No federal loan for Penang transport projects? Turn setback into opportunity

The RM46bn SRS rojak

The latest statement by Penang Forum just out…What do you think?

Everyone wants the traffic congestion in Penang to be reduced. We want it as soon as possible.

Perhaps the complication in the Penang state government’s plan in securing federal bridging loan financing for phase one of the six-lane Pan Island Link highway (PIL1) will be an opportunity for it to rethink and review SRS Consortium’s RM46bn transport infrastructure proposal.

Conduct a review

It would be timely to ask independent external globally acknowledged sustainable mobility experts to review the proposal in the context of resolving Penang’s transport and traffic problems – not just for the short term but for the next few generations. The cost of such a review would be minimal compared to the crippling proposed expenditure of RM46bn – and the savings could be huge.

The difficulty in securing a federal bridging loan of RM1bn makes this a timely occasion to reiterate the colossal financial obligations involved in the SRS proposal.

A huge burden

The entire scheme, projected currently at RM46bn, is made up of:

  • Phase 1: RM23bn – consisting of PIL1 (RM7.5bn), an elevated light rail transit system (RM9bn) and the undersea tunnel and three highways (RM6.5bn)
  • Phase 2: RM23bn – consisting of two elevated monorails, a light rail across the channel, a tram line in George Town and other roads etc

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Can future generations of Penang residents cope with this burden? Should they have to?

Nothing is for free

Coastlines, hills, rivers, parks, scarce state land, lower building heights and densities, sustainable livelihoods are all being traded.

Reclamation will directly affect the lives of thousands of fishermen and decrease the supply of fish, resulting in higher prices. It will cause long-term siltation and pollution.

Prioritise public transport

This is the opportunity to prioritise public transport instead of building more highways that will take years of agonising construction

Better, Cheaper, Faster alternatives

Seriously investigate better, cheaper, faster alternatives such as the Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) and bus rapid transit. Estimates are that ART would cost one tenth of the construction cost of a light rail transit system.

These are low-hanging fruits involving speedy and affordable implementation, no digging, little disruption. Why are these non-disruptive alternatives not being seriously considered?

No compensation

A re-think and a change of plans will not involve compensation as we are informed no money has been paid and no works have started.

Penang Forum steering committee

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Penang just need a new fleet of electric mini buses operating around the island, no need LRT or tram or new highway. Important is frequent and reluable timing. Introduce electronic road pricing to discourage private driving for more public bus adoption.

Penang Waterfall Ranger

Penang Forumers should design a network of mini buses for the island, reaching out to inner residential areas to main lines serviced by existing Rapid Penang.

Siang Yik

Good point!
But not sure if Penang Forum people appreciate this.

Arun 777

Want less congestion on the road then practise car pooling and do not drive alone. Teach your kids to tske RapidPenang and do not psmper driving them around, or worst still buy them their personal cars! No need s car to sttrsct your future spouse!


Less exhaust cleaner air for all!

Jenson Foo

Hollywood actor George Clooney is calling for a boycott of nine luxury hotels with links to Brunei, after the country said gay sex and adultery would soon be punishable by death.
From 3 April, homosexuals could face being whipped or stoned in the tiny South East Asian state.

Penang Tatler

Independent candidate, R. Malar’s desire to contest in the Rantau by-election was sparked by a statement by a Barisan Nasional leader who was quoted as labelling the non-Malay leaders as ‘penumpang’ or passengers.


Quote: A re-think and a change of plans will not involve compensation as we are informed no money has been paid and no works have started. Anil, is not the Bukit Kukus 6-lane highway, a part of PIL 1 being built? The one @ Paya Terubong where a landslide killed foreign workers at site last year? How come the state gomen proceeded with it when PIL 1 was not a total approved plan with feasible financing in black + white??? Notwithstanding it’s dubious, controversial status under Special Area Plan (SAP). Arrogance at work in Komtar? Or is it more of… Read more »


Roger did not make noise you doger kau beh kau bu


After building it make sure you don’t use it.

Ma jiji
Milk Tea

State government to raise price of plastic bag to 50 sen? They got their priorities all wrong!


You cheap just like tung land looking for chip one ton mee?


U want pg fish to eat plastic bags?


Dead sperm whale found off Italian island had 22kg of plastic in stomach

Penang Tatler

Banning single-use plastics?

Black Mage

No need for plastic straw to suck teh susu.