Penang Bridge after 2018


Penang Bridge Sdn Bhd has a 25-year concession to operate and maintain the Penang Bridge which expires on 31 May 2018. What happens next?

It is important for the bridge to be returned to the Penang government after that – or even earlier if possible – as part of an overall restructuring of transport in Penang, in line with the principle of subsidiarity (local affairs managed by local government).

PBSB now comes under UEM Group Bhd, which is wholly owned by the Finance Ministry’s Khazanah. PBSB has probably collected many times the original RM800 million cost of the bridge.

A new Penang Transport Commission should be set up. This should control the ferry services and the Penang Bridge. RapidPenang too should be taken over by the Penang state government and operate under the purview of the proposed Penang Transport Commission. The Commission should also look into the possibility of LRT and trams services.

Contrary to the calls for the Penang Bridge toll of RM7 to be abolished, the bridge tolls could be turned into a form of congestion pricing for private motor vehicles or single-occupancy vehicles entering the island. The profits from the Penang Bridge could then help to subsidise passenger ferry services and RapidPenang buses, including a shuttle bus service across the bridge. The bridge profits could also finance LRT/tram services in the state (including a cross-channel rail link), the construction of bicycle lanes and improvements in pedestrian walkways to make the streets more people-friendly.

Of course, none of this will happen as long as the BN insists on managing public transport in Penang from Putrajaya. So that is another reason why we desperately need change.

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well, just like everything else concession wise, the ownership will be extended, just like PLUS highway. right now, does anyone know when will the concession end for PLUS. if remember correctly, Samy Vellu extended the damn thing another 30 years before he lost his seat

SJ Lee

UEM built the 3rd lane on the bridge. Maybe they will be allowed to put a toll booth on 3rd lane to charge ppl using the 3rd lane. The other 2 lanes should be free


Anil, oh Anil, ever a dreamer. So what if the Penang Bridge is returned to the state government? PBA does belong to the state government of Penang, doesn’t it? And who are making $$$ out of PBA, to the tune of over RM 400K a year? When was the last time PBA paid you anything, Anil? But PBA is paying LGE, as we speak, over RM 50K per year ! And LGE ain’t the only one enjoying that “benefit”. His cohorts are enjoying the $$$ as well, as “directors” of the PBA. Are they giving the $$$ back to the… Read more »


All very good ideas, contemporary transport planning is required to solve the traffic problem and get rid of the traffic engineers whose only solution to every transport problem is build infrastructure.

BTW, I think if I remember correctly, the bridge cost was RM650 million then, but I may be wrong, memory not so good these days, my hard disk is corrupt in this 1Corrupt Malaysia


You brain could be corrupted by a virus called BTN.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Come 31 May 2018, the Penang Bridge toll collection must be put into a State Transport Fund, to be administered by the Pg State Govt. The funds collected can be utilised to improve on the public transportation in the State. ” … none of this will happen as long as the BN insists on managing public transport in Penang from Putrajaya. … ” as the Federal Govt led by UMNO would want to have a finger on the toll collections. So, Penangites and all Malaysians should ensure a 2-party system, with BN in the opposition bench, be in… Read more »


It is important to remember and inform the public the date when the concession will ceased. UMNO is very good in extending the toll as seen in Jalan Kuching and Cheras toll in KL. In fact the tolls were extented by few years.


I totally agree. But BN’s Federal Govt is not going to give up power to Pakatan State govt. That’s why we need to get rid of BN.