Oil price plunges but fares of privatised Penang ferries to jump

Sorry, only three ferries in service (July 2014)!

This is what happens after Penang Port was controversially privatised last year to Sea Terminal Sdn Bhd, linked to Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary.

The ferry service is atrocious, oil prices have plunged, but now the ferry fares are to be raised.

Instead of subsidising low-income passengers who use the ferries, a more eco-friendly way to travel (many of them hop on to a RapidPenang bus upon reaching the island), these commuters are going to be penalised with a hefty 67 per cent fare rise from RM1.20 to RM2.00. Way to go, PPC/Penang Port – hit the commuters where it hurts at a time when they are already going to bear the burden of GST.

NST reports the following:

GEORGE TOWN: Users of the iconic Penang ferry may have to pay more, based on a proposed fare hike circular issued by Penang Port Commission (PPC).

The circular, titled ‘Proposed Ferry Tariff Hikes’ by the regulatory body, have been placed at the Butterworth and George Town ferry terminals, and went viral over social media platforms.

Under the proposed fares, car owners would have to pay RM9 from the present RM7.70 while pedestrians may have to pay RM2, 80 sen more from the present rate.

The fare for motorcycles is slated to rise from RM2 to RM3.50, while the cost of the monthly season ticket for students, will be doubled from RM3 to RM6, and for adults, from RM30 to RM50, if approved.

Lorries with two axles with four wheels may be charged RM20 (previously RM13.20) and lorries with two axles and six wheels (RM40 from RM27.50).

Cyclists are also not spared as they may have to pay 10 sen more from the present RM1.40.

The PPC has also urged users to email their comments or objections to [email protected]

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I heard the Penang government is willing to take over the ferry operation.


Seems inconsistent to me
Penang govt is slammed for the 90 cts passed on cost as consumers have to bear it
But doesnt raising ferry price has the same effect on the consumers?


Raising ferry price is relating to an economy or relating to the process or system by which goods and services are produced, sold, and bought. The 90c is PBA expenditure cost which should not be borne by the people. Tomorrow PBA may ask the consumers to pay for the cool air con in their counter hall, transportation or paper receipt & clips. PBA whose chairman is the CAT is starting a precedent that may spiral to TNB, Telekom and others public services giving more hardship to the people. This is a very very bad example by the CAT.

Ed G

Federal government linked companies like the TNB, Telekom etc. copying an agency of an opposition state?

J Rusev

Transport Minister Liow has confirmed that the ferry fare will have to go up as the operation is losing RM20 million a year. He said the hike is justified since the last fare hike was 10 years ago.


Prices go up everywhere even before GST despite wayang roadshows by BN.
Even Rosmah now has to pay RM1200 for her hair styling.

gk ong

Do not expect public service once the operation has been privatised for optimum profit. Do not forget civil servant headcount has never been reduced along with privatisation.


Utter rubbish to raise ferry prices!



Whats your take on this?


I believed that the bridge toll will be increased otherwise Penang ferry will be losing even more users. Normally prices of ferry and bridge toll usually increase in tandem. I think we should not used fuel prices as a point for any increase or decrease or prices anymore. It is outdated. During the 1973 fuel crisis where fuel prices increased to US40 per barrel and shot up to about RM80 per barrel almost the same as what it is today, average salary and prices of food stuff, materials, maintenance & goods, spare parts etc is only a tenth of what… Read more »

gk ong

Should get clarification from Penang Port chief Chua Soi Lek.


If I am not mistaken, ferry car fare is actually RM7.00 and any extra passenger in the car will be charged extra about 70c per passenger. Later they make it into one charge of 7.70 irrespective of whether you have any passenger or not. I think the pedestrian fare increase is not in 2005 but much longer away.


Anyway 2.00 for a ferry ride is very very cheap considering the high operating expenses. Under current circumstance, it should cost at least about 3.00 – 5.00. I am a business man. I talk about my operating expenses and profit. Try a trishaw or taxi ride from the ferry to Penang road. It could cost you RM10 or more. No more RM5 or RM6. Even a kopi or ice now cost 1.20 to 1.70 depending on the place.

sia buoy m

If everyone thinks like Yang the businessman, then rinngit & sen mentality will drive inflation up and up.
Yang should start to care for the rakyat, think of contribution rather than to squeeze for profits.