Parking lot of the Orient?


Are we heading towards gridlock? Look at Sao Paulo for a scary glimpse of what the roads in KL and Penang could look like one day.

Sao Paulo even has underground trains, but it also has a car industry – just as Malaysia has.

Thanks to blog reader Phua Lai Kit for the heads up.

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Malaysian Government likes to manufacture cars.
Malaysian rakyat like to drive cars.

So that’s the problem!


To solve things for a better Malaysia, we must change the Federal Government, no ifs no buts, just do it COME ge-13!


The problem to achieve this is the rural people as they are still warped up in their cocoon

Gerakan K

Rural people are not stupid. Please show some respect to other Malaysians !!!


Surprise? Not. Road building is a lucrative cronies business, where the local government /political officer (allegedly) manipulate the budget. On the other hand, car industrial is an easy excuses of “creating more job”. But ironically, modern factory use less and less worker. Nevertheless, Brazil is a huge country, many time bigger than Malaysia, having automobile industry is no surprise, as long as they build the auto-industry follow the open market. Otherwise, with all sort of protection and “national interest(AKA cronyism)”, Brazil auto industry will be as SNAFU as Bolehland(TM) in long run. On the other hand, Brazil well plan city,… Read more »


So is toll collection, just collecting without using brain.
Who don`t want such business and who got all these business. None other then the cronies of AMOO

Gerakan K

We only can blame LGE for all these messes !!! HIGH DENSITY poison will soon showing its potency to JAM PENANG !!!


Only an idiot would blame it on LGE as this is a worldwide phenomenon. Shouldn`t the blame be on the Najib Federal govt where KL also has one of the most congested road or he is too blind to see the congestion in Johore, Sg Petani and Ipoh. Maybe he would also like to blame it on LGE for the road congestion in the whole world from Sao Paolo, Mexico, Russia, India, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe. In this world there are so many idiots just like the one blaming the Open Gangnam Style on Jew, Christian and Hindu


i may offend car dealers or motor enthtusiasts – but this is a reality : buying an inflated price car in Malaysia to depreciate over times on congested roads !

so vote for efficient public transport, support it, and leave the $ saved from spending on private cars on nutritious food and vitamins.



The traffic jam is teruk, real nighmare in Kuala Lumpur especially when it rains and getting from KL to Subang Jaya can take as long as 2.5 hours and madness on the Federal Highway stretch! The LRT though helps ease congestion on the road, more train carriages are needed esp during peak hours and public holidays.

Penang must learn and see the urgent need for LRT soon.


I am sure Pg sees the need for rail transport, whatever form it may be. The prob is that the state govt. has said that they cannot build and run public transport here because it is under the purview of the Fed govt and the fed govt will not approve any plans the state makes. I don’t know how true that is. As far as I know in the federal constitution, transportation matters are under the joint list which I assume gives authority to the state as well as the fed govt. Maybe some legal minds could enlighten us. The… Read more »


Yes thats truE. So we mUst make the CHANGE


Its not just Sao Paulo, Russia but all from China to Mexico and the whole whole. Everybody seem to want to own a car even if their salary does not match it. The only solution is not building more road. Its getting less car onto the road. And that is to make sure car is expensive and like Singapore you must own a certificate to purchase a car with the certificate alone going up to 6ok. My suggestion will surely not be accepted by many many people and thats include me. So be prepared for this future scenario until someone… Read more »

joceline not from The Star

Talking about Penang, Old habits die hard (many want the bus to stop in front of their houses for example then only support public transport)
The only way to prevent traffic madness in penang is to impose gantry fees for using road like in Singapore. When it hurts the pocket, that’s the only way Penangites can start to be more patient waiting for buses and for public transport to improve concurrently (solve catch 22 situation).


By all means impose gantry charges like in Singapore, but first put in a first class efficient public transport system like the one in Singapore. You can’t charge people when they have almost no option. In Sg the max amount of time waiting for an MRT is 6 mins and a bus usually 5 mins. Here a bus can take up to an hour to arrive. Worst still the coverage is so poor you have to change two or three buses and sometimes walk for more than 3km before u reach a bus stop. It will be highly unreasonable to… Read more »


teleportation……. where you move from one place to another without vehicle, airplane etc etc
That will be exceedingly great!
And nobody can track my trail to my girlfriends!!!
Not even thro’ satelite tracking of my handphone!!!

Phua Kai Lit

Brazilians have helicopter taxi service in cities like Sao Paulo.
But this is also not an environmentally-friendly form of

semuanya OK kot

Only for th super-rich. Most Brazilians live in slums.


Anil, its actually not that bad in KL if one thing is honoured and followed. The yellow box. The problem with KL, nobody bother’s with the yellow box because there is ZERO enforcement. You don’t need to do heavy duty studies or research about jams in KL. Just be in it and observe. Its always the yellow box or the Metrobus that is blocking one lane, then jam builds up. Trust me, I drive about 100KM per day in KL, I know KL inside out.