Penang bicycle sharing system: Request for proposals underway


A briefing for those interested in participating in the tender exercise for the bicycle sharing system in Penang will be held in Komtar on 10 January.

About the system, as reported in theSun:

GEORGE TOWN (Dec 10, 2013): A bicycle sharing system will be introduced in Penang to make bicycles available for short trips.

State Local Government, Traffic and Flood Mitigation committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said this is a move by the state government to make Penang a cycling state. He said the system is also to promote cycling as an alternative mode of transport and to introduce a more healthy and environment-friendly scene.

“Penang Island Municipal Council is now inviting private companies to come up with their own ideas on how they can operate the bicycle sharing system on the island,” he told a press conference in City Hall.

Chow said private companies can submit their proposals based on two options. The first option is based on the council’s concept, while bidders will have to come up with their own proposal for the alternative option.

The system will also cover bicycle racks, kiosks, service stations and a network of automated systems.

Interested companies may send representatives to attend a briefing in Bilik Perdana, Komtar on Jan 6 next year and applicants must be registered with the e-procurement site through to participate.

The participants need to download the “request for proposal” document from the same website, with an online fee of RM50.

Deadline for submissions is Apr 5, 2014.

And here is the MPPP’s request for tenders/proposals for the bicycle sharing system as found on the Penang procurement website.

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A consortium of old timer bicycle shops like Chin Aik & Cyclon Cycle & cycling clubs in Penang could potentially run this bicycle sharing scheme in inner city George Town. With their experience in bicycle repairs, they are in better position to maintain the public shared bicycles. And many idle Ah Peks could be gainfully employed to manage the cycle stops, washrooms & bicycle rentals (coupons). MPPP should give Penangites full priorities for this scheme to work meaningfully. Recycle environment-friendly cycling, recycle Penang old folks for healthier & active participation. Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to LGE & team & MPPP… Read more »


go and check out the Raleigh dealer across the road from Kuan Im Temple; and opposite Teng (Hock None?) clinic.
go grab one before the bike craze cause the old remaining stock to rise in price. Note likely made in Thailand.
happy kopi o kau kau


This was orange-cycle passion of mine in the 70s bought for RM 400+ from Chin Aik bicycle shop – Raleigh Carlton, an unassuming but proven racing bicycle not that many in 70s Penang. I can still smell the Brook leather seat, soft in the rain, hard under the hot sun:


By the way ,crowd sourcing is not a new idea. In the old day, some government issue lottery to fund some utlities. Syney opera is one of the those good example.


If no private company submit any proposal for bicycle sharing system, is there a chance for crowd sourcing ?

Rich Daddy

That will not work. Where is the air con’d button ???

DriedChilli@MadrasLane is now the blog of choice for latest behind the scene under the carpet Penang hot issues ! i suggest in 2014 can expand the influence by organising on line debate on Penang issues. For example, Anil can an excellent moderator and host for on line debate like having Lilian Chan (Buletin Mutiara) vs Joseline Tan (The Star) to debate on current issues like bicycling in Penang or the famous Botak Hill phenomenon. I think heavy traffic if anil able to get them on line so that the public can witness their mindsets, viewpoints besides their already famous… Read more »


Ya, can be like WWE Royal Rumble as well 🙂

Serious, anil if you can pull it off sure can get corporate sponsors for your audience not just penangites but throughout the world.

If it happens i think supporters from both sides can swell Public Bank Berhad account no: 4-5437119-34 based on pay per view basis !

we can have half time intervals and tunglang, yang, sunnyooi, don anamalai can make cameo appearances sure meletop !!!!!!

georgina t

Creative Think Out Of Box Idea for such debate to happen
Definitely a crowd puller
Anil Go for it

Stylo Logan

Anil should organize coffee session cum discussion for his readers.
Discussion notes could then be forwarded to LGE.

Jit Seng

I doubt LGE will take notice if you choose to remain anonymous, right?
Kopi Forum is a good idea, just make it is a legal assembly as nowadays cannot take any chance with our sensitive police.

Kopitiam Towkay

Anil, come to kopitiam, Must pay for a cuppa. No free seating.
No Pay, No Talk in Kopitiam!