Our train service – the lost generation


Our train network. A magnificent legacy (though of course the trains were used back then largely to transport commodities to feed the Empire). But for almost a generation since the mid-1980s, while the government focused on the “national car” (which bled red ink) and tolled highway (cashcows), our trains and supporting infrastructure were neglected.

It is only in recent years, with the introduction of the electric train service (ETS) and Komuter trains, that travelling by train has enjoyed a resurgence. But the popularity of these services is constrained by insufficient ETS trains and even an infrequent Komuter train service.

According to someone familiar with the train network, some of the Komuter stations in the northern region are not capable of accepting any train longer than six cars, and this has hindered the possibility of a quick expansion of service.

Imagine how many cars they could have taken off the roads if we had focused on our trains during that lost generation. Imagine if trains from Kuala Lumpur could branch out and continue across the channel to a terminal on Penang Island, where passengers could interchange with trams and buses.

P.S. Notice how in the video above, Michael Portillo says the new Penang funicular train is so fast  – reaching the summit in about five minutes – it is like “something out of a fun fair”.

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Australia’s former prime minister Tony Abbott has claimed that the Malaysian government had “very early on” believed that the tragic MH370 disappearance was part of what is now an old and unproven theory of mass murder-suicide plot.



GEORGE TOWN: Two famous nasi kandar outlets along Jalan Gurdwara have been compounded by the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) for cross-contamination and improper handling of food.

Deens Maju Nasi Kandar was issued two compounds for placing raw food materials on the floor and for improperly storing hard-boiled eggs, which could lead to cross-contamination. The second premise, Line Clear Nasi Kandar, which stored their food mix in a freezer, was also compounded.


Tourists like iChang please be aware.


Is Pakatan failing due to bad communications strategy?

The RTM Minister is not doing his job, too obsessed with 5G implementation?


Indeed the RTM Minister is not doing his job, too obsessed with 5G implementation and now lost his position to Umno. Will we see less media freedom from now on with new back door government?


Public transport serves the public, like other public facilites (infrastructure and services). As this undermines neo-liberalism/fascism, they look for excuses to expand private alternatives. Apart from neglecting trains, they interfered in excellent bus services. Besides failing to assist these services, they interfered in competition (including higher fares) and selectively failed to regulate. All the imposed business models that ousted older bus services and replaced them with pseudo-public versions only produced inefficiency, spectacular (alleged) kick-backs and shameless rescues of cronies a few years later. Bus drivers continue to be exploited, endangering their passengers. Many ordinary Malaysians are trapped in sacrificing a… Read more »

Bayi Yoda

Penang Transport Master Plan being scrutinised to be big project with big cosequences of wasting public money? The basics of cost benefits may be overwhelmingly hidden away to push thru the project????


Bayi Yoda

KTM needs to run by know how competent management to bring merits otherwise it continues to be as relax as ever.


Rail tracks idle and underutilized most of the time, really wasted from ROI point of view. Poor management? Cannot think out of the box?


Muslim pilgrimage fund Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) is liquidating some assets as these were not being fully used, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir said today. He added that these assets were also not generating sufficient returns (ROI?) to justify keeping them.


Liquidating = transferring between GLCs = “kicking the can down the road” = “lotus eating” = postponing reality.