Pedestrian walkways – or obstacle courses?


There is little regard for the rights of pedestrians in urban planning in cities and towns around the country. Pedestrian walkways are often obstructed with all sorts of obstacles – motorbikes, restaurant tables and chairs, food stalls, shop display stands.

Blog visitor Papa Sensible sent in these photos of five-foot-ways taken in Penang on 15 January 2014.

Pedestrian walkway obstructed
Limbo low now, how low can you go to get past this. Another obstacle in Penang – Photograph: Papa Sensible.

Penang five-foot-way obstruction 15 January 2014
Dedicated motorbike lane? No way through for pedestrians – Photograph: Papa Sensible

Enforcement is often non-existent. Any comment, MPPP, JPJ or whoever is responsible?

Pavements next to the road are no better. Phone booths, lamp posts, TNB and Telekom switchboxes and sign post pillars are the usual obstacles.

Road-widening further narrows the space for pedestrians.

What quality of life is this for pedestrians? What about people with disabilities – how are they supposed to move about?

Contrast this with the situation in more progressive cities which widen pavements to make them more accessible to pedestrians while discouraging people from using cars.

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25 Jan 2014 4.27pm

People leaving their things in on the five foot way has being go on since time immemorial. This not only goes on in Penang (Georgetown) but also in Kuala Lumpur. Just the other day I had to drag my wheel luggage along the pavement trying to avoid motorcycles parked all over the front of a motorcycle repair shop. Commentators should keep to the topic. What has the LGE have to do with all this? Just because you have an axe to grind with LGE, do it in a relevant forum. Do not spew your rubbish everywhere. I do agree that… Read more »

23 Jan 2014 10.59am

Uncle Anil
Pardon my ignorance. Who actually owns the “kaki lima” ?
Is there a ruling by MPPP that decribes the dos & don’ts ??
if not, the owners and public must have moral conscience to do what’s deem sensible ???

22 Jan 2014 10.30am

Papa Sensible made good points with photo evidence, unlike those syiok sendiri readers who talked rubbish in twisted English that I cannot understand.

21 Jan 2014 12.06pm

this provides alternative to those not willing to spend for the entrance fee at Escape The Theme Park.

those who after enjoy sumptuous heavenly penang street food can try navigate at many obstacles along kaki lima legacy from gerakan era yet preserved by CAT.

21 Jan 2014 11.58am

Good photo contribution by Papa Sensible.
Anil should be proud of such reader, better than those who talk with self indulgence in language that only he could understand..
20 Jan 2014 4.28pm

We have brainless people so do we also have brainless CM

20 Jan 2014 4.22pm

How can the people set a good example when the state govt under DAP LGE set a bad example such as the theme park that drive and deprive the people of beach space

21 Jan 2014 11.02pm
Reply to  Ananars

The beach front belongs to the people, CM’s office has made that clear.

I think it is like this, once bodoh, whole life bodoh…

Khoo Soo Hay
Khoo Soo Hay
20 Jan 2014 4.09pm

In most developed cities, like Vancouver, people with motorized wheel chairs can drive around cemented paths beside the main roads without hindrance. People do not block such paths with their bicycles, motor bikes, etc.,as they know that the paths must be kept clear for those with wheel chairs using them. At least they recognize their civic duty to the handicapped. No so in our country!

21 Jan 2014 11.18pm
Reply to  Khoo Soo Hay

It will take another century for malaysians to be civil… very sad !

You can see rubbish everywhere…

Your neighbours walk their dogs and make business in front of your gate and walk away as if nothing happens…

You will also have your neighbours keeping 30 cats and make a nuisance in the neighbourhood and they think they are doing the right thing ???

I hope with the salary increment, MPPP will buck up !

Plain Truth
Plain Truth
20 Jan 2014 4.04pm

The MPPP is just a phone call away. Call them up and if they still do nothing, then by all means, complain.

21 Jan 2014 12.14pm
Reply to  Plain Truth

MP Jeff Ooi have taken MPPP to task. Now we should see more YBs dare to speak up on rakyat’s matter.
Even LGE has said it’s time to buck up and we need to see concrete action rather than “yang Menurut Perintah” only.