along the causeway, making tourists entering JB frustrated. It was reported that JB traders has seen a significant drop in business (as Singaporeans are not coming due to the massive jam and the nude-squad scandal).


gerakan k

asked your Ng Yen Yen to be the monk to drive away the bad vibes lor.

another (dubious) project from MCA. whats next, MCA?

Randy Savage

Why go up to Bukit Bendera with the train when there is nothing much being developed yet up there; unless you take a hike there and smell the ‘roses’ along the way. There are still many interesting places to go in Penang; and I don’t mean the shopping malls. For example, walk in the heritage zone to observe (dying?) early trades and savour the food there; and while doing so send a strong message to the local (waiting for fund ?) and federal gomen (empty & unfulfilled promises since gerak geri days) that you want the pedestrian walkway (so not… Read more »


Green / Forest Garden the inner city George Town. Recreate forest patches in empty spaces like: in-between buildings, behind bus stops, back lanes (this is great for those yearning for mountain biking terrains), roof top of high buildings, cafes’ outdoor spaces (Star Bucks, please take note), highway underbridges, pedestrian bridges (add creepers to cover up the unsightly concrete & metals). Add water features: waterfalls (this is great for the in between spaces recreated to limestone hill and mini caves), running streams (recycle water from rain for this purpose), mimic rains (sprayed from top of buildings during dry spell & heat),… Read more »


The sad state of affairs of the New Penang Hill railway is the TRUE reflection of the way Malaysia is being run!


yes. No culture of maintenance!

Ong Eu Soon

What maintenance are you talking about? The train is only 2 months old. My classic car is 25 years old, I hardly do any maintenance still running better than proton wira. This train is not design to run at the present steepness, high power consumption that caused the power connector to broke off. In the second incident, no dogs yet the power connector still fell off, this is due to high current and overheating causing the power connector to over-expand. This train can’t last long soon it will be history! What a waste! LGe still adamant refuses to listen to… Read more »

Gerakan K

Bad bad omen for LGE administration. Maybe he needs sifu services to do cleansing works. Maybe that place got dirty things ???

Andrew I

Bad omen happens to all. Walkways collapsing, helicopter crashing. Don’t come and try to draw your politically motivated paranormal conclusions here.

Ric Francis

this is what happen when you have a minister of federal government will not listen to Penang Hill committee , when you get people who no nothing of this type of railway to rebuilt it this is what happens.
Problem become a Daily way of life

Hot Hot Hot

Bukit Bendera will be a hot topic to show the Penang public that present gomen cannot effectively solve problems.
Just look beyond skin deep and DAP or Pakatan if smart enough have to come up with more than a A4 propaganda info-sheet to inform the naive and easily swayed Penangites who will be tempted with goodies from Barang Naik regimes.

Give a balanced account and not just highlight the problems, OK ???

Andrew I

There is more than one way to skin a cat…this is another.


This is definitely “Problems By The Tons” Satu Lagi Projek.
Sabotage Project.
“Sin Sai” Lu Eh Su.

Where is Ng Yen Yen? Hiding?